Dressed in my tailored suit, I enter the neat-looking bar far outside the entertainment area, which is called the Kathoey Lounge, or at least that is the translation in small letters of the otherwise not illegible Thai facade decoration. The bar looks reasonably full as I enter, but a number of Thai ladies stare at me in amazement, as if I were some kind of curiosity that has no place here. I ignore them, but I am hungry for a beer, which I order at the bar. The barmaid is an attractive young woman who speaks perfect English and serves me a delicious bottle of barley beer.

The reason for my presence in this sweltering country is that a wealthy acquaintance of mine has been arrested by the Thai police for reasons that I am not at liberty to discuss here due to my professional oath: I am a lawyer and was flown in by him to monitor his Thai lawyer so that he could get the best possible defense. The hours I spent at the police station were intense, but I managed to talk to him and even arrange to see him for a few hours over the course of three days. However, the scorching hot, smelly police station has made me thirsty, so I down the bottle in one gulp and order another. What is a man like you doing in a place like this? A voice asks me in perfect English.

I look next to me and am surprised by two beautiful dark brown eyes, hidden in an angel’s face, sitting on a body that would make any heterosexual man’s dick bulge. Smiling, I take my beer from the bar and reply coolly. The lady kindly shouts something to the bartender, who promptly puts a white wine on the bar for her and another beer for me, after which the lady asks if you mind if we drink one together.

After I nod in the affirmative, she takes a seat on the stool next to me and begins to sip her wine in a very civilized manner. She introduces herself as Niam and seems extremely interested in the reason for my presence, whereupon I explain to her in veiled terms what has happened to my knowledge and what is expected of me. The angelic face is too good to be true, so after my explanation I compliment her on her appearance, which she kindly thanks me for, but to which she also says, shouldn’t you be going to the street full of bars for sex tourists? I tell her that I have never paid for love and that I don’t intend to, which somehow sounds good to her because she smiles at me and says that you have come to the right place because these ladies are all wealthy by Thai standards and they are not looking for a one-time fuck, but for a partner. Laughing I reply, “I’m not really looking for that either, but when it happens, it happens. We laugh the awkwardness away and have a few drinks, during which we have an amusing conversation about each other’s lives. She seems to come from a wealthy background and works as a reviewer for a popular magazine

She travels a lot, but lives in this huge city because, according to her, life here is vibrant and never boring. However, the few drinks combined with my recent flight and the heat are starting to take their toll, so after a nice chat I apologize to Niam and say I really need to go find my bed. To my surprise, she reacts with disappointment, but when I tell her that I will undoubtedly be fresher tomorrow and that I intend to come back for another drink, her mood lightens visibly. I would love to see you again tomorrow, Dean tells Niam just before we say goodbye, and I greet her with that promise. I reach my hotel within minutes and the delicious bed not much later. After a good night’s sleep, I enjoy a delicious lunch at the hotel and then decide to visit some of the tourist spots. There is a lot of splendor, but also a lot of poverty, and I notice that tolerance is very high in this city, as it is sometimes difficult to tell if the people I meet are male or female.

Especially on the entertainment street of the city (a street that is never closed) it is full of eccentrics who are all focused on only two things: money and sex! A drink in a topless bar teaches me that I am definitely out of place here, so I return to the hotel, where I eat, take care of myself, and then head to the Kathoey Lounge. Callista shot me as I entered, so she’s standing next to me before I even reach the bar. She’s a full head shorter than me, I realize now, but her body makes up for her limited height with verve. The tight stretch dress she is wearing does justice to her curves and as she leads me to a seat I enjoy the sight of her perfect ass. I like you, Dean,” Callista says before we even order drinks. Smiling I reply, how could you know? We don’t know each other, do we? The first wine and beer are served when she replies with “You are honest, sweet, beautiful and kind, but most of all I think you are very open-minded. And why do you think that?” I ask. Kathoey Lounge answers Callista. Yes, what about that, I ask. Don’t you know what Kathoey is? asks Callista. I must have missed that in all my language studies, I answer jokingly.

These ladies are real ladies, but with a little something extra, Callista says in a whisper. Ladyboys? I ask questioningly, but her face immediately tightens as if I had just insulted everyone in the room. We are women, Dean, but with a little something extra. I thought you knew, Callista replies in a pedantic tone as she beckons the barmaid for a few more drinks. No, I reply coolly, but I am indeed open-minded, so what’s the problem?

No problem, says Callista, because I like you. The conversation takes a different turn as we talk about the city, but also about the Thai police, who seem to have special methods. Now, I see myself as a heterosexual man, although I have the occasional bisexual fantasy, but in the 32 years I have walked this earth, I have never acted on that thought. However, the drink makes me loosen up more and more, so every now and then I stroke Callista’s arm to see how she reacts to my touches. Suddenly, out of nowhere, she asks, “Would you dare to have sex with a Kathoey?

I honestly don’t know, I answer honestly, whereupon she gets up, goes to the bar, checks out, comes back to the seat and says, shall we go then? I like her figure, but it is that sweet, radiant, angelic face that enchants me, so I take a big gulp of beer and stand up. Callista hooks her arm in mine and says, your hotel or my apartment? Whatever you want, I reply, and we walk out and into a waiting taxi that takes us to her apartment: about five minutes from the bar. The apartment is simple but stylish, but it is the company that is special, because as soon as the door closes behind us, Callista becomes particularly affectionate. As I take in the room, she flatters herself against me: her body feels soft, warm, but most of all arousing. When I look down, her dark brown eyes are staring at me with excitement and love, and I kiss her back, not wondering if I am kissing a man or a woman, because she is a woman in every way.

Kissing her, my hands follow the contours of her shoulders to her thighs, while I caress her tenderly and feel my cock growing in my pants. Her slender waist is special, but the most feminine ass I have ever felt and seen is truly fabulously delicious. Her hands are engaged in a similar exploration, but when she reaches my bottom, she stops the kiss and says, “You have delicious feminine buttocks, Dean. I kiss her, disappearing into her beauty, not knowing whether to take her comment as a compliment or an insult. Callista leaves the kissing for a moment, however, as she grabs my hands and walks backwards towards a door that appears to be the bedroom. Once there, she positions me with my back to the bed and resumes kissing me. During the long tongue kiss, she carefully unbuttons my shirt, after which she lets it slide off my shoulder and concentrates on my belt and pants buttons. These are also quickly undone, after which she pulls the pants over my bottom and gives me a playful shove so that I end up sitting up on the bed.

Within seconds my shoes and pants are off, leaving me naked on the bed, and she moves between my legs. She stands in front of me as she looks down and says, “That’s a nice one, Dean, and it’s incredibly hard, even though you know I have one too. Her words seem repulsive, but as she sucks her mouth tightly on my nipple and begins to playfully bite it, my thoughts seem to drift away and I let the pleasure wash over me. Kissing my breast, she moves to my stomach while kneeling in front of me, giving me a glimpse of the delicious cleavage her breasts form. The playful kisses on my bare glans are teasing and only a prelude to the deliciously moist mouth that surrounds my cock moments later. The cock slides in and out of the delicious little Thai mouth while her eyes look at me obligingly, seeming to say enjoy, there is much more to come!

It soon becomes clear to me that Callista doesn’t want me to cum, because as soon as I enjoy her sucking skills a little too much, she lets my lettuce-hard nub slip out of her mouth to stand up and kiss me across my belly and chest. Maybe a little too wildly, I pull her against me, wanting to kiss her. She returns the kiss, but keeps her hands on my shoulders so she can push herself free, which she does as soon as I stop kissing her. Callista takes a step back, pulls the straps of her shoulders one by one to get her arms through, then slowly slides the dress down so that I am treated to her deliciously perky breasts, which are natural and fit her body just right: not too small, not too large, just a good handful. Wow,” I reply, and she supports her breasts with her hands and comes closer. Delighted, I lick and nibble at the nipples, which I unfortunately cannot reach because she is still holding her breasts. To make my hands feel good, I caress her bottom, which is certainly not a punishment. It turns out that Callista likes to be in control, because after a few minutes of me pampering her breasts, she steps back and asks, “Delicious?

Delicious, I answer honestly, but again she seems to be controlling the situation as she says questioningly, “You know I have one just like it? with her eyes focused on my crotch. She doesn’t wait for an answer, but turns around so that I can see her deliciously tender ass. The dress slowly disappears over her hips, as she pushes it down while rocking her body, and when I see for the first time the halves of her buttocks split by a thong, I know that she is a woman at heart, because there can never be a cock attached to it! Promise not to scare me? she asks over her shoulder as she bends down to remove the thong. Surprise me, I answer hoarsely, excited. Still with her back to me, she places her feet slightly apart, then arching her back and slowly bending forward. The rosette that appears above the hand covering her crotch looks like a miniature pussy as it is deliciously pink and seems to be smiling at me. The ass is just too good to be true, but what she’s covering with her hand in front of her still arouses my curiosity, because I still can’t get rid of the impression that she’s pulling my leg. Callista turns around and now holds both hands in front of her fine parts as she takes a seat between my open legs. She comes very close, releases her crotch with one hand and pulls my face towards it. As the other hand disappeared, I felt something hard and warm against my cheek, but I did not see it because I was staring into her enchanting, questioning eyes.

The vulnerability in her eyes betrays that she is as insecure and excited as I am, but I am sold to this miracle of nature, so I feel with my hand the lollipop of flesh pressing against my cheek and I disappear in an excitement I have never experienced before. The urge to see what I feel is unbearable, so I break eye contact and lower myself a few inches to observe the lady’s cock. The cock is magnificent and a jewel on her body. The cock is stringy and straight, so I push it up and see the full length, which is not even disappointing. After planting a gentle kiss on the underside of the lady’s cock, I stare at her and then utter the words, “You are beautiful. Her soft, tender gaze slowly turns mischievous, for as soon as she realizes that I appreciate her body, she regains control. She caresses my cheek as she puts one foot on the bed next to me, her balls dangling loosely between her legs. The sight is simply too exciting, so I must and will taste them, which I promptly do. One by one I take the balls in my mouth, which is a strange sensation because there is no taste or smell coming from them, but the effect of my action is enormous, considering the moaning lady to whom they are attached. After licking her balls for a while, I decide I want to taste them, so I look up and stare at the soaking wet glans, which I lick carefully.

To my surprise, Callista’s pre-cum tastes completely different from my own, sweet and feminine. With my mind at zero, I take the cock in my mouth and am treated to even more of this taste, so I enjoy her pleasure as she moans incessantly as she grabs my head and sets the pace at which I have to slide the cock in and out of my mouth. Now this is the first time I’ve ever sucked a cock, but I’m doing well as I decide to do only what I know myself to enjoy, which Callista does audibly as well. Then Callista does something I didn’t expect, as she suddenly turns around and presses my head against her bottom, which I naturally start to kiss. Wet me,” Callista says softly, and I carefully begin to lick her anal pussy. The taste is sweet as well, so my shyness is quickly overboard and I wet the whole starlet thoroughly. When her arsehole feels sufficiently moistened by my pampering tongue, Callista straightens up, turns around and looks at me boldly and excitedly. I get a shove to my shoulders that sends me tumbling backwards onto the bed, but when she sits up in the air with her legs on either side of my waist, I understand the intent.

It’s never going to fit,’ I think, but I don’t utter the words as I allow her to try, as she slowly descends through her legs and takes hold of my cock, placing it behind her scrotum, in front of her hole. To my amazement, Callista lowers herself slowly but steadily over my pleasure club, so that within moments it is fully inserted. Her poop hole feels tight, warm and horny, all of which takes on an extra dimension as she begins to move up and down. She has her hands on my stomach the whole time, but after moving up and down a few times, Callista says to pull your knees up so I can lean on them. I understand the request, so I pull my knees in and she sits up a little straighter and puts her hands on my knees. As I concentrate on her rocking breasts, it’s like being fucked by a beautiful young Thai woman, but the lady’s cock between her legs tells a different story. The tightness around my cock is so intense that I can never keep this up for long, but as she goes up and down I wonder why she is moaning so much.

After she goes up and down a few more times, I realize it: her prostate is obviously being stimulated! Spontaneously I call out that I want to do it too, but Callista just laughs and replies panting that it’s too late for the dear man. Before I can react, I see droplets of liquid coming out of her cock, so I stare at it with my mouth open in amazement. The droplets soon give way to an orgasm that is impossible to pinpoint because it resembles a man’s ejaculation combined with a woman’s loss of fluid. The semi-transparent liquid, which must be semen, moistens my stomach and chest. It is beautiful to look at, so I stare at it with my mouth open, not realizing that I am about to come myself. Callista seems to have noticed though and doesn’t want my seed between her buttocks, as it turns out, as she jerks up and gives my cock the final jerks. Groaning, no, screaming, I release into her hand, accompanied by several thick waves of cum that land on my stomach. It takes my breath away, so I gasp for air and try to get out of my stupor, which proves unsuccessful, so I submit to her, panting, and let my head fall back.

Because of the tingling sensation in my lower abdomen, I don’t feel her lick any of our mixture, but when I feel her tongue slide into my mouth, after she has come to lie next to me, I fully realize where the delicious taste is coming from. You can have it later, if you still want it,” Callista whispers in my ear as she runs her hand over my stomach, rubbing out the goodness. The permanent state of pleasure that I am experiencing right now makes me answer eagerly, I want to feel you, Callista. I want to lick you, taste you, but above all I want to feel you inside me. She smiles sweetly, kisses me and says we will take a shower first. The shower is as strange as the woman I share it with, because with every kiss or hug I feel her extra part against my leg. Without heels, Callista turns out to be smaller than I thought, because I can look all over her without any effort. As we sit naked on the couch in the small living room a moment later, I’m overcome by a wave of realism: I’m sitting here with a Thai woman with cock and I think it’s heavenly! What’s wrong with me?

Callista sees my doubt and asks, “What are you thinking about? This, here, us, you, everything! I answer cautiously, and she walks over to me and kisses me tenderly. Are you ashamed? she asks. I don’t answer at all, because I’m quite free spirited, but I’ve never experienced this before, so it all feels strange, but also so damn delicious. Callista smiles, kisses me again and says it’s the magic of the Kathoey. Can you explain it then? I ask desperately, because I can’t interpret my feelings. We are different, Dean. And by “we” I don’t just mean the Kathoey, I mean you. You belong to a group of people who do not think in boxes, in men or women; you and I think in terms of love and pleasure, says Callista, and I hang on her lips as she goes on to tell me that I am a woman, although my crotch suggests otherwise, so I am attracted to men. But you are of a different order! Oh yes, and what order is that? I ask curiously as she falls silent.

You are sweet, affectionate, loyal, but also enormously perverse. You can’t be loving enough when you’ve found what you want, says Callista, adding that this is also the reason why you haven’t found what you’re looking for. That’s why you’re going through life as a bachelor. She hits the nail on the head, because although I am attractive, I also like not being married because I get sexually bored quickly if the relationship lasts too long. But I am still not clear on what she is basing her suspicion on, but I leave it at that. Callista, however, has another argument up her sleeve that makes me curious, but also a little scared, because she says that you run the risk that if I take you, you will never want anything else, because I suspect that this will give you the pleasure you have been looking for all these years.

Then Callista gets up, so I follow her ultimate bottom as she leaves the living room, and seconds later I am delighted by the sight of her front as she returns, for her breasts are mundane and the swishing semi-rigid female cock makes me crave. By the way, she has gone to get a towel, it turns out, as she drapes it next to me on the couch and says go ahead and sit on it. After I sit on the towel, Callista puts her hand on my neck and pulls me toward her. She hugs me and I wrap my arms around her slender body and knead her backside, feeling my cock grow, but also hers as it presses hard against my chest. You are excited, I whisper. So am I, she replies smiling, although she can’t see my erection, but she must almost feel the tremor in my body. Callista lowers her knee slightly so that her face is in front of mine and she kisses me softly, but the kiss soon turns into a long, exciting French kiss. During the French kiss, she grabs my cock and starts to slowly jerk on it, so I decide to do the same and grab her woman’s dick to play with it.

It’s all too fast for Callista though, or she wants something else, because she lets go of my cock and kneels down deeper, so I have no choice but to let go of her cock as well. She gets her arms under my legs, grabs them tightly and pulls them tightly so that I end up collapsed on the couch, in a position where my ass is still just on the edge of the couch. Her arms go out from under my legs again, then she pushes my legs far apart so that my balls are within reach. Licking and sabering, she pampers my testicles, but what she really craves turns out to be a little deeper, as she grabs my legs by the knees and lifts my legs up. I decide to help her and hold my knees in this position, because her skinny arms will never be able to support my muscular legs for long, I suspect. What I had hoped for actually happens as her face disappears under my scrotum and I feel a wet pointed tongue against my anus. The sensation overwhelms me and I squeeze my buttocks together, but when, after a few licks, I manage to relax and surrender to the pleasure, I immediately think back to her earlier words in which she expressed that this could be the pleasure I have been looking for all these years.

Her tongue licks my poop hole as if it were a delicious clam, while Callista and I both moan with pleasure. When she tries to defy my sphincter with her tongue, I think I’m stuck in pleasure because my breath stops as a string of pre-cum lands on my stomach. She licks her way up, sucks on my balls several times, looks at me horny, sucks the pre-cum off my cock and then stands up. She jerks her cock a few times, lowers her knee a bit and then places her glans against my rear entrance. The look we share is like hypnosis, because in addition to the excitement that is pouring out of her, she also seems to be checking to see if she is okay with what she is doing, as her woman’s cock disappears millimeter by millimeter into my rear entrance. I am filled in heavenly fashion, not seeming to notice that I am relaxed, because that is what it really takes. But I let her do it as a matter of course, so she pushes her cock into me, letting me get used to the size of the sex filling my anus for a moment.

Very carefully, Callista pulls back a little, then slowly pushes the cock back in. Something is happening inside my back entrance that I did not know was there, because the pleasure that is awakening deep inside me is too delicious. My sense of reality has disappeared and given way to unbridled pleasure as she slightly increases the pace at which she takes me. Since I am still holding my legs at my knees, she has her hands free, which she now uses to stroke my cock. However, she does not pull on it, but only holds it tightly with both hands. I soon realize the purpose of this, because when she pushes her cock all the way into me and then starts to give small hard thrusts, my breath is taken away and it feels like my whole lower body is tingling with orgasmic pleasure. This feeling turns out to be exactly what is happening as I see my semen seeping between her fingers. Slowly, Callista removes the woman’s cock from my poop hole, which turns out to be an extra boost, making me feel like I’m squirting again. The hands release my cock, but her gaze doesn’t, so I stare smotheringly into her eyes and know I’m sold: this is what I want to feel for the rest of my life. Callista wipes her hands on the towel, removes my legs and gently places them on the floor.

My body still tingles from the orgasm, which doesn’t seem to go away, because the tingling inside me still seems to be there, so my lust remains. When Callista gets up, I see that she is taking off a condom, although I don’t remember her putting it on. Her cock is still erect when she asks, “Was it as delicious as it looked? I just nodded in the affirmative. Don’t you think it would be appropriate to thank me for this? she asks with a friendly smile around her lips, but also with a look in her eyes that indicates pure excitement. Without thinking, I push myself back a little on the couch so that I can sit up straight. I stare at her boldly as I pull her closer by her hips, then grab her left leg and place her foot next to me on the couch. After moistening my middle finger and watching her stare at it excitedly, I rub the finger between her legs, searching for her woman’s ass. Even before the finger disappears into her anus, I have her cock in my mouth, so I suck frantically in search of her juice.

Callista seems to know what she wants though, because she takes my head in her hands and indicates the speed at which I should suck her off, while I move the finger inside her anus, slowly in and out. Suddenly Callista stops, says I’m coming, but my mind is already made up, because I want to taste her juice, so I push the finger deep into her anus, so she can’t pull out, while I continue to suck firmly on her cock. A few jets of the woman’s semen slide down my throat, but I have no trouble processing them by sucking and swallowing. I let my finger slide out of her rear, but keep the cock in my mouth until she signals that it is beginning to become hypersensitive. Once the cock is out of my mouth, Callista kneels in front of me, stroking my cheeks and looking at me as lovingly as I look at her. Our mouths find each other, then our tongues circle each other’s. During the kiss, I hold her in my arms so that I can move her to a lying position on the couch in one smooth movement. Intertwined, we kiss for a while longer, but the evening has exhausted us both, so we fall asleep on the spot in each other’s arms. Waking up next to the most beautiful woman in Thailand is no punishment, especially when she is playing with your cock as you wake up. I should know, because it’s happening to me right now.

Hey beautiful, she says softly as I open my eyes. I thought I was dreaming, I reply, but you are real! Yes, and I’m not going anywhere unless you have to go, Callista says. No I don’t, but I’m hungry, I reply as she gracefully slides off the couch and disappears into the kitchen. I follow her and am overwhelmed by a sight I still remember, because the little woman standing naked with her back to me at the kitchen counter is a sight I wish I could see every day. Her body is mega-feminine, graceful, charming, but above all exciting. You are beautiful, I say, and she slowly turns around and playfully leans against the counter. Her female pee-pee rises in jerks as she looks at you, and with a broad smile she says, “Your breakfast. What hormones are coursing through her body is a mystery to me, but I surprise myself as I am instantly aroused by the sight of the growing cock. When I approach her, she quickly turns around and starts cutting the fruit on the counter, so I hug her sweetly and knead her breasts, but I can’t stop myself, so soon my hands move to her crotch, where I take her balls in one hand and her cock in the other. I thought you were hungry,” Callista says panting as she puts the knife and fruit away.

I think we both need to work off a little excitement first, I reply jokingly as I lower my knee slightly and press my now lettuce-hard cock against her delicious bottom. No way, says Callista, who playfully pushes her bottom back to push me away, there is nothing wrong with a little patience. With a smile, I call off the retreat and take a seat on the small bar stool against the wall in the kitchen. The barstool is made for little people, it turns out, because my feet barely touch the floor while Callista has to almost climb onto it. The breakfast is light, sweet and delicious, as is the company. For the first time we talk openly about our living situation, our family and our lost relationships. After breakfast, Callista shows her vulnerable side when she says in a golden tone, “There have been several men in my life, Dean, but never have I felt the way I do with you. It may be a whim, but I feel a connection I have never felt with anyone before. Her words overwhelm me because I am experiencing the exact same thing and although I am not ready to make this expression yet, I confirm my feelings by saying that I have the exact same thing.

Callista turns out to be a genius at solving awkward situations, which this one absolutely is, as she looks at me stoically and says that’s what you have to do, Dean, since I’m the one who deflowered you. We laugh about the situation, share a kiss and clean up the breakfast stuff, after which she takes my hand and leads me to the bathroom. Once there, she points out the existence of the intimate shower and advises me to use it often. Before I can promise that I will definitely do that, Callista disappears from the bathroom, so I understand that now is an appropriate time. I’m here, I hear as I open the bathroom door, freshly washed. The sound is coming from the bedroom, so I go there. If you are quick, you can experience something you have never experienced before, says Callista, who is sitting on the edge of the bed. And what is that? I ask. She opens her legs and shows me her flaccid penis.