Way before the corona hit, I decided to take the risk. On a sultry summer’s day, I drove to an erotic cinema. Once there, I bought a ticket for the cinema. In the shop, I bought an erotic open slip and went into the fitting room. There I put on my wet-look dress, the slip, stockings and D90 bra. Wig on and yes, now I was a crossdresser.

Very exciting and a wonderful feeling. I walked to the other floor, where the party was already underway. I entered a dimly lit room. I cleaned up my stuff in a locker and went to explore. There was already some activity going on. It wasn’t quiet, more than twenty were definitely there. Photo from Axel.

I saw that there were at least eight other crossdressers

I saw that there were at least eight other crossdressers or what looked like them. As I moved to the darkroom I saw a beautiful woman, gorgeous chubby figure, blonde, black dress, red pumps and long blonde curls. What a beauty with also a big F cup. Further down, a slender female in leather with collar and whip. Pooh….exciting!!!

Entered the darkroom, it was quiet. My eyes had to get used to the darkness, walked around and saw a cross and Gloryholes and a swing. After a minute or two, I walked back to the curtain through which I had entered. We bumped into each other, thankfully gently. Both of us apologized at the same time. It was that beautiful blonde woman with that F cup I already described at length. We looked at each other smiling. Now that I was observing her closer, I saw a big bulge at the bottom of that dress.

Ouch, what was I supposed to say? We both nodded politely, got a wink and both walked on. I decided to go to the gloryholes. Just to look inside and relax from all that beauty around me.

Suddenly I heard some rumbling in the cubicle next to me. Not soon after, a big cock came hanging through the hole. With my hand I went to it and stroked over it. Immediately I saw it increase in length and thickness, at least 23 cm. With my hand I went to it and stroked over it. Immediately I saw it increase in length and thickness, at least 23 cm. Goodness gracious, I thought, what a lump. I felt pleasure running through my veins and my heart was beating. Under my dress there was also revolt.

Suddenly the lump disappeared from the hole and immediately a beckoning finger entered. I knew immediately it was my turn to show my delicious sausage. I pulled up my dress and offered my treats. Not that huge but quite substantial with 19×5.

I immediately felt a hand, then a second one caressing. My swelling bodies were doing their job. Then I felt a warm, moist mouth around my now rock hard rod. Intense pleasure, what a top blowjob say. A few minutes later, it became intense. I indicated that I had to squirt.

I indicated this with a pat on the wall and a groan, and pulled back for a moment. Again a finger came beckoning. I felt the hand on my prick pulling it through the hole again, and yes,,,,, again that delicious mouth. Wonderfully delicious, gave another pat on the wall a moment later and moaned. Heard a knock on the wall and saw the beckoning finger again.

I knew enough and could let my load flow. Ooooow yeah. Until the last drop was drunk and expertly nailed! Dress and panties back in line I walked out of the Gloryhole booth. At the same time we opened the curtain and who was it? Exactly, the beautiful blonde, Cup F, She…..?

So it was a crossdresser who looked like a perfect shemale. Then she asked me if I would come with her to the cinema and watch the movie. I nodded and walked with her. There was a shemale and crossdresser movie on. We took seats next to each other. Curious? I’ll tell the sequel in my next story.