It was a sunny Monday morning, around 8:30 when I knocked on the door of the office of the boss of the company where I was filling in as a cleaner that week. I am Mali, a ladyboy of 22 years of age from Thailand, and I recently started living in the Netherlands temporarily, where I earn some extra money with cleaning. Because of my Dutch mother, I speak quite a bit of Dutch and I decided to live in the Netherlands for a year. Photo from Mali.

On the outside, I look very feminine. I am 1.73 m. tall, I am slightly tinted, have long dark hair, long legs and because of the hormones that I have been taking for a couple of years now, I have developed a nice, real b-cup bosom and my voice has fortunately also become much more feminine. Although I probably want to have a complete operation in the long run, at the moment I still have a 15 cm cock at the place where maybe one day my pussy will be, which I prefer to call my ‘clit’. My clit is still functioning 100%.

I probably want to have a complete operation in Thailand

I know I am a good-looking woman because of the attention I get from many men. Even in my boring job as a cleaner, I want to look nice and feminine. So I had put my hair in two pigtails and I wore makeup to look pretty, but not too hokey. Under my work clothes I wore a red thong, in which my clit just fitted, and a red bra with half cups. Because of this, if you looked closely, you could see my nipples through my white blouse. I was also wearing a short black skirt, and black high heels. Latex gloves are mandatory, I couldn’t escape that. But I wore long, red gloves, up to my elbows. Those look a lot better.

Someone called from behind the door for me to come in. I opened the door and saw a nice spacious office, with many windows, in front of which blinds were hanging. Behind the desk sat the boss. He was very different from what I had imagined. The boss turned out to be a man of forty, forty-five at the most. He had a shaved head with a sexy beard on his chin. Despite his suit, I could see that he was muscular. I spontaneously became a little horny and I felt my nipples getting hard in my blouse.

I introduced myself and told him I was the replacement for Mrs. Barker, the woman who normally cleaned here and who was on vacation for a week. The boss looked at me for a long time. Only after about ten seconds did he say stammeringly, “Um…good morning, Mali. From Thailand? You … er … you … just go ahead, pretend I’m not here.”. I think my appearance pleased the boss, and he was a little upset by me. In any case, I liked the way he looked at me.

He seemed to really enjoy me and my body

He seemed to really enjoy me and my body, because I clearly noticed while I was working that he was continuously trying to look at me unobtrusively. I loved his looks and decided to give him a little extra. While standing with my back to the boss, I bent over excessively far forward while emptying his trash can and even lifted my skirt a little in the process. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see that he was looking at my buttocks. And I think he was even fondling his crotch!

I liked his looks very much, and I considered the fidgeting at his crotch a pleasant confirmation of my feminine attraction to him. It also turned me on wonderfully. So a little later, while dusting his desk, I ‘accidentally’ knocked his pencil case off the desk. Now I had to bend down again to pick everything up. I kept my legs almost straight and bent over from a standing position. My buttocks were facing the boss and I pushed my skirt up a little more. I felt his gaze burn on my ass. I was enjoying it. When I cautiously looked back to see if he was indeed looking at my ass, I saw in a glimpse his naked cock under his desk standing stiffly up from his pants! I was perplexed.

The boss was under his desk, playing with his stiff cock!

The boss was under his desk, playing with his stiff cock! I hadn’t expected that, and for a moment I was mildly shocked, but soon I felt very proud and horny that I appeared to be turning him on. I was now blood hot, and my stiff clit was squeezing my thong. As far as I could tell so quickly, the boss had a nice cock.

When I stood back up as neutrally as I could, I noticed that he was blushing. I decided not to let this opportunity slip by unused. However, I pretended not to have noticed anything. I said I was ready and pushed my cart to the door. When I arrived at the door, within seconds I locked it from the inside, turned off the light and walked towards the boss and pushed him in one go on his chair a meter away from his desk. Gone, therefore, was the safe cover of the desk for his cock. I may have turned off the lights, but because the blinds weren’t blocking all the light, it hadn’t gotten very dark in his office. There he sat. Caught and looking quite frightened, in his suit with a stiff cock coming out of his pants. Indeed, a very horny cock.

Just a bit longer than mine and circumcised, so his naked glans showed off nicely on top of his cock. A horny, clean-shaven sack. “That’s what I thought, boss,” I said. I grabbed his stiff cock with a gloved hand and squeezed it firmly. The boss was too surprised to say anything. “Do you want me to leave, boss?” I asked him. He shook his head timidly of not. “Then maybe you’d like to have a good time with me? He nodded. I sat down on top of his lap and wrapped my legs around him while continuing to hold his cock firmly with my hand. “What’s your boss’ name?” I asked. “Um… Aaron.” he replied. “Well, hello Aaron.”, I said and immediately started kissing him firmly.

Aaron’s cock pressed against mine

Aaron’s cock pressed against mine. My clit was only just staying in my thong. Aaron meanwhile also started to loosen up a bit, he tongued me back fiercely. What a wonderful Monday morning this was becoming. He unbuttoned my blouse and looked approvingly at my naked breasts and my hard nipples. That made me even hornier. Aaron pulled my blouse completely off and kneaded my breasts divinely while tonguing. He stopped tonguing for a moment and unabashedly looked at my breasts at length. He said, “Damn, what lovely breasts you have, Mali! I love it when a man likes my breasts. What a nice guy this was. I was horny as hell and I wanted more! I said, “Thanks, love.” and I slowly lowered myself off his lap until I was kneeling in front of him on the floor. Meanwhile, I continued to hold his horny cock tightly. I was curious what kind of body was under Aaron’s clothes, so I ordered him, “Get undressed, boss!”.

He didn’t hesitate. With a little fumbling, as I continued to hold him firmly to his cock, he was very quickly completely undressed in front of me in his chair. Aaron had a nice body with muscular breasts and nice arms. I was getting even hornier. I slid my hand down and gulped his glans in my mouth. Aaron moaned. Very slowly I sank my mouth further and further over his cock until it was completely in the back of my throat. Then I squeezed his balls hard with one hand and played with gloved fingers on his ass at the same time. That was too much for Aaron. He was now squirting all his load down my throat. I had actually expected this too. I tasted a little of his cum: it tasted delicious. I sucked Aaron completely dry, but decided not to swallow it all, because I was far from finished with him. When no more cum came out of his cock, I let his cock slide out of my mouth. As I continued to massage into his balls, I slowly licked my way up his belly and down his chest. Meanwhile, I left a drool trail of his own cum.

Arriving at his face, I resolutely kissed Aaron on the mouth again. Aaron didn’t protest. He helped me violently, sucking my mouth empty of his own sperm. Ugh, horny thunder that Aaron. When our mouths were empty, he suddenly stood up and grabbed me firmly. He turned me around and pushed me firmly forward on his desk. I was now lying on my hard clit and my breasts on his desk, and Aaron was standing naked behind me. “Now it’s my turn to spoil you,” he said. I was getting even hornier from his initiative, but of course Aaron didn’t know I was a transsexual.

I was eager to continue with him, but I doubted that Aaron would be able to appreciate it if he discovered my secret. Because I was afraid of unpleasant reactions, I never let men know about my secret. I had become quite adept at keeping my clit hidden during one-night stands in recent years. My bed partners usually had drunk quite a bit and once I had sucked them off they often fell asleep quickly. With go-getters, I secretly maneuvered their cock into my ass while keeping my panties on. Moreover, I always left the light off. My clit had therefore never been discovered by a man.

You have a fantastic ass Mali

But Aaron hadn’t been drinking, and it wasn’t very dark at his desk. So I looked back and asked him, “Are you sure?” “Well and truly, slide that skirt up lady!” he said quasi sternly. I was already pretty horny, but because of these, strict orders from this horny man, I was willing to bear any consequences. I slowly slid my skirt up in front of Aaron. Aaron said, “You have a fantastic ass, Mali, it drove me crazy right away.”. I looked over my shoulder at him and said, “Thanks Aaron, that’s nice to hear, do you know I would love for you to fuck me in the ass too…” I saw Aaron’s eyes twinkle, and he immediately slid the string of my thong aside a few inches, he dove between my buttocks and started licking my ass. So Aaron liked anal sex too. That was convenient! Maybe I could keep my clit hidden from Aaron. Wow, Aaron stuck a couple of fingers up my ass. I groaned. Aaron’s beard tickled the skin between my anus and my sac. Aaron’s tongue literally felt ravenous, and I could tell he was licking my asshole soaking wet.

After pampering my ass for a while, Aaron stood up and grabbed my breasts from behind. As he massaged my breasts again deliciously, I felt his glans pressing against my anus. Perfect! And what a horny feeling. Slowly he pushed his delicious, still moist from his own cum, cock into my ass. I moaned again. It was very convenient for me that Aaron also loved anal sex. Harder and harder, he started thrusting back and forth in my ass. I moaned harder and harder. Goddamn, how horny I was getting. I also thrust my body back and forth to feel Aaron’s cock as hard and deep in me as possible. Meanwhile, this caused me to slide back and forth on my clit on his desk. A wonderful feeling!

After a few minutes, all in all, I had become so terribly horny that I had no inhibitions at all. I wanted to go one hundred percent wild with Aaron and I absolutely did not care anymore if he would discover my secret in the process! I even hoped he would discover my clit. For so long I wanted to fuck totally free with a nice guy, who also knew how to appreciate my clit. Maybe this was possible with Aaron. So I looked back and said as hornily as I could, “I want to watch you while you fuck me boss.”. Aaron thereupon withdrew from my ass. I turned around again and sat down on his desk. Aaron stood before me with his delicious body naked. I really wanted to show him my clit. I wanted to be able to be honest and open. I wanted to be completely loose with Aaron. Most of all I wanted to fuck Aaron in his mouth and in his ass.

So I had to let him discover my secret, because he still didn’t seem to realize anything. So I defiantly stuck my legs straight forward towards Aaron. If you looked closely you could now see, despite the dimness of his office, a bulge in my thong. But Aaron still didn’t seem to see it. He grabbed my thong and slowly pulled it down. I was blood nervous and my heart was beating fast. When he had just slid the thong away from my crotch, my stiff clit inevitably jumped straight up. Aaron was clearly startled, took a step back and said, “What the fuck…”.

So indeed he hadn’t noticed anything before, and I was now a little afraid of his reaction. He was a head taller than me and by the looks of it quite strong. But I couldn’t turn back now. Aaron looked at me in surprise, but fortunately he didn’t react aggressively. And Aaron’s cock, meanwhile, remained stiffly erect! “I’m sorry Aaron,” I said, “I got so horny when I saw your naked cock under your desk, I wanted to make love to you right away. I’m also a woman with needs. And with a clit, too”. I could see Aaron thinking and hesitating. He looked from my bare breasts to my hard clit and back again.

I think I know what he saw. He saw a beautiful woman, but one with a hard cock. My clit remained stiffly up despite the tension, and there was a drop of pre-cum on my glans. Aaron looked at my stiff clit as if he had never seen another cock before, but his own cock remained stiff as well. After a while, Aaron suddenly took another step forward, and he kissed me. I hadn’t expected that. This was positive. To emphasize my femininity, I pressed my breasts firmly against his chest while kissing. Inevitably, however, in the process I also touched his rigid cock with my stiff clit. I found it a divinely horny feeling, but Aaron abruptly stopped kissing after this touch. I became a little anxious again, until he suddenly dropped to his knees and looked at my clit up close. I waited in suspense.

Aaron took my clit deeper and deeper 

After a few seconds of watching, Aaron suddenly gently and slowly, but very hornily licked the pre-cum from my glans with his tongue. Wow, this was beyond all expectations. A man was licking my clit! Aaron looked up at me, and he must have seen the relief and horniness shining in my eyes. Aaron looked at my clit again and then gently put his lips over my glans. Wow, how terribly horny this was. I had never been sucked by a man before! Slowly, Aaron began to suck me deliciously, and he took my clit a little less than halfway into his mouth. Meanwhile, with one hand he played with my breasts, and with the other he kneaded my sac. I moaned approvingly. Aaron took my clit deeper and deeper into his mouth, and now came about just over half way. I decided to help him. I grabbed his head and gently pushed him further and further over my clit. In a few strokes, I pushed him completely over my clit with his mouth. In the process, Aaron almost seemed to be gagging at times, but in the end he was doing it easier and easier.

I found it immensely delicious and horny, and Aaron seemed to enjoy it too, because he started sucking me more and more violently and with full conviction. He was now also able to process my clit completely without help. After a few minutes of him sucking my clit deliciously, I was on the verge of tears, but I didn’t want to cum yet. I really wanted to be fucked by Aaron again, now I knew I had nothing to hide from him.

So I pulled Aaron’s mouth away from my clit. I looked at him and asked him, “Are you sucking for the first time, Aaron?”. Aaron nodded. The idea excited me a lot. I said, “Jesus Aaron, you do that divinely delicious. How do you like it? Is it nice?” He nodded again. Still a little unsure I asked him, “Do you like what you see Aaron, my body, my breasts, my clit?” He replied, “You look delicious, Mali. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen naked. And I honestly think it’s actually separately horny that you have a big clit instead of a pussy… I don’t know why. But I do know that I want you, all the way, from head to toe…!”.

I said with relief, “Oh Aaron, that makes me so happy that I turn you on, that you get horny from me. That you find me horny the way I am. Fuck me Aaron, fuck me again now that you really know who I am. You make me so tremendously horny. I want to feel your delicious cock inside me again.” I was so relieved and emotional that I felt a tear run down my cheeks. Aaron stood up and licked the tear from my cheek and said sweetly, “You are a beautiful woman, Mali. Beautiful!” I couldn’t suppress a sob of emotion and a sigh of relief.

Aaron continued to look at me as he slid my thong further down my legs and heels. At this, I spread my legs as wide as I could. Aaron looked at my clit for a second and then stepped in between my legs. He guided his cock up my ass for the second time. The difference this time was that he did know about my secret. For my clit stood proudly up, near where Aaron pressed his glans against my sphincter. And my clit was glistening with Aaron’s drool! Aaron knew of my secret and still slowly pushed his cock into my ass. He was not averse to me nor my clit. In fact, he was horny for me. Very horny! And I was also very horny and proud. I felt my ass slowly being filled by Aaron’s horny cock. When he was completely inside me, he started fucking me, slowly at first and then harder and harder. Meanwhile, he alternated licking my breasts with horny tongue kisses. What a horny guy this was.

I was getting extra horny now that I could be open to Aaron, now that I didn’t have to hide my clit anymore. I grabbed Aaron’s hand and guided it to my clit. I said, “Oh Aaron, fuck me hard and jerk me off while you jerk my ass off.” Aaron thereupon jerked on my clit as he fucked me hard in my ass. I placed my hands firmly around his buttocks and helped him thrust his cock as deep as he could into my ass. With my fingers, I played with Aaron’s ass. After a while, I felt that he almost couldn’t hold it anymore. I said, “Go ahead, sweet thing, squirt your horny into my ass.” Aaron did. He squirted his cum into me for the second time in a short time. Just into my mouth, and I felt him squirt into my ass. It felt wonderfully horny! It was just a shame that I couldn’t taste his cum this time. But Aaron himself could!

Lick my ass clean Aaron

So when he had completely emptied his cock into my ass and slowly withdrew his cock, I commanded him, “Lick my ass clean Aaron, taste your own horny!”. Aaron was probably willing to do anything, he knelt down in front of me again and licked my asshole deliciously and thoroughly. When I noticed that I was licked empty, I said “And now suck my clit again Aaron!” I said. Aaron moved his mouth from my ass to my clit and put his lips over my glans. Slowly, he took my clit back into his mouth. I could still feel his cum in his mouth, what a horny idea. Aaron once again began to suck me deliciously.

Harder and harder he went up and down my clit. While sucking, he deliciously inserted several fingers into my wet ass. Eventually he even stuck four fingers in my ass. Aaron sucked me so horny, and that for his first times! So horny, I could never keep that up for long. So after a while I really couldn’t hold it anymore. Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep my approaching orgasm hidden from him. I started shaking all over. I held his head still and said, “Oh fuck Aaron, how horny, you suck my clit. Furthermore, I’m about to cum, sweet. I understand if you don’t want that in your mouth…”

Aaron looked at me with lust in his eyes. He jerked his head free from my hands, and he immediately went back and forth violently over my cock! He seemed to be sucking extra hard himself, and I felt his fingers being pushed even deeper into my ass. Furthermore, he was massaging my spot wonderfully. All this was such a horny feeling that I was cumming hard and a lot. And Aaron took it all gratefully and greedily. He kept sucking on my clit until I was really completely empty. I looked at Aaron, who was still sitting with his mouth over my flaccid clit. What a horny sight this was. I noticed that Aaron was not swallowing my cum completely. He looked at me, pulled his mouth back and then stood up and was now kissing me to fill my mouth. Wow, how horny he was, now tonguing me too with my own cum and maybe some of his cum that I had let him lick out of my ass. What a horny encounter this was.

I could already feel Aaron’s cock pressing against my belly again. While we were violently tonguing together, his mouth sucked empty of my cum, I kneaded his cock completely stiff again in no time. While we were still tonguing, I pushed him into his chair and slowly lowered myself from the desk onto his crotch again. But this time I maneuvered my naked ass above his cock and I let myself sink over his horny cock. My ass was still soaking wet with his cum and horny, so I sank over his cock very easily. I moaned as I was wonderfully filled by his pole again. I closed my legs tightly around his waist. My clit also became stiff again against his belly. Aaron slowly began lashing out at my clit. I don’t think I had ever had such a horny Monday morning in my life…I wanted to enjoy myself with Aaron more often.

So I kissed him and asked him, “I have to go by Aaron, but I’m still working here all week. Would you like to see me again tomorrow?” “I would love that dear Mali,” Aaron said, “I can’t wait anymore. I’m full of questions and horny ideas.” I said, “Lovely Aaron, then I will see you tomorrow, after my shift, at six o’clock in the dressing rooms down here. I want you there waiting for me naked!” I stepped off his cock, or fuck it felt so horny too as his big rod slid out of me and somewhat reluctantly put my clothes back on.

I was pleased and proud to see that, sitting naked in his chair, he was still looking at me with horniness, and his cock was still stiffly erect. “Tomorrow, six o’clock boss,” I told him, “and watch out, I’m going to give you many more new experiences, right through all the boundaries you thought you had!” Tomorrow I was going to fuck Aaron too! And although I expected him to want this too, I was certainly not going to take no for an answer. I walked up to him and I bent down and tongued him briefly once more as I squeezed his delicious pole. I said, “Bye boss, bye Aaron, bye sweet thing!”