It was Thursday. I had just returned to the hotel from work, being an ambassador for an adult platform. Finally, a few days off. Since I was not allowed to check out until the next day, I decided to spend the night at the hotel, it was easier and safer than evening, as trans still 2 hours to travel home.

I called my boyfriend with whom I have been living since I arrived in Holland (I’m a trans from the Philippines) and told him to come the next day. I decided to take a nice shower, and tonight wear exciting lingerie, make myself up and maybe take pictures of me. Something I did from time to time because it turned me on. I shaved my body nice and smooth and lubricated myself with oil. It felt nice and fresh and I looked in my suitcase to see what I would wear.

Black, I thought, and decided to wear black fishnet knee socks, a short mini skirt over it, a red thong for a change and finally black suede boots up to my knees with heels and a half-length black wig. It looked sexy, if the mini skirt covered the beginning of the stockings it was sexy and if you raised the skirt slightly it was whorish. I made myself up with makeup, foundation, red lipstick, black mascara and eyeliner with a pink colored eye shadow. Finally, I picked up a stick-on tattoo of stars and put it on my face, at the level of my eyes, and a slightly larger one just above me right breast, so you could just see it. I was already excited by looking at myself and getting dressed, and decided to enjoy the evening.

A bottle of wine, snuggled up on the bed, the music on, taking pictures in between, and logging on to to chat. Occasionally sneaking out to the hotel gallery to smoke a cigarette or my joint, pretty exciting to walk around in sexy clothes and then when you felt someone coming quickly go inside. I never dated, my boyfriend didn’t approve. He didn’t even know of my presence on, but sometimes I found the attention nice and exciting.

As the evening progressed, I became more and more tipsy and stoned.

As the evening progressed, I became more and more tipsy and stoned. I had become quite horny and was caressing me breasts and nipples and my buttocks and legs, which were nice and smooth. Once in a while I fingered myself, then stopped to smoke again. The evening passed, and I got hungry, after work I hadn’t eaten anything. The McDonald’s, I was hungry for, but that was too far to walk, I was too drunk and stoned for that and would have to change from sexy/whorey to regular again. The food from Home Delivery, that was hanging me out to dry, I had been living on it for a week since I was at the hotel.

On Tsluv a person passed by, ‘cab driver 010’… I decided to ask; Do you want to pick up and deliver food at the McDrive, that I pay you for the ride? He was fine with it but did ask for my WhatsApp, for verification he said. I didn’t like it, he had no profile, no description, no photo, but oh well I thought, he’s not asking for sex or more about me, it’s just a cab ride and after that I’ll just block him.

Through the WhatsApp I exchanged the order and the address. You could walk directly to the rooms from the parking lot. All in English, I was not so long in the Netherlands and the language was still a mystery to me. Half an hour he said and the fare would depend on the meter but no more than 10 euros. Less than 15 minutes later there was a knock on the door. Shit, I thought. I preferred to stand in the gallery beforehand and be able to see when he was coming, put on a bathrobe and get the money ready.

Before I could even think what to do, he was knocking on the door again. I quickly got up, slid my skirt down so that my whorish stockings looked like normal pantyhose, and turned off the light. Again he knocked on the door. I rushed to the door and opened it. It didn’t look like a cab driver, a Moroccan man in his 40s with glasses, in jogging pants and vest. He must be making extra money this way I thought. “Taxi” he said, and offered me the McDonald’s bag and said simultaneously “20 euros, ride + food”. “Moment” I said, half closed the door and walked in stumbling from the booze and weed to get the money.

I was going through my purse, which was lying on my suitcase on the floor, right in front of the door. Because of the rushing, I didn’t notice that my skirt had slid up and my stockings and part of me buttocks were showing. Carefully, the cab driver opened the front door a little more so he had a good view, and looked at me. I bent down to pick up my bag and you could see my bottom, but no one who sees it, I thought. Because of the booze and weed, it took a while to find my wallet.

I didn’t realize through the sound of the music that he had come into the room, closed the door and taken out his cock and was playing with it. Slowly he walked towards me, I felt someone approach me. I nervously and numbly turned my head a little to the right, so I could look at my arm, that’s all I dared turn around. Suddenly, he pressed his cock against my buttocks.

A black, rather large cock. I was startled and came out of reaction, I stood up straight and moved my ass forward a little so it wasn’t against his cock anymore. “What are you doing…I whispered…”, but he ignored it and said nothing. He continued to stand behind me and his hands went over my breasts as he pressed his cock against my buttocks again and began to ride against it.

His hand slid under my shirt to my breasts and kneaded into them, he touched my nipples, my most sensitive spot that I get excited about anyway. “Ahhh” I moaned, whispering and gently tried to grab his hand to stop him. He removed my hand and guided it to his cock which I had to hold and pull. He had a hard, quite thick and circumcised cock. His other hand slid over my buttocks. “No…” I whispered, but he continued to ignore it and just went on with what he was doing.

I remained stunned, amazed and shocked and allowed it to happen. I had turned off the lights to hide the mess, with the result that I couldn’t see him clearly now either. Meanwhile, he continued to play with my breasts as I moaned and moved gently, something that made him think I was enjoying it, but it was just sensitive. Slowly, without a word, he steered me towards the desk in the room, until I was standing with my legs against the desk edge. He slowly guided my shoulders forward so that I was bent over the desk.

He lowered my thong to my knees and with his feet parted mine. I was now bent over the desk with my legs wide. He slid his fingers along me anus, still feeling the lube I had used while playing with myself. Maybe he thought I had put it on for him and was looking forward to it. I still heard him pull down his sweatpants and he rubbed his glans against my anus. His cock was wet with pre-cum, and he smeared it all over my trans pussy. I heard him fumble in his vest and unbutton a condom that he put on. I was slightly fearful, because of the size of his cock and that I’m going to have another man fuck me. So far, I had only had sex with my boyfriend, and he is small.

He smeared saliva over his cock and my anus and pressed his against glans my anus. I felt him press and because I had already fingered myself and my anus was looser I felt his glans slowly go in against my will until it was just a little further than his glans in and did nothing. I felt my ass pull out and moaned softly “Ahh, stop” as I held the end of the desk hard with my hands…. He grabbed me by my waist, and pushed his hard cock in until it was all the way deep inside me. “Ouch..Ouch” I moaned as my legs trembled. He let it sit deep inside for a few seconds and then started fucking me, harder and harder.

I didn’t care for him, he ignored me and continued to fuck me as I moaned. Sometimes I would try to stop him with my hand if it was going too hard, “ hurts” I would whisper and he would take my hand away and continue. I couldn’t take it and moaned, shook and just about collapsed, but was too drunk, stoned and a touch numb to be able to stop him.

Slut, you like it!

“Slut, you like it!” He yelled as he continued. He pulled out his cock, took off the condom and sat down on the chair. “Suck” He said… I slowly got up and was somewhat glad he had stopped fucking, and obediently got on my knees in front of him. I grabbed his cock and put it in my mouth. I had to suck him off, I thought. If he finished quickly, he would stop and leave.

I did my best and sucked him willingly, deep and wet. I gagged and moaned as he thrust along in my mouth. I had to keep going I kept thinking, until he cums, otherwise he will fuck me again and I can’t handle that. I heard him moan, “Hmmm…” Said he as he allowed himself to be sucked. I felt his cock throb, and he moaned and I knew he was going to cum. I took his cock out of my mouth and pulled him off as he moved with me. He grabbed me by the back of my head and put his cock deep in my mouth as he cummed.

He squirted the first 2 jets of seed into my mouth, took his cock out and squirted the rest on my face while holding my head, until it was completely empty. An awful lot came out, my mouth and face was all covered and it dripped off. He put his cock back in my mouth and went up and down a few times until it was completely clean. I was on my knees, slowly leaning to the side as I looked down. He stood up, lifted his jogging pants and walked right out of the hotel room.

Slowly I climbed upright and walked to the bathroom. I turned on the light and was shocked to see my face, it was completely covered in cum, my lipstick was all over my mouth and my mascara had started leaking. My ass was burning and felt stretched. I bent over in the mirror and looked at it. After washing my face and setting a moment to recover, I decided to eat. In retrospect, I thought what happened was pretty hot….and spent the evening playing with my toy, thinking back to what had happened. My friend….who fortunately knows nothing about