Hi dear reader, I also have an exciting story that wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t had a car accident. My name is Peter and after a car accident, I have a lot of pain in my muscles. Especially in my neck, head, shoulders, and back, I am dizzy and tired. I was hit from behind and there was quite a bit of damage to the vehicle. He told me that I probably had whiplash and that I should take sick leave, which I did. I am working abroad for a German car company.

The country I can’t tell, but it is in Asia. I too was in a struggle with straight or gay. But please, don’t judge anyone, and there are many shades of gray. The text is quite explicit, if you can’t stand that or have too much doubt, you can also meet my Savana. She is no longer a masseur, but a webcam model. Other than that, I am so happy with her. I love her so much and hope I never lose her. Furthermore, I thank the owner of this blog, for posting this story. I believe he is a Dutchman with a TS girlfriend abroad? 😁 Regards Peter.

He also made an appointment with a physiotherapist. I work in an office and I reported myself sick there. I have good company because I have never been ill and they wished me well and didn’t make it so difficult. For me, sitting at home is very difficult but yes, being sick is being sick. At my first appointment with the physical therapist, I was immediately treated very hard. The pain became much worse and I had the feeling that I was being helped by an amateur. But still it helped a little and I did get to the next appointment. Which went about the same, and again it got a little better.

One evening two colleagues from my work came to visit me. They are good colleagues and care about me and one of them advised me to go to a masseur. He knew exactly which one I should go to it was a female masseur named Savana. Got her address and phone number from him. The next day I called Savana, she sounded sweet and very professional. After talking to each other a bit I also found out that she also did house calls. Because I can’t really go out we made an appointment for her to come by and get better acquainted. She only makes house calls in the evening and sometimes in the weekend. But for me she just came by during the week in the evening, at least for the first time.

A few days later in the evening, it was time to meet her. Around seven o’clock the intercom bell rings after I open the door downstairs. A few minutes later my doorbell rings and I open it. I see a very beautiful woman standing with all the supplies next to her on the floor and introduces herself. “Hello, I am Savana the masseur” she says and gives me a hand. As we shake hands I say “good evening, I am Peter and come in”. She picks up her things and enters then I close the door behind. She is slim a smaller than me with long dark hair and brown eyes.

She also looks at me exploratory, I have a normal posture short dark blond hair and blue eyes. Together we walk to my living room where Savana puts her massage chair together. She says “sit on it then we start immediately”. I sit down and she asks “could you take off your shirt?”. “Sure” is my answer and with a little effort I take it off. With a bared upper body I sit on the massage chair. Not much later I feel massage oil on the spots that I had already indicated over the phone. Then she starts to massage me she knows exactly what she is doing. While she is doing that we get into a conversation. She finds out how I got so messed up, and I find out that she has been doing this for quite a few years. We talk about this and that she is surprised that such a good-looking man is still single.

I let her know that I haven’t really found a good woman yet and that I’m not ready for one. I find out that she thinks exactly the same and she is also single. After an hour she is ready for the first session. I pay her back and of course, make another appointment. After which we say goodbye and she leaves. That night I sleep very well and notice that it helps a lot. With the help of the physiotherapist and Savana, I am improving rapidly. About two weeks later I can start again at work. Of course they let me know if I can’t stand it I can stop work and rest at home. In the beginning, I only work half days. Some afternoons I go to the physiotherapist and some evenings Savana also comes along. This way I will get better until I can work full days again. Of course I thanked my colleague for the good advice of Savana the masseur. I still have her visit me because she massages very well and tastes good. But now it is more for relaxation and not medical, I have also agreed that she will come once in the weekend.

Every time she was with me we got on very well. We also told each other’s age she is 24 years old and I am 29 years old. So the Friday after work I will quickly get some shopping. Because I will try to get her to stay with me for dinner after her massage in the afternoon. Because when she is there I have some butterflies in my stomach and when she is gone I miss her. I know I am in love with her but I don’t know very well how to tell Savana. Maybe this way it will be easier to tell her. Saturday morning I am busy putting my apartment in order. I got up very early and around twelve o’clock I am completely done with it. Then I have a quiet lunch, just four slices of bread, two with sweet fillings and two with savory. After that, I can rest until two o’clock and enjoy the music.

Around the agreed time the intercom bell rings again and I let Savana in first. Pleased, I stand at my front door which I have already opened slightly. The moment I see a silhouette through the glass of my front door I open the door further. Let Savana in with a smile on my face. She smiles back enters further but now not with her massage chair but a massage table. Savana continues on to the living room, I close the door and follow her and enjoy her beautiful body. She has a nice black mini skirt on to halfway up her thighs. In the living room, Savana puts down the massage table and then sits down on the couch. She always drinks tea which I pick up for her with coffee black for myself. Savana also drinks natural and first we drink that. When we have finished it Savana says “Peter, actually, in the weekend I only do erotic massages and they are a bit more expensive”. Answer immediately “cool, I want that and as for the price we’ll see afterward”.

Savana didn’t really expect such a quick agreement and starts smiling. She gets up and starts putting together the massage table and after a few minutes, it is in my living room. This one is firm enough that I can lie on it but before that happens. Savana orders me to undress and this time completely. What I do in a minute I am completely naked in front of her and get an approving look from her. After which she responds “come lie on the table, but first on your back”. When I am lying down Savana takes a bottle of massage oil and opens it. Then she drops a few drops on my nipples until she thinks it is enough.

She sets the bottle aside and starts massaging my chest, although she starts from my nipples. Right away she starts well and very nice and closes my eyes and enjoys it. She sweetly plays with my nipples which become nice and hard and not only those become that. Hear her sigh in admiration and after a few wonderful minutes, she stops for a moment. She picks up the massage oil and drops some on my belly and legs. She puts the massage oil away and starts massaging my belly and then my legs. Those lovely hands make my cock go viral. Which lastly gets a nice one handy massage. Savana makes me hard and made me moans with pleasure but to my annoyance, she does not make me cum. She releases it in time and then does something else, and I hear something clap away. After which she says “turn around and put your cock in the hole”. I come up a bit turn around and see a hole where my cock and balls can easily fit through.

That must be where the sound came from and do exactly what she said. After I am lying down I feel massage oil running over my back. First a nice back massage after which my legs and then my buttocks. She does it all so wonderfully and I enjoy it enormously. Suddenly I feel the massage oil slide between my buttocks. Feel a finger of Savana rubbing on the spot just behind your pocket. My cock was already hard but the way she rubs that spot what a great feeling that gives. She does this for a while and while rubbing she goes in the direction of my starlet. Savana also rubs it nicely and automatically I push my ass up. Even though this is the first time that someone has rubbed my starlet, I never thought about it. Savana does a great job and immediately understands that I love it. Through the finger I feel more massage oil running between my buttocks and onto my starlet. Then she presses a little harder on my asshole and I automatically come up a little further.

That’s the moment for Savana and feel her finger stretch open my arse and enter my hole. To my knowledge, I thought I was straight after all but this exceeds all my expectations. Strangely it feels so wonderful and deeper and deeper her finger enters my hole. When she has it all the way inside me she starts massaging my prostate. The pleasure vibrations shoot through my body what does she do it blissfully and start moaning. Savana sighs admiringly and elatedly and continues like this for a while. She starts moving her finger up and down until just before she takes it out and pushes it back in. Each time she is all the way inside me she massages my prostate for a moment.

She brings me into an ecstasy of hornyness because of what she is doing. Again I feel massage oil running between my buttocks and she then takes her finger out of my hole for a moment. She also puts some more massage oil on her finger at least that is what I think. Suddenly feel two fingers stretch my starlet and disappear further into my hole. Now when the two fingers are in my hole she is now massaging my prostate with two fingers. How she manages it is beyond me but she makes me enjoy it so much. She even manages to put three fingers in my hole. With three fingers she fingers me and massages my prostate and her other hand she also massages my balls. How long it takes I have no idea but she makes me cum like never before. Every time I squirt she gently squeezes my balls and massages my prostate. My seed is shot out of my cock like a cannonball, and it seems to take forever for my orgasm to subside.

She then releases my balls and removes her fingers from my hole. She responds “you made me enjoy myself and you enjoyed it too a good progression”. To which I respond “yes, it was strange but oh, so delicious”. “That is good to hear” is what she says when she walks to the kitchen. While I am still enjoying myself, I hear water running and Savana washing her hands. It takes long enough for me to feel the need to pee. I indicate that I want to do so and get the reply “wash your penis after peeing” and answer “yes, I will”. After peeing I do wash my glans unfortunately with cold water that is the only thing available here on the toilet. After that I come back into the living room and see that Savana is lying on the massage table. Not like I have been lying in length but in width. This way she still has her feet on the floor. But has pulled up her skirt so that I can see her bare buttocks. She says “come stand here in front of me and as close as possible please”. I walk up to her and stand as close as possible to her face. My limp cock is hanging right in front of her face her hands are coming towards it. One hand takes hold of my cock the other my balls again she plays with them.

Not much later she shoves my growing cock in her mouth. She starts sucking my dick which makes my dick hard again. She lets go of my cock and takes it completely in her mouth. My 16 centimeter long and 4-centimeter thick cock disappears effortlessly in her mouth. My god what a great and experienced blowjob she can do. She is doing so well that I have trouble standing. But still I succeed and because I have already come once I keep it up for a while. Now let Savana enjoy herself and of course I enjoy myself too. After a while she stops sucking and lets go of my balls. After that, she says “now I want to feel your cock, but first only in my hole”. To which I ask a little disappointed, “ah, why not your pussy?”. To which she strictly says “hey! Who decides which hole gets fucked first”.

To which I reply “you, Savana you decide that”. “That’s the right answer and when you’re really ready we’ll take it a big step further, but for now first fuck my hole so grease your cock with massage oil” I hear her say. Walk around the massage table stand behind Savana grab the bottle of massage oil. Let the massage oil fall on my cock and lubricate it. Put the bottle away and I see her ass shining too. Savana has already lubricated herself and come closer. I lead my cock in her hole which is wonderfully tight and I fuck her with force. She squeezes her sphincter around my cock. We both start moaning and supporting each other with pleasure. I fuck her for a long time and Savana hears and feels her orgasm several times. Then I cum again and fill up her hole. I lie on her back while I empty my balls into her. How wonderful she made me cum again.

After my orgasm ebbs away my limp cock flops out of her hole. That is also the moment I get off her. Savana also says “you were really great, come freshen up then we can sit and talk for a while”. Get off her and ask “wouldn’t you like to stay a bit longer and have dinner with me?”. She answers “that is a good idea, but that does not change the price that you have to pay”. To that I respond “of course not, want to do this for you as a thank you for what you have done for me”. “Okay, but go freshen up now and then start what you need to do” she says strictly. Without saying anything in return I walk away to go and freshen up. Freshened up and dressed I arrive in the kitchen where Savana is already waiting for me. She is curious what I am going to cook for her. In our conversations during the normal massages, she has let it be known that she is simply an omnivore. I make a three-course menu for Savana, start with a vegetable soup, main course asparagus in ham, baked potatoes and a bullet steak and after that a yogurt with fresh fruits, strawberry, banana, passion fruit and peach in layers. At seven o’clock we can start eating together we have set the kitchen table.

Opposite each other we start with the main course after which we take a nice glass of wine. Savana pours it for both of us as I first remove the empty soup plates. I put the main course on the plates at the sink after which I serve them and then sit down again. First I take a sip and then I start dinner. Savana has taken her paper notebook and a pen from her handbag. Writes quite a few things on it small enough that I can’t read it so quickly. When she is done writing she folds it up and puts it next to her. Then starts dinner so we both enjoy it with a nice glass of wine. Then follows dessert which we also enjoy. When we finished it we sit down to have a good meal. Savana responds “that was very good, you are a good cook” takes the sheet again and writes something on it. I respond “thank you, it is always an honor that your guests liked it very much”.

She smiles and says “but after dinner usually comes the bill and here is mine”. Get the folded-up bill from her and I open it starts to read. We were busy from two to about six. First, it says settlement below that 4 hours erotic massage 150 euros p/h = 600 euros. Under that again prostate massage = 150 euros, under that blowjob and anal sex = 150 euros. Finally in the row exquisite dinner -10% = 90 euros total 810 euros. I do get shocked and then swallow once. Respond “wow, that’s quite a bill”. Savana responds “I heard someone say, cool, I want that and regarding the price we’ll see afterward and now you want to scrimp, right? Looks at me very intensely I respond “well, didn’t expect it to be so expensive so must have to use a pin to pay that amount”.

She starts to smile and says “okay, since I like you, I would like to give you another opportunity to meet the amount”. I ask her “what might that be?”. “You do exactly what I tell you to do, don’t tolerate any contradiction, rest assured I don’t do sm”. More sex with her I do not have to think long about it and say “yes, I agree, at least I do not have to leave my house”. “Good agreed come with me to the living room put your laptop on there”. We get up and walk to the living room where I turn on my laptop. Hear Savana say “come we sit on the couch together first and you go to this site”. We sit down and know that the site she refers me to only shows porn movies. When I get to the site she tells me to go to the shemale category. She chooses a movie that is being played, it is a trio of men, women and it lasts 20 minutes. First, the man gets a nice blowjob and is fingered by the two beautiful ladies. This makes my cock tighten in my pants and I feel Savana’s hand on it for a moment.

The movie changes scenes and suddenly the man is on his hands and knees. One of the women is sitting in front of him only she is not offering her pussy to him but a real cock. The other woman is behind him with one hand she pulls him off and the other she fingers him anally with three fingers. Even though the hand of Savana has disappeared, I find this scene very horny, even when the sucked woman/man comes in the mouth of the man. The man also ejaculates again and gets sprayed full in his face. The scene changes again, the man is still in the same position, but he is sucking the other woman a while later he is also fucked by the woman he sucked off before. I don’t know what causes it but it’s so hot in front of my eyes.

Again I feel Savana’s hand rubbing my crotch. We look at each other, she says “that is very horny to see something completely different again”. I say but also ask “yes, it is very horny to watch but strange a woman with a real dick, but where do you want to go?”. At the moment that both men/women cum Savana puts the movie on pause. She hasn’t answered my question yet again she looks horny. She gets up and stands right next to me with her crotch close to my head. With one move she has taken off her skirt and panties. I get hit in the face by her bigger and thicker cock which I did not expect. Hear her say “open mouth and suck”. Very amazed I open my mouth and Savana grabs my head and guides her cock in my mouth.

Where I start automatically sucking and licking. In my head I am in a fight with myself, I do not want this but the other side wants it badly and that is winning. I hear Savana say again “come on you can suck better or do you want to pay the full amount”. Did not expect this at all Savana would have a real cock and it is now in my mouth. But listen to her completely and start sucking her as good as I can. To which she responds “see, you can suck pretty good after all, you do it very nice horny pipe slut”. It excites me too and I hear Savana moaning, which makes my heterosexual feelings disappear completely and I surrender to other feelings that are still unknown to me. I blow with abandon and taste her pre-cum which doesn’t even taste bad.

My cock is squeezing my pants considerably I am very horny and Savana is also enjoying herself immensely. Feel her grip tighten hear her irregularly begin to moan and groan. What happens next seemed like a nightmare before. Feel her cock swell in my mouth and know very clearly what is about to happen. Hear her say hornily “oh yes, oh yes, I am going to cum, you are going to taste and swallow my seed”. Right after that, her first jet squirts into the back of my throat and because she has me firmly held, I have to swallow it. Just having swallowed her first jet the next one follows. Five thick and powerful jets are sprayed into my mouth and I swallow them all quickly. Of course I taste the salty taste of her seed which again starts to taste strangely delicious. After which I start sucking on her cock, trying to suck out as much seed as possible. To which Savana responds “yes, horny blowjob slut suck it dry, keep going you do it so very nice”.

She makes me even hornier and keeps sucking until no more comes out. She then lets go of my head and takes her still stiff cock out of my mouth. To which I then respond “wow, I didn’t expect that, that was extremely horny and so delicious”. She smiles very horny and says “yes, you were very good but we are not done yet”. She pulls me out of the chair so I have to stand. She leads me to the massage table thereby the table she says “good, now take off your pants and underpants and lie on your stomach on the massage table”. She seems to say it hypnotically because completely automatically I do what I am told. When I am lying properly for her, she takes the bottle of massage oil and sprays it between my buttocks and my rectum. For me it is very clear I will be fucked by her and that thought gives me very horny shivers.

She also lubricates her cock with massage oil after which she puts the bottle away. Then I feel my buttocks being pulled apart and shortly after that her glans is pushing against my starlet. She hurts me a little when she stretches my ass with her cock. But once it’s in, the pain gets significantly less and I can feel her cock coming deeper and deeper into me. When Savana is completely inside me she asks “and nice horny boy, do you like it so a cock in your hole? To which I reply “hmmmm, it feels strange but very nice never expected this to ever happen to me”. She responds with pride “I’m very glad you like it and now I’m going to fuck you like a real slut”. Savana first starts to fuck me quietly, but when she notices that I like it right away her pace goes up immediately.

She makes sure that her penis doesn’t come out yet. My god, this is much more delicious than I had expected and luckily Savana has tackled it like this because if she would have just asked I would have said no for sure. Her cock goes blissfully back and forth in my hole and gets hornier and hornier. “ohhh, yaa, hmmm, I’m your horny slut, hmmmm, oehhhh, yaaa, fuck me with that delicious cock I’m yours horny Savana” she hears me say hornily. Savana then takes her cock all the way out of my hole and then rams it all the way into me in one go. She goes on like that for a while and makes me cum tremendously blissfully. She goes on undisturbed and brings me further and further into seventh heaven. She also enjoys enormously how her slut enjoys it for the first time.

I completely lost track of time and have no idea how long she fucks me so deliciously. She brings me completely out of this world and makes me cum again very blissfully. The last thing I experience is that Savana fills my hole with her seed and then it turns black before my eyes. When I wake up I lie naked on the couch and notice that Savana is no longer there. She has also taken her things with her and now sees that it is the middle of the night. Do see a bill lying on my coffee table. I grab it and start reading. Dear Peter, you kept your word and did exactly what I said with that you paid in kind. You were very wonderful and I’m glad I could deflower you. After you and I finished for the last time you fell asleep very sweetly. I then laid you down on the couch and dressed myself again and wrote this letter for you.

Hereby I will let you know if you want to do this more often, you will know very well how to reach me and have a feeling that you will do that which I also look forward to. Now I really have to go and will already say until next time and the times after that. Greetings and kisses your horny masseur Savana. PS. Then you will definitely want to pay in kind again ;-).

I am very happy and will definitely get such a nice horny massage from Savana much more often and of course, pay with sex. When I do get up and walk to my bedroom, my ass burns nicely. There I crawl into my bed and go to sleep very satisfied and have a nice quiet Sunday. Of course I still have contact with Savana that day and I thank her for the wonderful new and horny experience. She also lets me know that not everyone knows what she is and wants to keep it that way. She gets a confirmation from me that this will remain our secret. She is very happy with that and will give me many horny erotic massages.

Thanks Peter and Savana. BTW super pictures. 🥰 I could not leave her alone for a day. My god, how beautiful she is.