I am Gaston, 38 years old, I have a good job and I live in a spacious 3-room flat overlooking a lawn with some vegetation. A few years ago, I regularly saw a transgender girl of about 18 years old with wild hair walking around who was not at all anti-social, but who stood out because she always wore the same clothes. One day I saw her walking across the grass and after looking around for a moment she disappeared into the bushes on the side and didn’t show herself again. From then on my curiosity was piqued and I kept a close eye on her. Every evening I would see her disappearing into the bushes, and most days I would see her hanging around the neighborhood early in the morning.

Her strange behavior made me curious as to what she was doing there, and when she moved again one evening and disappeared into the bushes, I decided to follow her. Silently, I made my way through the bushes where I suddenly saw her sitting on a sleeping bag, startled and looking at me nervously. “Calm down, I have no ill intentions, but I was wondering what you were doing here,” I said in a very friendly tone as I looked at her from head to toe and noticed that despite her shabby appearance she had a cool face. I had no illusions that this transgender girl would fall for the charms of a man who, in her eyes, was an old goat.

After recovering from the shock, she told me that she had run away from her parents’ house and had been staying here for some time. After her parents’ divorce, her mother had stopped looking after her and she had gone to live with her father, who was no better and got drunk every night and took out his frustrations on her. When I asked her if she had enough to eat, she replied that she raided her savings account and lived on sausage rolls and chips, conveniently using the toilet in the snack bar where she immediately refreshed her face. “Then, how do you get around here when it rains?” I asked, and she pulled out a clear piece of plastic to hide under. After several unsuccessful approaches to night shelters, this was her only option, as she had a place to live but did not want to move back in with her father.

I was concerned about the fate of this trans girl who had to survive in these miserable conditions with the few possessions she had with her and decided to look into the possibility of getting a roof over her head. It was not healthy to live on junk food every day, and in order to provide her with a decent meal in the meantime, I promised to bring her something to eat the next evening. “Try to hold on a little longer, we’ll find a solution,” I said as I left. That night I was restless, for her story had gripped me, and as darkness fell I kept looking at the dark place where she was hiding and realised that I had not even asked her name.

After a restless night of lying awake and pondering for hours, the next morning I went to the supermarket and bought the ingredients for a nutritious meal. That evening I surprised her with roast chicken, potatoes and fresh spinach, which she enjoyed, and even included dessert, a bar of chocolate and a bottle of Coke. I had also brought breakfast for the next morning, with plenty of sandwiches, a bottle of fruit juice and a carton of milk. After the meal I kept her company for a while, gaining her trust and finding out that her name was Amanda, and when I came up to her she thanked me for the food and gave me a grateful kiss on the cheek, during which I smelled a pungent sexy odor from not having been able to wash properly for some time.

The next evening I brought her another meal and while she was enjoying it dark clouds gathered over us and a violent thunderstorm broke out. I realized that I could not leave Amanda like this and made the hard decision to take her home where she could use my spare bedroom for the time being. Besides, there was a good chance that my neighbors would regularly see me with my food bag in the bushes, and it was not out of the question that they would alert the police because of my strange behavior. Without hesitation, she picked up her sleeping bag, accepted my offer and we walked to my apartment. After grabbing a bathrobe, I immediately ushered Amanda into my bathroom, where she feast her eyes.

When she saw my bath, she asked excitedly if she could use it, so I immediately turned the tap to a comfortable temperature and filled the tub. I said she could use anything and opened a cupboard where she could choose from my wide range of bath foams in every imaginable scent and handed her a new sponge and toothbrush that I always kept in reserve. When she saw a bag of disposable razors lying around, she asked if she could use them, too, as she hadn’t shaved in a while. “Girl, you don’t have to keep asking, if you see something you can use go ahead and have a delicious time,” I said hospitably as I got the washing machine ready. “When you throw your clothes in there, all you have to do is press start and your clothes will come out spotless and fresh,” I said as she herself realised that after weeks of wearing them, her smelly clothes needed a wash too. When everything was ready, I retired discreetly and decided to see if there was anything interesting on the television.

The soundproofing between my living room and bathroom was not optimal, and while I was watching a documentary it went silent for a while, during which my imagination ran wild and I was almost certain she was shaving her pussy. A few minutes later I could hear from the bathroom the splashing sounds of Amanda having a great time in the bath as she took her time. After about three quarters of an hour I could hear the gurgling sound of the bath emptying and heard her rinse off in the shower, after which she stood up to dry off without hesitation. It was some time before she reappeared in her bathrobe, smelling deliciously of lavender. “I just took a moment to use your deodorant because I imagine you don’t like female company,” she said as she stretched out on the couch with a pillow on her back. “Don’t you have a girlfriend or do you prefer men?” she asked cheekily, adding that she had no problems with other sexual preferences. I laughed and said that I was crazy about women, but that I was currently single.

Meanwhile, the laundry programme had stopped and Amanda decided to hang her clothes on the clothesline in the bathroom. I suggested we have another drink together and poured some more. Despite her presence, looking delicious in her bathrobe with nothing underneath, I did not take advantage of the situation. The bath had obviously done her good, as she soon sat up rosy-cheeked and began yawning and dozing off. “Go and have a nice time in bed anyway, I can see you’re tired,” I said worriedly, and after she’d brushed her teeth she came back to thank me for my good care, giving me a kiss on the mouth, which I didn’t expect. “Good night darling, have a nice rest,” I said in a fatherly tone as she disappeared into the guest room. It was time for me to go to bed as well, and while I was brushing my teeth my eyes fell on her beautiful panties on the clothesline, which I ran my hand over, feeling that they were almost dry, which gave me a slight erection, after which I went to bed satisfied.

After thinking about the day I was soon asleep and had the wildest dreams about Amanda. I slept quite lightly and an hour later I heard the bedroom door open, so I turned on a night light and saw Amanda standing in the doorway. “Sorry to wake you, but after being homeless I’m not used to sleeping in a strange bed, can I come and sleep with you for a while?” she asked pleadingly. It was quite a bold step for her to take as I always slept naked and didn’t want to frighten her off, but I couldn’t refuse her as I knew she was naked underneath her robe and I was curious to see what her body looked like. When I opened the duvet, Amanda unceremoniously opened her robe, allowing me to admire her deliciously naked body, after which she crawled close to me. Seemingly not at all shocked by the fact that I was sleeping naked, she laid her head contentedly on my chest and pressed her small soft tits against me.

Slowly I felt her hand slide over my stomach, then she took my cock in her hand, which immediately became rebellious. “Darling, you shouldn’t feel at all burdened by being rewarded for my hospitality in this way, and I certainly won’t do anything against you,” I said, panting. “But you’re so sweet to me and I’m ready for some lovemaking myself,” she whispered softly as she continued to play with my cock. After this open confession, I could not stop myself and stroked her clean-shaven man-made pussy, already wet with excitement. That she was not so innocent soon became apparent when she took my cock in her mouth and began to suck it gently.

I was used to a lot of things, but I had never experienced the gentle way this honey pampered my cock in her mouth with her tongue.

“Will you please fuck me?” she asked pleadingly as we got started. I didn’t give in so easily, as I wanted to taste her pussy first. After she lay down with her legs spread in the hope that I would fuck her, I put my head between her legs and sniffed the air of her delicious pussy, still smelling of the lavender scent from the bath. As I gently pressed my tongue between her lips, I tasted the typical flavor of an aroused pussy and was unstoppable. Amanda moaned softly, only getting louder as I began to lick her clit. “Wow, keep going, that’s so delicious,” she gasped as I sensed it wouldn’t be long before she reached orgasm, but I pulled my tongue out of her pussy as I had a better way of bringing her to climax and without hesitation I pushed my cock into her pussy. Apparently she was used to something, because without any problems, I pushed my cock all the way into her soaking wet pussy and started fucking her with long strokes. Normally I could hold myself back but this trans girl unleashed something in me I had never experienced before and as I picked up the pace she started to jerk wildly and came screaming which had its effect on me too, so I pulled my cock out of her pussy and came on her stomach moaning.

We lay back and enjoyed a series of tongue kisses and I enjoyed her deliciously soft tongue. My premature ejaculation made it seem more like a quickie, and I felt burdened. “Sorry darling, I usually control myself better, but you are also so incredibly delicious,” I said embarrassed. “It doesn’t matter anyway, we both enjoyed it, but why did you leave the church before the singing?” she asked. “Because I was so excited I couldn’t control myself and didn’t have time to grab a condom because I didn’t want to get you pregnant,” I said and Amanda burst out laughing. “Hello, a smart girl is prepared for her future and I’ve been wearing an IUD for a long time,” she said with feigned indignation. “If you had told me that earlier, I would have filled you up for sure,” I whispered, but I was sure that this was not the last time we would fuck. I didn’t know if Amanda had heard my last sentence, as she had fallen into a deep sleep while I held her tightly in my arms.

When I awoke that morning, Amanda was still deep in dreamland and I silently slipped out of the bedroom to surprise her with a delicious breakfast. I hadn’t even bothered to put on a bathrobe and set the table with delicious sandwiches, a variety of meat spreads, jam and freshly squeezed orange juice. Of course, a boiled egg was also on the table, and just as I was doing that, Amanda appeared, rubbing the sleep from her eyes and wrapping her arms around me from behind. “Good morning canner, delicious sleep?” she asked as I felt her press her tits against my back and kiss me on the neck. There was no need to ask her the same as she looked radiant and rested. “What an abundance of food, I’m not that hungry either, I’m just hungry for you,” she said, looking at the breakfast table and patting my cock mischievously. After feasting, we showered together and got dressed as I had big plans for the day. In the meantime I had contacted my employer, who had no problem with me taking a week’s holiday with immediate effect.

“Where are we going?” she asked curiously as we sat in my car a little later, to which I replied that it was still a surprise. We stopped at a hairdressing salon and I pulled Amanda in, who was looking at me questioningly. “Good morning, I have an appointment for this lady,” I said, and the hairdresser took Amanda in. It was high time her wild hair got some attention, and while Amanda was still asleep, I had already made an appointment with the hairdresser who had an opening. The hairdresser offered me a cup of coffee and while I waited I flicked through some magazines with the latest gossip. After the treatment, Amanda looked gorgeous with her new haircut, and after I paid, I took her to the chemists where I showered her with a supply of toiletries including shampoo, shower gel and not forgetting deodorant. “A haircut and beauty products is way too crazy anyway, it will cost you hands full of money,” she said as she looked at me embarrassed. “Honey, don’t worry about the cost, you’ve had a rotten time and I’m happy to do it to see you happy, plus I have a well paid job so I can spare the money,” I said, and she flew around my neck and gave me a big kiss.

By this time I was getting thirsty and took her to an outdoor café where, over a drink, I reminded her once again that she had absolutely nothing to feel guilty about and that my only intention was to get her life back on track without any quid pro quo, carefully bringing up the fact that I had one more surprise up my sleeve. The last stop was a women’s clothing store that sold quality but wasn’t overpriced, because I didn’t want to embarrass Amanda, who already felt I was spoiling her outrageously. Actually, I was getting a bit fed up with Amanda wearing the same clothes all the time, so I decided she could use a few new outfits, and she happily agreed.

Her half-worn jeans and shirt were in desperate need of replacement, while her best piece of clothing, her panties, were hidden underneath her clothes.

In the clothing paradise, she feasted her eyes and I shouted at her as she couldn’t help but compare price tags. After trying on several items of clothing, she made her choice and was delighted with a couple of new shirts and a pair of tight-fitting stretch jeans that showed off her bum nicely. Of course, there were also some new socks and I gently steered her to the lingerie section where she chose some frivolous but not too whorish panties and two new bras, which she didn’t really need but which would give her confidence and support for fear that her little tits would sag. I told her carefully that she’d be doing me a great favor if she tried on a short skirt that she didn’t have to parade down the street in, just wear indoors for my pleasure. I didn’t mention that I was extremely turned on by girls in skirts, but I’m sure she realized that. To please me, she tried a few on and to my surprise, chose exactly the skirt I preferred, which gave me an instant erection. After I paid for the pile of clothes, the cashier packed everything into a couple of bags and we quickly left the shop.

“Can I cook for you tonight?” she asked as I made another quick stop at the supermarket. I let myself be surprised as Amanda picked out the ingredients and then pulled out her debit card. There was absolutely no need for her to pay, but so as not to offend her, I allowed her to pay and appreciated her good intentions. Back at home, she soon disappeared into the kitchen, denying me access, leaving me with nothing of her cooking, but the delicious aroma of a spicy meal. When she was almost finished, she retreated for a moment, then quickly reappeared and to my great delight, had put on her new skirt and turned around a few times so that I could admire her beautiful body and legs and couldn’t resist putting my hand under her skirt where I felt the soft fabric of her panties.

With a horny smile she disappeared back into the kitchen and after expressly forbidding me to help, she set the table with a few candles, put on some romantic music and brought in an abundance of dishes. She had prepared an elaborate Indian rice table, which tasted delicious and from which I concluded that she was a true kitchen princess. After the meal she got up and came and sat on my lap during which we exchanged a long tongue kiss which excited me immensely and through her legs I put my hand under her skirt and was surprised to find that during the meal under the table she had removed her panties. This trans girl could not only cook delicious food, she also knew how to seduce a man. I carefully inserted a finger into her pussy, which was already soaking wet from the pre-dinner fun, and soon she was panting as I began to finger her. It hadn’t escaped her notice that my cock was already swollen and pressing rebelliously against her thigh.

“I fancy you,” she whispered as she stood up and pulled me into the bedroom, where she helped me out of my clothes, kissed me, then took off her skirt and shirt and pulled me onto the bed. The fact that we hadn’t cleared up the remains of the meal didn’t bother me because the dining table would still be there the next morning. I realized that she had cunningly prepared everything because she wasn’t even wearing a bra, so I immediately started caressing her delicious tits and sucking her nipples which she pantingly enjoyed, and when I showered her stomach with kisses and started licking her pussy extensively she was completely unstoppable. I knew from experience that most women enjoy being rimmed as the large number of nerve endings that converge in the anus not only causes a sensation in women, but as an experienced swallower I also enjoyed it. After turning Amanda onto her stomach I began to lick her satiny soft bottom and through her buttocks I reached her perineum and beautifully shaped starlet which looked clean and which I began to lick assiduously.

I stuck to licking the outside of her opening and would never put my tongue inside, not to mention anal penetration, as I thought she was too young for that and would wait quietly for her to indicate when she was ready. Amanda moaned with pleasure and enjoyed my tongue as I pampered her, making her moan louder and bringing her to a shocking orgasm. “How delicious is this, no one has ever done this to me before,” she cried out panting. “Yes darling, you can learn a lot from me,” I shouted proudly as I skilfully turned her over again, after which it was Amanda’s turn and she began to lick my glans like it was an ice cream. Slowly she sucked my cock into her warm mouth and began to suck me just like the first time, using her tongue and driving me mad as I suppressed my orgasm.

How she had learned this technique I did not know, but she gave without doubt the best blowjob I had ever experienced and I could not believe my luck.

After a while she indicated that she wanted to feel my cock in her pussy and asked if I wanted to do her doggy style, which gave Amanda the feeling that I was penetrating her even deeper than usual. After she got down on her hands and knees, I gently pushed my cock into her soaking wet pussy, which felt even tighter than in the simple missionary position.

Holding Amanda’s thighs tightly, I let my cock slide in slowly and began to fuck her gently, as I had found that this position made me come even faster than usual. Amanda began to jerk more violently with each thrust, I could tell my cock was stimulating her G-spot, and the beautiful sight of her rocking ass made me concentrate even harder to suppress my orgasm, because this time I wanted to make sure I didn’t have a premature ejaculation. I held out longer than the first time, until Amanda suddenly started jerking and even screaming, at which point I couldn’t control myself any more and shot my load into her pussy with a groan. As we gasped afterwards, I complimented her on her blowjob technique and confessed that I had to stop myself from coming in her mouth. “Boy, I wouldn’t have minded at all and swallowed it tastefully,” she said as if it was the most normal thing in the world, whereas most women would be horrified. Amanda never ceased to amaze me, and I was curious to see what else she was capable of.

In the meantime I had developed warm feelings for Amanda and I made a firm decision by asking her to move in with me, assuring her that it was certainly not my intention to treat her as a housekeeper and that I was not only interested in sex, although I had to admit that I thought the latter was very important. She had never finished school, which made it almost impossible for her to get a job, but that was not a problem for me. I was soon content for her to do the shopping and the cooking every day, and for me to claim the kitchen as my domain at weekends. With my generous salary, we could easily make ends meet, and I gave her the freedom to do as she pleased, even allowing her to go shopping at my expense and surprise me with new outfits, especially short skirts and sexy lingerie. Amanda did not have to think twice about my proposal and enthusiastically threw herself around my neck, giving me a big bounce to show that she was as crazy about me as I was about her.

After she moved in with me, I bought Amanda a new mobile phone, as she had thrown her old one into a canal in frustration to cut off all contact with her alcoholic father and the rest of her family. She wanted to start a whole new life and of course I had already put my own mobile number on it so she could always call me or send me a horny app. We have been together for 6 years now and I have never regretted it for a second.