This story is about a boy who meets his new neighbours. They also have a pretty daughter, but she has something special. The girl in the picture is Hera. A 28-year-old beautiful Transgirl.

A few weeks ago, some new neighbors have arrived. When we found a note in the mail inviting us to a housewarming party, we immediately accepted. They are nice people and the daughter is super nice. Of course, she is three years older than I am, but still. On Wednesday, I had the place all to myself. The sun was shining brightly and I decided to do some sunbathing. I had just taken a bath and shaved nice and smooth. Now I decided to get naked in the garden.

That is no problem because our garden is bordered on two sides by wooden fences and the back by pines. I walked naked to the garden shed, where I looked for the best sunbed. While I was walking backwards with the sofa I suddenly heard: “hello, you’re going to enjoy the sun too”. I didn’t expect anyone to hear me, let alone see me. Apparently, Jasleen was also in the garden. I couldn’t see her, though, and for a while I was convinced that she was just relying on her hearing. I hesitated, but then said, “Oh, well, I wanted to go and sunbathe, seems nice with the weather. Getting closer, I understood that she had seen me. I too could see her now. She was topless and had very nice firm breasts, which were evenly brown. What I found strange was that she was not wearing any shorts but one of those beach slings. The embarrassment of being seen nude was something I had sworn off years ago. From home, we often went to a nudist beach and also walked around naked as often as the weather permitted. She talked about everything and anything. It actually made me thirsty. When I asked her if she wanted some, she asked if it bothered her that she crawled between the hedge. When I said that it didn’t really bother me, it didn’t take long before she was there. While I was getting us a beer inside, she found her way to the garden house and found a deck chair there which she parked next to mine. So we lay there, enjoying the sun.

Suddenly, I felt her hand gently rub my leg. She went higher and touched my penis. She noticed that I liked the stiffening of my pleasure pole. I enjoyed it and thought of stroking her pussy and feeling her delicious juices. I gently went under her skirt with my hand. I caressed her leg and gently made my way to the middle. Suddenly I didn’t know what I was talking about. I felt, no, that’s not possible. I felt a penis. The people in the neighbourhood could not accept that I am not a boy anymore. I have not changed at all, but my breasts are beautiful”, I was stunned and immediately pulled my hand away. But she didn’t stop and gave my penis a wonderful massage. She bent down and took it in her mouth. I still speak in those terms because I have a hard time saying he and him. I was not a homosexual and yet I enjoyed this.

Would it hurt if I played with her penis a little too? I don’t think so. At my request, she undressed. A strange sight, those breasts and underneath a big penis, which was actually a size bigger than mine. This would be the first time I sucked on a penis. The first strange taste passed quickly in the horny thoughts that followed. I was enjoying this 69, perhaps more than ever before. She took the tube of sun cream and spread it on my ass. Deliciously she let a finger go between my buttocks and gently caressed my anus. The pleasure increased when she gently fingered me. Apparently, she had done this before. I enjoyed that finger so deeply inside me while I was being sucked deliciously. I felt my penis getting harder. I was about to come. It had been delicious. I would pull away just before I came, my girlfriend always made me do that. When Jasleen noticed that I wanted to jerk off she sucked even harder and wouldn’t let go. When I came she tried to swallow everything. She raised my legs and licked my bottom. She told me not to worry about what was going to happen next. I should just relax. Well, that wasn’t difficult. In the corner of my eye, I saw her hard cock. She brought it to my hole and started to thrust softly. I cramped a bit, she stopped for a moment and pushed again. Soon I felt that nice feeling again. She had actually put her penis all the way into my hole. She started to take me slowly. I felt the throbbing pole in my hole. She moaned with pleasure.

It didn’t take long for her to shoot her full load deep inside me. Because she saw that I had also become quite stiff in the meantime, she offered to take her as well. I didn’t give her a second thought. I penetrated her ass, which I was never allowed to do with my girlfriend. She visibly enjoyed it and asked me to go deeper and deeper. I couldn’t hold it in any longer, and I spurted for the second time that afternoon, this time into her hole. There we were, both our holes full of lukewarm seed. I asked her if she wanted some paper to wipe us down. But she pointed to the garden hose. I know something much nicer to freshen us up, she said. I will show you. She took the hose and carefully put it in her hole. She opened the tap and all that water disappeared deep inside her. After closing the tap, she pulled the hose back. I looked but no water followed. She crouched down on the grass as if to defecate. She pushed and I saw a firm jet of water spurt out of her hole. I followed her example several times afterwards. Although there was a little poo along now and then, after four sprays we were all clean and ready to do what we were doing in the garden: sunbathing.