It was back in the early 90s and I had just turned 18 and a sexy femboy. It’s a time I’ll never forget because it changed my life completely. My aunt and uncle were on a long holiday trip around Europe, and I earned a lot of summer holiday money looking after their house and garden. Photo shows femboy Antonia.

Well, in just 3 days my aunt and uncle came home and then there weren’t many days to get the house looking neat and tidy, so I would spend the time inside the house just wiping the dust off and getting the washing up done. Flowers also needed watering, and I got out the watering can and went around the house watering flowers.

There were many. My Aunt Ellen and Uncle Bernt were an older married couple, up respectively 52 years for my aunt and 48 years for my uncle. Even inside the bedroom there were flowers in that window facing the garden. I went there and enjoyed the view of the garden.

I was getting horny about being a femboy.

I noticed that there was some laundry on the floor and picked it up to throw it in the wash. It was Ellen’s underwear, and I was very surprised when I saw that it was a pair of naughty G-string panties and a bra to match. I could feel my cock stirring. I was getting horny.

I went to the bathroom while rubbing my own stiff cock. Quickly I threw off all my clothes, put on the panties and sat on the bathroom and masturbated.

It wasn’t long before my cum was squirting out of my dick. The sperm hit the panties. I was immediately horny again, but also nervous. What if she discovered cum stains on her panties? I’d better throw them far away. No, I couldn’t, she’d probably find out. I went to the sink and put the panties there, walked naked into the bedroom to see if all her underwear was in this style so she wouldn’t notice these panties were gone.

I had a shock. All her underwear was nice and naughty thong or even bottomless panties. There were brassieres in all sorts of colors and hot bras that matched everything. She had naughty short skirts and sexy dresses hanging around, even though she was always more conservatively dressed otherwise. I didn’t know this side of Ellen and was wildly horny when I saw all this beautiful, hot and soft lingerie. I had to try it on, I had never seen such sexy lingerie before. First, I put on a pair of small thong panties and a bra to match. I didn’t have breasts to fill out those big bowls and found some nylon stockings in skin color.

The girdle was red, just like the panties and bra.

As I stood in front of the mirror I could see my cock was stiff and struggling to get out of the too small panties and I had a big bosom. I picked up a girdle, and it was a bit difficult to get it closed properly. The girdle was red just like the panties and bra and I looked naughty, if only I had been a woman, I thought. I was taken by all this sexy clothing, found some white stockings that went up to the middle of my thighs and got them on and attached to the girdle. A very short tartan skirt made me look like the little innocent schoolgirl from the porn film last week, especially as I also found a white shirt and tied it to the front of my stomach.

I giggled when I saw the wig in a platinum blonde color that was on the top shelf. Was this a sex game they were playing, I couldn’t even imagine that about my aunt and uncle. I put the wig on and stood in front of the mirror again. Wow, was I hot, if only I had been a young girl instead of a young man. I sat down on the bed and put on a pair of high heels. They were black, but they were tall. I stood up very unsteadily and walked towards the mirror.

It was difficult to walk in such high heels, I almost staggered to walk. I twisted and turned in front of the mirror, enjoying the sight of how gorgeous these clothes were. I didn’t even notice that my uncle had come home until Bernt was at the door. He is a handsome man with a big mustache – tanned and with the naughtiest big hands, wearing a gold ring with a flat black stone in it. He shouted: “What the hell are you doing with our sex toys kid” I fell as I turned around to see him and ended up sitting on my knees, what a sight I must have been.

The skirt was smoked up, so the red thong panties were visible, a wide open shirt strapped tightly off a bra stuffed with stockings and a wig that strangely stayed on his head, sitting on his knees in his own bedroom. Without a word, he crossed the floor, sat on the bed and pulled me up over his knee. I didn’t have time to think for a moment, and screamed as his flat hand gave me a powerful spanking.

My ass was finally a great pain, and then he pushed me down on the floor again and stood up. Bernt found the panties, with my cum on them, and I started to apologize as I grabbed Bernt’s pants and pulled myself up. I ticked and told him not to tell anyone, I would do anything. “Shut up,” Bernt snarled.

I looked at Bernt, he stood with a strange grin. “Is the girl sitting on my dick” he finally said and only then did I realize what I was holding on to. Quickly, I pulled my hand to me. I looked him in the eye and was very scared, “Don’t say anything to my old ones, I’ll do anything” I stammered. “Open your mouth, girl” said Bernt and he shoved the cum filled panties into my mouth. “So the girl doesn’t want me to tell, it depends on how well she takes her punishment. If you’re a good girl I won’t say anything” I was confused, didn’t know what he had in mind.

Good girl, get up and come into the living room.

I couldn’t answer with my panties in my mouth, so I nodded just as cautiously. “Good girl” he said, “get up and come into the living room”. I stood up, took the panties out of my mouth as they didn’t taste good and immediately got a slap on the ass. “Can you put those panties back in your mouth sissy, you might as well get used to the taste of cum right away” Bernt’s eyes sent lightning. I staggered after him into the living room, panties in my mouth. I didn’t understand his comment about the cum, it hurt my ass, and I was very confused.

He forced me to lie across the dining room table with both legs on the floor and my ass in the air. “Stretch your legs girl” I stood with my ass raised high and Bernt spoke again “I know you don’t know how a girl should move, but when she is punished she stands with her ass proudly raised and she takes her punishment with honor. Don’t worry, you’ll learn to be a good girl, you already have the clothes.

If you do well, you will be rewarded afterwards, is that understood?” I nodded as best I could. I noticed some clicking sounds in the background and suddenly knew that Bernt was standing with a camera taking pictures of everything. I turned my head to see where he was. “Lie still girl” said Bernt. He stood a little behind me.

I could feel him lifting my skirt.

I could feel him lifting my skirt, unfastening my stockings from my hip holster and pulling my panties off. My cock was completely stiff and stood straight out as it escaped the panties. I felt his hand on my cock and heard him “uhm mm the chick is horny and her chick dick thinks it should be in the game.”

I moaned as he started playing cock on me, “I hope the chick doesn’t think she has to come without permission” He tightened something around my stiff cock and filled the balls and I could feel it constantly throbbing in my cock.

“Spread your legs girl” I gently spread my legs and screamed in shock as he pulled my legs out to the side and I collapsed across the table. “When I say spread your legs, spread your legs as much as you can girl.” He tied my legs to the legs of the table and I stood wide open and exposed to the camera. It really dawned on me when his one finger played with my asshole.He had put on disposable gloves.

“What is this” he said and stuck a finger into my ass. I couldn’t answer until he had removed the panties from my mouth. “That’s my ass” I stammered. He pulled his finger out and gave me a swat with a whip I didn’t know he had. I screamed and took my hands back to protect my sore ass.

He grabbed my hair and snarled: “Get your hands off me, girl, and shut up.” He continued when I had moved my hands up in front of my face again. “It’s not your ass, it’s your ass pussy, the lust hole that horny men use when rewarding the chick for her good behavior.”

He took the finger that had been up my ass pussy and put it in my mouth. “Suck on that finger and tell me what this is.” “It’s my mouth” I whispered as he pulled the finger out, sure that was the wrong answer. “Good girl” he said “and what does a good girl use her mouth for?” “I don’t know” I whispered and took another swipe with the whip.

This time, I gritted my teeth and stifled my scream before it escaped. “The chick is not a person and therefore should not call herself ME” said Bernt. “It’s called: the girl doesn’t know what to do with her mouth. Because then she never forgets that she’s a horny chick. Repeat that.” I replied: “The bitch doesn’t know what to do with her mouth” and immediately got 3 new blows in quick succession.

The chick doesn’t know what to do with her mouth

“The chick doesn’t know what to do with her mouth” I said quickly. “The chick uses her pussy mouth to answer the Lord nicely when the Lord speaks to her, and she uses it to make the horny men even hornier, so they can reward her in her ass pussy.

The chick also uses her pussy mouth to clean up after the horny men” he said with a horny smile. “Is the chick looking forward to learning how horny she can make men?” I swallowed a lump in my throat and knew what to answer even though it wasn’t the truth: “Yes the chick is looking forward.” “Good girl, the Lord will help the girl learn how to get some big horny man dicks so the girl can get her wish and get her ass pussy all filled up”

I closed my eyes, what is happening to me. My cock was as hard as it had ever been and my whole body was shaking with horniness. Bernt continued, “Now the girl has to take her punishment with a smile” He started to let the whip down over my already sore ass and I pulled my arms under me not to try to protect my ass from the blows. “Did the chick get to move?

Bernt pulled my hands out and tied them to the other table legs, he took the panties with the cum and stuffed in my mouth. My stiff cock surprised me by reigning like it liked the treatment. You’ll be a good slut one day, I think we should continue the training another day, but first you must have your reward”

I didn’t know what he meant until I felt Bernt’s stiff cock press into my mouth, he said: “Suck the best you can sissy, a good sissy takes cocks right to the root, you know how to sissy” I was clinging to the big stiff cock, it filled my mouth to the brim and I got vomiting sensations as it searched all the way down my throat.

My own cock throbbed with horniness and I was horny, a voice screamed inside me that it was wrong to have a cock in my mouth and a voice screamed for me to suck so it got even stiffer and bigger and I hoped he would mouth fuck me even harder.

I felt like tasting his fresh hot cum and slowly the voice that said it was wrong disappeared. Suddenly he pulled his cock out of my mouth and I reached out to catch it and put it back in my mouth. He grabbed my arms and threw me up on the table, turning me over with my ass in the air and I felt the head of his cock press against my virgin pussy.

I felt the cock head slide past the sphincter.

I felt the cock head slide past the sphincter, felt my ass open up more against his stiff cock, and felt him slide deep inside me. I didn’t even hear my scream of pleasure as he was all the way down and didn’t sense his lap pressing against my buttocks. I didn’t feel his firm grip on my hips, sensing only the rhythmic movements as his cock again and again sought deep inside me.

I moaned and pressed my ass back against his lovely big cock to make him fill me up even more, and I screamed as the cum stood out of my cock in thick spurts without me even really realizing it. Again he pulled the cock out of my ass pussy, slammed me down on the floor, and again I felt that big hard cock in my horny mouth. I closed my mouth around his cock head and milked his balls and cock rod with my hands until he shot his cum into my mouth. It poured out of him, the taste mingling with the strange taste of my own ass.

I swallowed it all and milked the last drops out of his pumping cock. By the time he pulled the cock to him it was already starting to fall, I smiled with my whole face, kissed his cock a few times and let go of him. “Fuck a horny cum slut” he gasped, smiling as he grabbed my head and pushed it down to the floor and my own cum. He didn’t have to say anything, I licked the floor clean and only then did I realise that I had come myself. Bernt was very proud of me and decided that my punishment should be extended. I didn’t complain.

He created a few profiles on various sex sites for me and while Bernt uploaded pictures, I got to sit and suck his cock. He created the profiles to seek more men for me because he was convinced I couldn’t settle for his own lovely cock. I didn’t say no to him even though the thought of strange men scared me a lot and besides I had to earn money for my new clothes because I couldn’t borrow his wife’s clothes all the time…