An erotic story about a man who puts on a latex suit and goes on to be a crossdresser. The photo is from the sexy Trans Scotty

He came home and she was sitting at the kitchen table reading a magazine. She stood up and gave him a deep wet kiss. Her hand stroked over his pants and pressed through the fabric on his member, which thereby slowly became hard. He responded to her caresses and in turn caressed both her wonderful buttocks and gently rubbed his knee between her legs. Slowly, she finally turned around and went back to the kitchen. He was still standing in the hallway, aroused, and was slow to follow her. As he sat at the table, he still noticed his stiff cock stretching the fabric of his pants.

Slowly his excitement died down and with a joyful look, he looked at his wife. It was wonderful with her. She suddenly handed him an envelope, which he saw as junk mail, and put it aside for now. But she pushed it to him again. He looked for the sender, but could not recognize one. On the envelope was only the word coupon. He looked at her with a questioning expression, but she only smiled mysteriously. In the envelope were five hundred euros and a small card on which was written: You go off and put on something really hot for me and you in selected stores, something you always wanted to do!

No questions, just drive off. I’ll be waiting for you. He was about to say something, but she had put her fingers to her mouth and gestured to the door with her other hand. Wordless and speechless, he left the house, with her once again tenderly running her hand over his pants. Then he sat in the car, the envelope in his hand. He looked inside once more, examined the little card. Only now did he see that there was something else written on the back. “I’d like to finish the game you started in the basement with you.” He looked at the card. What was that all about? He didn’t know what she meant. Was he looking at women on the Internet? Here he was not looking for another woman, but looking at them in one- and two-sided situations and imagining that this was his wife. She had high heels on, stockings and a tight slip, and her short dress. Closely embraced, they danced, stroking each other’s hair, neck, and lips.

One hand went to the front of his shirt to his pants and after some time began to unzip them. Firmly, she grasped his cock and rubbed it over the glans again and again. Finally, she took it out and knelt in front of him. The stiff cock disappeared into her mouth. He felt her tongue licking and caressing his glans. Her hand tightly clasped the beginning of the cock and kept caressing his testicles. The cock slowly slipped out of her mouth, only to disappear back into it a short time later. The lips, the mouth sucked thereby wonderfully at him. Suddenly there was a table behind her. She stood up, gave a tender kiss on his cock beforehand as a farewell, and then slid back onto the table. He now knelt down in his turn and slowly pushed the thong a little to the side.

His tongue touched the labia, her already wet cleft, and tenderly stroked every fold, every groove of her love cavity. One finger supported him more and more. While above his pointed tongue caressed her, below his finger penetrated deeper and deeper into her, rubbing especially against the walls of the entrance to her paradise. A soft moan broke the silence. Then he straightened up and took both legs in his hands, lifting them and spreading them. His hand ran over the suspenders and the patent of the high heels shone. His cock approached the love grotto, rubbed against her labia, and lightly penetrated her with his glans. Very slowly, he penetrated deeper into her, to also slowly slide out again.

The moans of the two became louder. His thrusting was more forceful. Finally, they both came to orgasm at the same time and his semen splashed on her belly and breasts. No, this was certainly not the game she meant. She might have known the pictures, but not the stories behind them.

It was getting cold in the car, the heat which had built up in him at the thought could not warm him. He turned the ignition key and the engine started. Slowly he turned around and headed towards the highway. Buying something hot wasn’t necessarily difficult. Where he was going to look, he also already knew. But he should apparently buy something very special. As he drove, he continued to think. And slowly he became more aware of what she might mean. But this was impossible. Long ago he had bought a few things made of latex, a suspender bodice, stockings, gloves, and a mask. At first, he had hoped he would be able to inspire her for rubber, but this pleasure in latex was not to happen with her.

Some time in latex as crossdresser

Then he had started to put on these things himself, to spend some time in latex things as a cross-dresser and to satisfy himself. Thereby, he had wild fantasies, in which his wife took an essential place. Was he supposed to do this? Something of these fantasies he had written down once and had put to the things. Was she supposed to have found this? His thoughts drifted again. He had soon realized that she herself would not wear latex. And so he put the things in a bag behind books, so that they could not be seen immediately. At some point he took out the bag, she had gone away with the children and he had time. He spread the things out on the couch, the red suspender bodice, the black suspenders with the red stitching and red hem at the top, red gloves and the red mask with the black outlines around the openings. There was also a black latex slip that completely enclosed his cock in the front and had an opening in the back. His hands picked up one garment or another and turned it over several times.

But he wanted more. In the bedroom, he found a vinyl bra and a transparent blouse, which he also took downstairs. Then he started to undress, his cock getting harder and harder. He turned on the DVD player. Women in latex made love. Dildos filled the love holes. A woman in a red catsuit fucked another woman with a strap-on. He slipped the stockings over his legs and felt for the first time how tight the latex was against his legs. It was almost like still being naked. The initial cold gave way to a pleasant warmth. The briefs were pulled over and the stiff cock was put into the sheath. Slowly he massaged the cock, massaged his testicles and finally slid further and further to the rear opening. But before he continued there, he pulled the suspender bodice over his legs, fastened the suspenders to the stockings.

This was followed by a bra and blouse. A skirt rounded off the whole thing. In the mirror, however, this looked anything but seductive. Finally, he reached for the mask and pulled it over his head. The last thing to be put on was the upper-arm-length gloves. Again he looked at himself in the mirror.

The sight wasn’t perfect, but it was enough to get him turned on again by the video and the sight of him; massaging and rubbing his cock. As he did so, his other hand shifted back to the rear entrance and now gently penetrated there. Resistance. The hand withdrew, moistened, penetrated again. Resistance. But playing around his rosette gave him unexpected pleasure. He pressed lightly against the resistance again and again, but he could not penetrate any further. His excitement increased more and more. The latex woman in the mirror rubbed over her black cock and rubbed her rear entrance more and more violently. He moaned loudly, rubbing his cock faster and faster, and an orgasm was looming.

But suddenly he stopped. He wanted more, and so he climbed the stairs once again; In the box was a dildo that he had once bought for making love together. It was black and not too thick in the front. Carefully, he put an extra wet condom over the artificial cock and pulled it down the shaft. Then he knelt on the bed and guided the cock backward. Carefully he pressed it against his rear entrance, but nothing happened except a tingling and a slight penetration. He imagined her taking him from behind with a strap-on. But although he was extremely aroused, the hoped-for aha experience failed to materialize. Somewhat disappointed, he got off the bed again. He stowed the dildo and went back to the basement.

There he took off the rubber clothes again and packed them away. He had now arrived in town. The store was on a quiet side street. He entered it with a somewhat sinking feeling in the stomach area. Inside it smelled of latex, dresses, various skirts, bras and panties hung on the clothes rails and boots and shoes in various sizes were spread around the room. Slowly he walked through the rows and looked at the clothes. He finally stopped in front of the bras. Slowly, his eyes searched the rows and found what he had wanted for a long time. A red latex bra that had rubber nipples molded out the front. The whole thing was quite rigid and certainly gave a wonderfully feminine look. He took the underwire off the bar and moved on. He was still missing the matching top, a long-sleeved shirt with cutouts at the bust. And here, too, he found what he was looking for. Just as he was about to take this shiny black garment off the hanger, he heard a voice from behind asking: “Can I help you in any way?“ He wheeled around, startled, and dropped the bra. The lady knelt down, plucked a small flake of dust from the bra and looked at it closely. The whole thing is a bit difficult!“, she said, „I don’t know if the things you’ve chosen here will fit your wife. She would have to come here herself. In this size, both things would be rather something for her! At this, a smile showed on her face and a tongue lightly wetted her lips.

At first, he didn’t know what to say. Holding the top in his hand, his eyes fell on the bra. It’s for me. This answer was whispered rather than spoken – and actually, it was meant only for him. But the saleswoman had heard it, and the look taxed him thoroughly. But you have chosen exactly the right thing. Maybe you should try them on first, She grabbed him lightly by the shoulder and directed him to a changing room. The curtain was drawn. He heard the saleswoman move away. He took off his jacket and shirt, finally the T-shirt. Then he reached for his bra. Suddenly the curtain was pushed aside a little and a hand reached out to him. Here, you should put this in the bra. It looks better that way!

There were two silicone inserts in a box

There were two silicone inserts in a box. He picked up the bra again, put it on, and closed the clasp at the back. The look down now showed two red shiny breasts with a cute little nipple in the front. He pulled the cups back a bit and put the silicone inserts inside. Then he stroked his breasts. His cock was starting to get hard. His hand slowly rubbed over the crotch of his jeans. He clearly felt the bulge in his pants. Now he picked up the top, which had a zipper in the back. He powdered the inside for a moment to be on the safe side and then pushed his hands through the sleeves. First the right hand, then the left hand. The rubber nestled gently around his arms. Finally, he positioned the bra in the recesses and smoothed the whole thing out in front. So he stood in the changing room, which – and he only now realized – had no mirror. Carefully he looked through between the curtains and saw, at the side of the locker room, the mirror. To see himself, however, he had to open the curtain wide. This and the fact that he could not close the top at the back bothered him a lot. But he wanted to see himself like this for once. Slowly he pulled back the curtain, still holding the fabric so that he could not be seen immediately if possible. The store, as he saw it, seemed empty. He stepped slightly out of the dressing room. Just as he lifted his gaze to look in the mirror, he noticed two exploring hands moving down his back toward his breasts.

He stood rooted to the spot. Carefully, they groped, finally pulling the zipper closed. In the mirror, he saw the face of the saleswoman smiling at him. If that’s open in the back like that, it doesn’t really look nice, does it? He looked at himself. The red breasts stood out wonderfully against the black of the top. The latex enclosed his upper body perfectly. The jeans look horrible in this, though!
You might want to try on something else. I think I have the right thing for you. She was right. But he did not want to try on anything else, because his stiff cock, which the panties no longer held, would otherwise attract her attention. Surely you would like to be a real little latex whore for once, wouldn’t you? Behind him, a door was rattled. I have closed the deal!

We are among ourselves, no one else can see you, and everything in this store is at your disposal. All you have to do is let yourself go, and I will dress you. The image in the mirror was driving him crazy. This was his chance, but… Yes. Almost silently, he whispered this. He noticed her hands gently guiding him a little further into the room – right in front of the mirror. On a chair, a little to the side was a pair of short red latex gloves. He knew what he had to do. Thoughtfully, he put them on as she disappeared into the store. Only the rustling of clothes and wrappers could be heard. It looked great. His red breasts, his red hands feeling his torso, tempted to free his cock from its prison. Raise your arms, please. Close your eyes. I will help you realize your dreams. He obeyed. There was a clang above him, something cold wrapped around his wrists, snapped into place. He was handcuffed! But he let it happen, curiosity had won.

She pulled a little on the chains so that he could stand comfortably while his arms were stretched slightly out to the sides. She reached down to his fly, undid the button and zipper, and jerked the pants down to his knees. The briefs followed. The shoes were undone. Finally, he was naked. He looked in the mirror. His stiff cock stretched upward. His arousal rose with the fear that this sight might ruin the moment. But she had disappeared again. When she came back, she was holding a red long latex corset with underwires for the chest and tight lacing in the back. Four suspenders on each side completed the strict look. She embraced his waist and put on the corset and started to close it in the back with the help of the laces. Slowly his feminine waist became visible. At the same time his cock was touched again and again by her and by the latex. It was wonderful. When the corset was seated, she opened a package of black nylon stockings, which she pulled up over legs feet, legs. His arousal grew and grew. How he longed now for a touch, for tenderness, for soft lips.

The nylons were fastened to the suspenders

The nylons were fastened to the suspenders, pulled smooth. Walking away was accompanied by an affectionate pat on the buttocks. I think these will fit you. In her hand, she held black thigh-high patent boots. He thought he was dreaming. Willingly, he lifted his foot and she put the boots on him, which had a 12 cm heel. He looked in the mirror again. There stood a wonderful creature with patent boots and a latex body in front of him, whose tail was about to explode at the slightest touch. But this was not to be the end. She came once again, holding a black latex mask with a blonde braid of hair attached to the top of the mask. She slowly pulled the mask over his head, smoothed out the folds, and zipped it up. Now the transformation was perfect. The saleswoman now opened her blouse and he recognized a red shimmering latex skin underneath, which she also got rid of the pants extended to her toes. Always smiling, she unzipped her crotch and showed him her shaved mound of Venus.

Almost unnoticed, she pulled up a stool that had a large skin-colored dildo on the seat. Before turning her attention to this toy, she loosened his wrist cuffs. He now stood in front of her and saw how she slowly lowered herself onto the stool, sticking the dildo into her love grotto. Supporting herself on the stool with her hands, her upper body rose and fell, the dildo shining from her horniness. She began to moan lustfully, caressing her breasts with one hand and looking at his stiff cock, massaged with pleasure by his hand. As she slowly sped up, she motioned for him to come closer. He obeyed as if in a trance. Her face, her mouth was finally right in front of his cock. The hand that had been lightly kneading her breasts earlier grabbed his cock, pulling him close. Her mouth opened and slowly enveloped his pleasure rod. He felt her lips, her tongue flying along the shaft. He noticed the sucking, the up and down of her hand matching her pace. She moaned louder, she sucked more eagerly, and he melted with lust.

The sight in the mirror and the massaging of his cock drove them both toward a climax. Something contracted inside him and without him being able or wanting to stop it, his semen squirted into her mouth. She cried out one last time, her body lifted once more trembling and the love potion flowed from her open mouth. It was a wonderful mind game. Just as he was about to take this shiny black garment off the hanger as well, he heard a voice from behind ask: Can I help you in any way? He wheeled around, startled, and dropped the bra. I would like to try these things on some time, he replied quietly. But that’s no problem, we have many customers who want similar things. There are changing rooms and mirrors back there. Call me if you need help! He nodded and walked slowly, feeling his stiff and also aching cock in his pants, to the changing rooms.