A fantasy story of a sheboy who dresses up as a woman, as she so desperately wants to be. A sex offender can’t control himself and abuses her. Photo is from Fabiana, who turns the tables like clockwork.

As often happens during the vacations, I had dressed up as a woman. Such a day as a woman always had something relaxing about it, a bit of lazing around on the sofa or, if the weather was good, sunbathing outside in my bikini. Other days I spent in front of the mirror trying on new clothes and beauty products.

What I had never done, however, was leave the house as a woman; I had always been a little afraid of being recognized on the street. Today I thought the time had come to put on my daring shoes and go out as a woman, it was bound to happen anyway. With my new wig – shoulder-length, slightly curly hazel brown locks – and bright red lipstick, I thought I looked quite handsome.

I put on my best outfit, a black tight short skirt and my also tight red top with underneath my black satin lingerie set The silicone fake breasts in my bra completed it all. As footwear, I chose my black latex knee bumps. I decided to go to the supermarket a little further on, I still needed a few things, so why not combine the pleasant with the useful. There were not many people on the street, not to mention nobody, I took the path between the houses, the shortest way to the supermarket that I always took, a controversial path where sometimes an old woman was robbed of her purse and last month a girl was raped.

Of course, I didn’t think about that.

Of course, I didn’t think about that, I was so used to taking that path as a man that I didn’t pay any attention to the fact that this time I was passing it as a woman. However, it quickly became clear to me when suddenly a man jumped out from behind me and dragged me into the bushes.

He quickly made it clear to me what his intentions were, with one hand he held a knife and with the other he undid his pants. “Sucking” he made clear to me in a short but powerful way. Although I had never done this before and actually had no intention of ever having sex as a woman, I simply had no choice.

I took his cock in my mouth and began to suck, suppressing a slight urge to vomit. After a minute or two his cock started to get seriously hard, he took it out of my mouth and pushed me to the floor. He pulled my skirt down, but then he saw something he didn’t see coming.

Apparently I had become a bit excited by the blowjob, so now the shape of my dick was clearly visible through my thong. Surprised, he jumped up and tried to run away, but a fraction later he changed his mind and with a grin on his face he ordered me to turn around and lie on my stomach. I turned around and not much later I felt him pull my thong aside and push his cock against my starlet.

Then he thrust his pole with full force deep inside.

Then he thrust his pole with full force deep inside, on which I cried out in pain. He then slapped me on the head, showed me his knife again and told me not to do it again. I had to grit my teeth while he spent the next few minutes pumping his cock into me like a madman, and it felt like salvation when I felt him squirt his seed into me! Felt his squirt, knowing he was done.

After he was gone, I lay there for at least another half hour, I just couldn’t get up from the pain. Luckily there were no people on my way back home, because the way I stumbled home could hardly be called feminine. Despite this bad experience, I still dress like a woman regularly, I even have sex as a woman regularly now, although it’s a bit quieter now.