Okay, ladyboy Arianna visits the masseur. This lady has a ladyboy lover and invites Arianna, photo above, to her home. Before she knows it, she is tied up.

What a lovely day it is. Nice to go to the sauna, and as always it makes me a bit horny to see all those naked people. I am alone and have far too much time to fantasize. Fortunately, you can also go into the water and if it gets really crazy there is nothing else to do, the cold plunge pool.

At 16.00 I have an appointment for a massage. As it has been a long time, I go for it. A massage of one hour. I hope for a pleasant person to perform the massage. Preferably a beautiful lady but I try not to think about that.

I am waiting and am picked up by a slightly older lady of around 40. I am a trans person and men are sometimes so pushy. I am 28 myself, so I think that is fine. She is friendly and looks a bit naughty. She indicates that I can take place on my belly. I lie down and she puts a towel around my waist. She asks if I have any problems. No, you can go ahead, I say. She smiles and tells me I can enjoy myself. She lubricates me with warm oil and starts massaging me. First arms and shoulders. Then my legs and then she takes away the towel. She continues massaging me, and now it’s my butt’s turn. Sometimes she seems to come between my bottom, but I imagine that. The idea makes me horny, but I try not to think about it. Turn around, she says. I turn around and she looks at me smiling. Then she looks down and laughs even harder. Well, you’re having a good time, she says, looking at my now hard genitals. You are not the first, she says. Lie back and I will continue as if nothing had happened. She puts a towel over my hard body and continues the massage. Suddenly, she accidentally touches my nipple with a nail. I groan, I like that so much. Sorry, she says. It doesn’t matter, I say. She mumbles something and I think I hear “I thought so”.

I lie still and she continues her massage. Then my towel is removed and my genitals have shrunk again. That’s a pity, she says. Did I hear that right, I think. Then she starts massaging my legs and stomach. I guess I didn’t hear it right. I am lying there enjoying myself. She lets some warm oil run on my lower abdomen. Are you still lying comfortably, she asks. Yes, delicious. I feel very relaxed, I say. At that moment, she grabs my little balls with one hand and my genitals with her other. I have the idea that you don’t find this a problem, she says. I sigh and moan deeply. She confesses that she has never held a woman with balls and breasts in her hands. Go on, I say softly. She lubricates my genitals with oil and very slowly and with long strokes she starts to pull me. Her other hand slips down a little and she starts massaging my little star. Because of the oil she slides a bit inside me.

She jerks me off deliciously while slowly and carefully fingering me. Yeah, how horny, I can only say. All the built-up lust comes to the surface now. I want to touch her but she pushes my hands away. Enjoy, let me do the work. She pulls me very slowly, doesn’t want to go too fast. Then I can’t hold on any longer. I am going to cum, I moan. Give me a good blowjob, she says. The moment I squirt, she puts her mouth on my head and sucks me dry. I feel my ass contract around her finger. What a delight. When I have come to, she says that unfortunately, time is up. It was very good, I say. If you want more, let me know and she gives me a card. On the back is my private number. I have a surprise for you…

The next day I email her. She responds almost immediately. She asks me if I had any problems with my fingers. Enthusiastically I say no. That’s good, she says. I ask her if she has time in the afternoon for a glass of wine and immediately I say that I am very curious about the surprise.

She opens the door in a black dress and heels. She looks lovely. We walk in and without asking, she pours a glass of wine. We drink and chat and then that silence comes. She looks at me and walks towards me. She kisses me and immediately grabs my crotch. We kiss for a while. Then she grabs my hands from behind and pulls me on my back. I am startled, I resist. She looks at me, she says, don’t be scared, Arianna. This is Valerie, my girlfriend. And today you are ours and we are going to let you enjoy yourself.

They take me to the bedroom on the main floor. Here we kiss and our hands are searching. The ladies take off my shirt. Then the ladies look at each other. She tells me to let it happen. Before I realize it, my hands are tied. Then the ladies take off my trousers and panties. Valerie sinks down, kisses my lower belly and then my genitals. She takes it gently into her mouth and starts sucking me while Nadia, the other woman’s name, starts undressing. I can’t see everything because Valerie is in front of me. Then Nadia climbs on my breasts. Valerie is still sucking me and takes my nipples in her hands. I open my eyes and see Nadia sitting on my chest. Her lovely big breasts and then I look down. Open your mouth, Nadia says sternly. She has a sexual organ, quite a big one. I hesitate, scared.

Valerie pinches my nipples. I groan and open my mouth. Nadia knew this was coming, so she immediately pushes her half-hard dick into my mouth. I can’t help but suck and actually I find it delicious and horny. Valerie sucks me but is careful not to make me come. She massages my ass and every now and then she pushes a finger into my ass. She uses enough lube and by now 2 fingers go in without any problems. Time to change, says Nadia. I look surprised. Valerie comes and sits on my mouth and pushes her wet pussy into my face. I lick her with abandon. Meanwhile, Nadia grabs my ankles and pushes my legs to the side and up. Valerie grabs my legs.

Then I feel something against my ass. The moment Valerie pushes her whole pussy towards my face, Nadia pushes her hard genitals inside me. A mixture of pain and pleasure overwhelms me. Valerie gives me some space again and carefully Nadia starts to take me. Then Valerie turns around. She now sucks me while Nadia takes me a little harder and harder. I see Valerie’s pussy. She is soaking wet. I am being taken really hard by now and it is so horny. Then Nadia says she is going to fill her slut and at that moment I feel my ass being filled. I can’t keep this up, and now I’m squirting Valerie’s mouth full as well. Nadia gets out of me and lets me recover for a while. How did you like the surprise, she asks, when both ladies are lying on one side of me…