Photo attached to this story is of Amanda, a 25-year-old beautiful kathoey. Story is from an anonymous contributor. Thank you!

For some time I had had the fantasy of having an intimate relationship with a kathoey. Through the internet, I had found a message from a girl who “works” in my area as a receptionist and happy end woman. I made an appointment and finally the moment had arrived. She opened the door and was nicely dressed, short tight shorts with a blouse above, buttoned so that I could already see her beautiful breasts. She let me in and we quickly handled the financial part of the transaction. Then she slowly started unbuttoning her blouse to reveal a nicely filled bra. With one move, the bra fell to the floor, and there I saw 2 nicely shaped breasts with stiff nipples. She winked at me and that was the signal for me to spring into action.

I kissed her on her full lips and through her neck, my lips slowly went to those two beautiful nipples. As I took them individually into my mouth to suck on them nicely, a moan escaped from her mouth. While I was indulging her beautiful breasts with my mouth, my hands slipped to her beautiful buttocks, I quickly had the button undone and pulled the shorts down to under her buttocks. A horny thong came squeaking up and I kneaded her beautiful ass. I felt her hands on my shoulders and she pushed me to my knees. She pulled her thong to the side a little and that’s how I saw her small flaccid penis. She pulled her foreskin all the way back and pushed her glans against my lips. I opened my mouth and began to suck her slowly. “Slowly” I heard her say and she took my head between her hands. Slowly her penis grew and I felt it begin to fill my mouth better. With slow movements, she rocked her hips forward and backward and slowly fucked my mouth. Her genitals became stiffer and my tongue flashed quickly over her growing glans.

She pushed her entire genitals into my mouth and now that she was almost hard, she came deep into my mouth. He continued to grow and her hips began to move up and down faster. I was now getting her glans deep in my throat. “Mmm, pappi, take it all” I heard her whisper, and before I knew it with her hand on the back of my head, she was pushing her full erection completely down my throat. Her balls were against my chin and I was deepthroating a kathoey. My wet penis began to work uncontrollably, tears welling up in my eyes and gagging with her genitals in my mouth. I felt like a slut that I could suck like that without much experience. She kept taking her genitals out of my mouth, thick strands of drool hung from it, only to stick it deep in my throat again. She fucked my mouth faster and harder occasionally pushing her stiff genitals deep into my mouth to keep it there until I gag. She moans hornily and pulls her genitals, wet with my drool, out of my mouth. She pushes me onto my shoulders so that I am on my hands and knees. “Take pants off, pappi” I hear her say sternly.

I am so horny I obey her. With my ass up I sit waiting for what is to come. I feel something cold dripping, and then she strokes the lube out over my butt crack with her wet glans. I look at her and tell her I have never been fucked before. In her poor English she says that she finds that strange because a blowjob slut like me must be a nice seed slut anyway. She takes me by my hips, I feel her penis pushing against my asshole. With one hard thrust, her glans is past my sphincter, a painful twitch goes through my body. “The hardest thing is over, now enjoy, pappi” I hear her say sternly. She begins to fuck me, with deep strokes I feel her stiff cock go through my gut, her balls clink against mine and her hand begins to pull off my genitals, which by now is leaking pre-cum. “Lay down” I feel her stiff one slide out of my ass, I lay on my back and pull my legs up high.

Immediately I feel my ass being filled again and I love it. “Am I a good slut” I ask her as she thrusts nice and hard. “The best” she moans back hoarsely. I grab her balls and knead them while she fucks me nice and hard.She increases the pace and with a drawn-out moan, I feel her genitals stiffen inside me. She pulls out and a warm stream of cum follows. “Now you” she makes me sit over her, she pushes two fingers easily into my gaping man cunt and takes hold of my stiff cock. She pulls me off while fingering me deliciously. Quickly I feel the seed rise from my balls and soon I ejaculate with 4.5 jets on her beautiful breasts. We shower and she helps me rinse out all the cum. I get dressed and want to go out the door. She takes me by the hand and says “next time, half price and I’ll bring a friend” curious what that will be….