This story is about my encounter with a transgirl during a vacation in Colombia. I’m bisexual and love having sex with men. I wasn’t actively looking for it, but she ended up in my arms, which was just lucky. In my opinion, a transgirl has the best of both worlds: the beautiful look of a woman, beautiful curves, and a refined body, but also a hard cock and, with any luck, a thick, big, hard cock.

Her name was Gabriela, and she was absolutely stunning. Long brown hair, a refined face, and a perfect body. I found her on a live adult site and we immediately hit it off after many naughty conversations. Anything is possible. After sending many messages, I thought it was a good idea to agree to fly to Colombia and have a cozy week during my vacation. I could tell she was reluctant, so I asked why. She struggled to say it, but eventually came out. “I’m trans,” she said.

I was really excited to hear this. I told her that was totally ok and that’s exactly what I’m interested in. We agreed to meet. I rang the doorbell at her house and she opened it. She was really beautiful. In my mind, I could already see her naked in front of me with a big hard cock. “Come in,” she said. I walked in and followed her into the living room. “Would you like a drink?” she asked. “Yes, please,” I replied, and she walked to the kitchen. I made myself comfortable and plopped down on the couch. When Gabriela came back with the drinks and put them on the table, she sat down next to me. She was close to me. “There you are,” she said. “Finally.”

Gabriela was wearing a skirt, and I could see the fabric of it lifted between her legs. She quickly put her hand on it to cover it up. At that moment, I realized that she, like me, was very horny. I put a hand on her thigh, and she lifted her hand, and the skirt immediately jumped up a little. I let my hand slide up and pushed the skirt up to the top, and there I saw first a pair of nice, bare balls and then a beautiful, hard cock emerge. I immediately felt my cock get hard. I looked at Gabriela and kissed her. She reciprocated my kiss and opened her mouth, and our tongues intertwined. “You want to fuck, bad boy?”

Meanwhile, my hand gently moved up her leg. My fingers slid over her balls, and I put my hand on her hard, thick cock. I felt a throb go through her cock, and I pressed a little harder against my hand. I closed my hand around her pole and began to knead it gently. My thumb went along the top of her glans, and I felt it was wet. I stopped kissing and brought my thumb to my mouth and licked the pre-cum off my thumb. “Let me see your cock,” she said. And looked at me with a mischievous grin. I stood up and opened my pants and lowered them. It felt great to give my cock some space.

It stood up vigorously, dripping pre-cum and feeling it throbbing because it couldn’t get any harder. Gabriela leaned forward and her face was now only a few inches away from my pole. She stuck out her tongue and licked at my glans, then took my pole in her mouth. I felt her warm mouth encircle my glans and her tongue go over my glans. She let my cock slide in, and she could totally have it. She must be used to something because my cock is not necessarily the smallest, with a length of 19 centimeters and a diameter of 5 centimeters. She started going up and down and sucking well.she started going up and down.

gabriela ll

She also licked my balls and then let her tongue go up along the shaft, making twisting motions around my glans. She took the cock back into her mouth and let it disappear all the way down her throat again. I took my cock out of her mouth and bent down and kissed her passionately. I got down on my knees in front of her, and her cock stood up hard. It was big and thick, and it was beautiful to see. I took the wet glans in my mouth and began to suck. I grabbed her balls and gently pulled on them while taking her cock all the way into my mouth. I sucked her gently and sensually, and after a few minutes, I felt an orgasm coming on. It grew thicker and harder, and immediately after, my mouth was filled with warm seed. “Don’t swallow,” she said, and grabbed my head and turned it so she was looking me straight in the eyes and kissed me on my lips. I opened my mouth and she stuck her tongue in my mouth and our tongues slid past each other into the warm seed.

We both swallowed the seed and we both stood up. She took off her skirt and said, “Come with me to the bedroom.” She walked in front of me and I followed that beautiful ass. When we got to the bedroom, she crawled on the bed on her hands and knees. She put her ass back and spread her buttocks slightly, and I saw her starlet. “I want you to fuck me hard,” she said.

She knew I liked her ass, so she put it on display. I looked up at her perfectly shaped ass and beneath it hung beautiful balls followed by a thick cock. I crawled onto the bed and sat behind her on my knees. I rubbed my cock along her starlet and then pushed the glans inside. She moaned and pushed her ass toward me, and my pole slid in. It fit like a glove—not too tight and not too loose. I started fucking her ass hard. I grabbed her by the hips and rammed my cock deep inside.

The moans got louder, and she seemed to enjoy it quite a bit. I grabbed her chest with two arms and pulled her upright. With my penis still inside her and my chest against her back, I continued to have sex with her. I grabbed her and pinched her nipples and bit her earlobe. With one hand, I went down a little further and grabbed her already hard penis. I played with her hard cock while I was also, quietly fucking her. After a few minutes, I pushed her forward and started fucking her hard again. She screamed with pleasure. I was getting on nicely, but I didn’t want to cum yet, so I slowed down a bit because cumming wasn’t hard with such a divine trans girl. She noticed and got off my pole, and I saw how her ass was open and could do nothing but kiss it. I ran my tongue along it, and she got all wild. She said, “I’m going to fuck you, lie down!”

She turned around and pushed me onto my back. I pulled my legs up and she put her hard cock on mine and kissed me. She grabbed her pole and guided it to my ass, and I felt her thick cock enter me. I relaxed as much as I could and slowly let her thick cock enter me. She filled me up completely, and soon there was a throbbing sound and a lot of moaning. Oh, she was good at fucking. I felt my orgasm coming. I told her I was about to come, and she started fucking me even harder. The orgasm that came was intense. I grabbed my cock as I started to squirt, and I squirted the warm seed all over myself.

I gave myself a facial, and I also caught a load with my mouth. I squirted hard and a lot. Gabriela pulled her cock out of my ass and came too. Her seed spurted all over me, and she was satisfied. She dropped on top of me and with her body smeared the seed all over my chest and belly. She stayed like that in my arms for about 10 minutes. “I think it’s time we cleaned up,” she said. We had many more adventures together, but that’s for another time.