My hands are shaking as I open the door of my hotel room in Colombia. During a work visit to Colombia, I took my chance. There she is, Angelturned01, a 20-year-old femboy about to become a woman. I don’t know what to say or do, but I know that my heart is beating faster than ever.

She smiles at me and I feel my cheeks blush. I look at her slender body and long legs, wrapped in a tight black dress. Her long wavy hair falls over her shoulders and her full lips invite me in. I swallow and try to get my thoughts in order. What is wrong with me? As Angelturned01 walks toward me, I notice that my eyes keep wandering to her breasts. Whatever is going on with me, my body is reacting to her presence.

I am attracted to this beautiful femboy who is about to become a woman. But what does this mean for me? Am I not as straight as I always thought I was? But no, she is becoming a woman apart from her penis. She has long nails, a big smile and nice muscular broad shoulders.

Her hips are already getting wider. Angel wraps her arms around me and holds me close. I feel her soft breasts pressing against my chest and my heart starts pounding like crazy. My hands unconsciously slide over her buttocks, and I can’t stop myself from moaning excitedly. She looks at me, her eyes shining with desire.

She slides her fingers over my lips and I open my mouth to take them in. I lick and suck them as I look at her longingly. I want to taste them, take them all in. Suddenly, Angel grabs my hand and pulls me to the bed. She gently pushes me back and lies on top of me. Her hands slide down my body as she kisses me. Her lips explore every inch of my skin, and my excitement increases with every touch. I feel her warm mouth move over my neck, my chest and finally down. She unbuttons my pants and pulls them down along with my underwear.

My erection appears and Angel smiles with satisfaction. She takes my genitals in her mouth and begins to pamper me with her tongue. My hands slide through her silky hair as I enjoy her touch. I can hardly believe this is happening, that I am so attracted to this beautiful femboy. But right now all I can think about is how good it feels and how much I want more. Angel slowly gets off me and takes off her dress. There she is, naked and incredibly beautiful. I look at her body, her feminine forms combined with her masculinity.

And at that moment I know that no matter what her sex is, I want her. She crawls on top of me and I feel her take mine between her buttocks. I push my hard penis against her sphincter and with another little push my stiff member plunges in. Her gentle yet powerful movements bring me to a climax I have never experienced before. I moan her name and all my doubts and insecurities disappear like snow in the sun.

With a powerful pumping thrust, I shoot my cum into her tight ass. All that matters now is her. I want her in all her femininity and masculinity, now and forever. And as we come together in an intense climax, licking her nascent little breasts, I know I don’t need to label myself. I just love Angel, in whatever form she presents herself. Thanks for reading.