Sylvia and trans Marilyn lay on the terrace and sunbathed. Sylvia is a real leather lover. “Since yesterday, I can’t think about anything but cum and cocks. I pumped Tom 2 times last night and got fucked in all holes. If I’m honest, even now I can’t think about anything else. Look. “She pointed to her wet, shiny cunt. But that also made her mouth water. “I really need cocks and lots of cum from both of them again.

You turned me into a cum-hungry slut.

Like a bath or more. It’s all your fault, you turned me into a cum-hungry slut. I love you for that. “I couldn’t throw loud sex parties here if you were sitting next door bored on dry land. And leading the three of you into new depths of perversion is fun for me, too. “So what are we going to do with mine? Do you have any ideas?” A gangbang of course. Bukkake of course. All totally awesome and intense.

But also very exhausting, so you should start small. Gloryholes, movie theaters or swingers clubs are good places to get acquainted and not jump in at the deep end. “Okay, I’ll do whatever you say.” Then let’s slip into something more comfortable and get ready. “They went to Marilyn’s house and picked out a few things. Sylvia wore black leather with a leather corset attached to the over knees.

Only the lower half of her breasts were covered. Sylvia got a leather corsage with many chains on it. Of course, they left out the panties, they just annoy. They put on a coat and drove to the movie theater. Once there, they left their coats in the car and walked the few yards.

“Hello Marilyn, nice to see you. Looks like it’s going to be another wild night. “Clear, wet, cheerful as ever. “They went into a free booth and started a porn movie.

Marilyn put a leash on Sylvia’s collar and pushed her toward the glory hole. “When she pulls on the leash, it starts, sweetheart” It didn’t take long and the first dick peeked through the hole, it wasn’t as long as at the lake, but it was enough to warm up. She devoured it, and it was promptly pulled on the leash. Her lips were now all over the hole, and she got fucked in the mouth. The first cumshot also came quickly in Sylvia.

“But that was fast,” she wondered. “This isn’t about stamina, it’s just about filling up and seeing how long you can last. Let’s go, the next one’s already waiting. “And so it went. The next one was long and fat. Devouring it was a good workout and it took a while for it to pump its juice into her. “This is exactly what I want. I could go on forever.

Please let’s stay here forever. “Ha ha ha, you’re the best I know. You will still get your money’s worth. I’m telling you, let’s go on for now. “Then a BBC knocked on the door and looked at this monster from a meat whip with frightened, big eyes. “So, here’s your shot, let’s get to the black rocket. ” She began to lick the glans and push herself into her mouth.

She worked her way up, inch by inch. But again she gives up halfway. “Oh, I can’t get this thing down. But I want to, I have to, I need it. ” She gasped. “Then please stop whining, you bitch. ” She pushed the eel back in and got a little further. Then Katya grabbed her by the back of the head and pushed her down to the root with all her might. She choked and gurgled like crazy, but didn’t fight back.

“Keep breathing. ” She let go when Sylvia got used to it. Now she could really muzzle her cock. When the monster began to twitch, she was ready for the reward for the hard work on the strap. He pumped and Sylvia swallowed and swallowed. She couldn’t keep up, so much was coming out of the BBC. But breathing heavily, she didn’t stop swallowing until he really stopped injecting.

“Well done, that was quite an achievement, sweetie, do you want to continue?” She nodded because she couldn’t breathe to answer. The next five cocks were easy and routine for Sylvia. Then Marilyn took her by the leash and led her to another room. It was large with a screen on one wall with really hard porn on it. There were some movie seats around, but also other furniture. A leather covered bench, a kind of trestle, also covered with black leather, and a cross on the wall.

There were people scattered around the room, either enjoying each other or themselves. If you saw Marilyn, she was the center of attention. “Hey, you’re back and you brought us something to play with, right?” That’s right, this one really needs to be in all the holes and not just cocks, she also eats any cunt and rosette. She likes her cum fresh, lots of it and all over her body. Any volunteers?” As if anyone in the room would pass up the offer.

She was laid on her back on the sex bench and her arms tied. “Come on and show me what you’ve got, boys, I need it now and I need it hard.” That was the last thing she could say because the first cock was already down her throat, followed by a loafer ramming into her cunt. That’s what she needed. The first one squirted in her face, which Sylvia liked very much, and the cunt was well filled as well.

The next one drilled his ass and that caused a lot of moaning, but that soon stopped as one of the ladies wanted to have her mud cunt licked out. Very carefully, Sylvia licked everything out of her. When she was done, her ass cunt was full as well. “Come on guys, all the holes are oiled and well dilated. Who’s in the mood for some mud pushing?” The next one makes her go crazy with lust. One crouches over her and pushes his butt into her mud and the next one rips her rosette wide open and both of them finish her off completely.

No one had ever fucked her so hard. It was the same at the lake, but it’s better here. Another of the fucked women bent over Sylvia, spread her ass cheeks and let a huge amount of cum from several men run down her face. The other men stood around her and jerked her off until she was covered in cum. When the fuckers had also pumped her full, it immediately began to flow out of her.

That’s when Sylvia had a mega orgasm. After that they were all done and knocked out. Sylvia also slowly lost her strength. “Well, satisfied enough, sweetie? Let’s clean you up. Marilyn and the others slowly began to lick her. They licked her face, her plump tits, her flat stomach and last but not least her completely dirty cunt. This brought her to another huge orgasm. The chains were loosened and she was led into the bathroom, where there was a communal shower as well as toilets for both sexes.

“So sweetie, kneel down in the shower, we’re going to wash that sack cream off you bitch. ” She stood in front of them and parted her lips. Then the men rained a warm stream of pee on her. At first she was horrified by what they were doing to her here, but she quickly realized that it was just as horny as being injected. Now she wanted to know everything and tore open her semen smeared dong.

The guys next to her took the now limp dick and put it in her mouth. She swallowed as much as she could without inhibitions and found it very tasty. Now the sperm was pissed off by all involved. When everyone had finished and left, she collapsed exhausted, unable to stop grinning with satisfaction. “This has been the coolest thing I’ve ever experienced. You made me do things I never would have dared to do.

I love you and I never want to live and fuck without you again. “.