Hi, my name is Anita. I was born a man and now a trans woman. I lived in the Philippines but met an Austrian man, Gerhard, through a trans website. Gerhard had a special mind of love for me. I visited him and then I became his slave. The photo is me.

Uhh, how needful I am – need to ejaculate. But with a chastity cage on, I can forget about it. I just can’t – because the urge is so strong. Tomorrow will be four weeks since I was last with the man who has me as his trans-wife or slave. At irregular intervals, he has sent me both text messages and emails. Each time, for various reasons, he has postponed our next meeting. But at the same time, he had written that he longed to see me so that he could use me to satisfy his sexual desires. Nor did he miss the opportunity to remind me that he took pleasure in the fact that I wore a chastity cage and thus could not ejaculate. The man’s name is Gerhard. He is incredibly dominant and demands that I be unconditionally obedient. I generally am, but I am regularly whipped and spanked as part of his upbringing of me.

There is no doubt, however, that he does it mostly because he enjoys spanking me and thereby proving that he has the right to do so. He does, after all. I must also admit that both a whipping and the constant risk of being whipped have a tremendous educational effect on me. I use the name Anita myself. I was naturally born a Filipino man and lived as a man for a long time. I made the transition to woman, I like to dress and appear like a woman. And so there is something in me that enjoys submitting to a man, to a dominant man who uses me to satisfy his sexual desires. I also enjoy being used. Sucking on a nice stiff cock is incredibly delicious, and it can make my body shake uncontrollably when I’m being fucked or when I’m being played with a dildo and he’s firmly gripping my breasts and taking them anally. I also spend a lot of time on my appearance before each encounter with nice clothes and makeup.

We got in touch through a trans website while I was thinking about Gerard’s short profile text, which read, “Male, 35 looking for an obedient trans woman to satisfy my sexual desires.” I wrote him the following: “I am a 32-year-old trans woman looking for a dominant man. I am generally obedient, but I agree that you have the right to raise me so that I learn to satisfy you as you wish.” Gerard quickly answered with a series of questions about my experience as a slave. When I had answered them, he wrote that he would like to see me at his home. We agreed on a date. Because things were moving so quickly, I had insisted that we begin our first meeting with a conversation to clarify what our relationship should be like. Gerard had agreed, even though he didn’t think it was necessary, even though he wrote, “It’s very simple. You just have to obey.” Gerard was an incredibly attractive man.

You must be Anita! My beautiful trans woman

He was about 190 cm tall, slim and muscular with short-cut blond hair and clean-shaven. I myself am only 170 cm, slim, almost slender in build and weigh only about 55 kg. For our first meeting, I wore a black bra with silicone prostheses in C size, tiny black panties that barely held my lower body and trans-clit in place. A slim black garter belt and black nylon stockings. On the outside, I wore a yellow dress that was tight around my body and had a wide skirt that reached just above my knees. On my feet, black shoes with 10 cm high very thin stiletto heels. And on my head a half-blond long-haired wig. I had been very careful with my makeup. Of course, I had a small bag with a shoulder strap with my cigarettes and some makeup. As soon as I parked my car in the driveway of Gerard’s house, the front door opened. That’s when I saw my first glimpse of Gerard. Oh, my heart pounded as I got out of the car and walked to the front door. Gerard said, “You must be Anita! My beautiful trans woman”. I replied, “Yes, I am. And you must be Gerard.” Gerard replied, “Yes, I am. Come on in.” Gerard turned and went inside. I followed and closed the entrance door behind me. We walked down a hallway to a large living room. Gerard immediately sat down in an armchair and said, “Turn around a few times.” I still thought about that seeing “my beautiful trans-woman”. It’s our first encounter, does it happen so fast?

I did. Then Gerard said, “Take off your dress and stand on the box, my sexy trans woman.” At the same time, he pointed to a box that stood in the middle of the living room. I put my bag on an armchair and obediently took off my dress and laid it neatly over the back of the armchair. Then I stood on the box, facing Gerard. There was silence for a moment. Then Gerard said, “Turn around a few times.” Again I obeyed and turned around.” When I had turned around a few times, Gerard said, “You have a nice body and you look nice as a trans woman. If you are good at sucking and are unconditionally obedient, I think I can train you to be a good trans woman as a slave for me. But you insisted that we talk a little. It’s actually very simple. You just have to be unconditionally obedient and accept my training of you. It will be a mix of humiliation, whipping and spanking if necessary. Living together is unconditionally about satisfying my sexual desires, and about you making life enjoyable for me when you are with me.

Trans woman ans slave

You have no rights, I repeat no rights, and you should not expect me to take your desires into account and you should not expect to be sexually satisfied. Let me hear what you have to say.” Gerard had taken me totally by surprise. I had expected us to sit and talk about our future relationship. Instead, I was now standing on a box about six feet tall with only my underwear on and being watched intently. I felt the humiliation and hardly knew what to say. But I pulled myself together and said, “We have written to each other very little. But I am looking for a dominant man who will use me primarily to satisfy his sexual desires, and whom I can otherwise warm up to please. I understand that I should not expect mutual satisfaction of my sexual desires. I understand that. What is important to me is that you are satisfied. I get great inner almost sexual satisfaction from feeling that the man likes me – and uses me, and of course, I will suck you and let you fuck me as you like. It also suits me that I should not expect my sexual desires to be physically satisfied. I become quite jaded after ejaculation – and to be honest, I lose the desire to be a slave after ejaculation.” Gerard said, “How do you like to be whipped and spanked?

You must also be prepared to be tied up, and much of the time with me, you will be wearing different kinds of chains. You must be prepared for it not to be all sex and pleasure. You will probably discover that being my slave and a trans woman is not just pleasure.” I replied, “I don’t like pain. The relationship should not have the character that its essence is to cause me pain. But it is clear that you have the right to bring me up and to use whips and spankings in your education so that I learn to behave and serve you as you wish. Bondage and chains I like. I almost get excited about being tied up and having no physical influence on how you use me.” Gerard said, “That sounds good. I won’t hide the fact that you get spanked from time to time just because I feel like it. I’m already looking forward to your buttocks turning red. But of course, I will take into account how you react. If you have nothing more to ask, then I will ask you, in short, if you want to remain my slave.” Again I was taken aback.

This was not at all how I had imagined the first conversation about our future relationship. But then I thought, “I’ll say yes. I can always regret it and write him that I am leaving.” So I replied, “I want to be your slave.” Gerard said, “I’m glad. There is one more thing you must accept. There will be no stopping word. In return, I promise to pay close attention to your reactions. I absolutely do not want anything to happen to you.” I replied, “I agree. I have had a short-lived relationship in the past where I had a stop word. I have to admit that I used it several times. Each time, it was like I regretted it, because it ruined the relationship because it gave me a power I didn’t want. But on the other hand, you should know that if you are too violent – especially with hitting me, I will end the relationship.”

Gerard replied, “I have the same attitude toward the use of stop words. It’s something that can be used in an S&M clinic – not in a relationship I want us to develop. Now you can step off the box. Then you go to the kitchen and get the tray with the thermos. On the kitchen table are also a pair of wrist cuffs and a pair of ankle cuffs and a pair of small padlocks. You put on the handcuffs and close them with the padlocks.” When I had come out of the box, I turned to Gerard and snarled at him. It wasn’t planned, but a sudden impulse. It also felt right to show Gerard that respect. After all, he would have great power over me. Then I went to the kitchen. When I entered the living room, I saw the kitchen through an open door. On the counter was a tray with a thermos, two coffee mugs, a bottle of port, and two glasses.

The cuffs were made of strong leather with buckles

Next to it were the cuffs. Both sets had short chains from one cuff to the other. The cuffs were made of strong leather with buckles. I fastened the ankle cuffs first and clicked the padlocks into place. The chain between the cuffs was only about 25 cm long, so I ended up walking with very short strides. Then I put the wrist cuffs on my wrists and clicked the padlocks into place. The chain between the cuffs was also short. When I tried to hold my wrists to my waist, the chain was completely stuck. I looked carefully at the kitchen table, but there were no keys for the padlocks. Now I had already given Gerard more power over me. It felt good. I took the tray and walked with short strides into the living room and set the tray on the coffee table. Gerard had moved from the armchair to the sofa. He said, “Put both cups and glasses on the table and pour the coffee and port.

Then sit down next to me.” Of course, I did. Gerard immediately said, “Come closer so I can touch you.” Soon after, Gerard put a hand on one of my thighs and let his hand slide from my knee all the way up to my crotch and back a few times. I loved his touch, but it still felt humiliating. Not the touching itself, but the fact that he was just doing it – that he had the right to do it. Soon after, he put a hand on my shoulder and turned me around so that my chest was pressed against his. And then he kissed me. Very gently at first. My heart pounded. His lips were soft and gentle against mine. Then he pressed his tongue between my lips. I felt my body tingle. Our tongues met and began to play with each other.

At the same time, Gerard put an arm around my back and pressed me against him. It was incredibly delicious. It almost made me dizzy. It lasted a long time – I had never been kissed so long and so intensely. At the same time, I was pressed tightly against Gerard in a delicious way. The chain between the wrist cuffs meant that I couldn’t use my hands at all. I had such a desire to put them around Gerard’s neck and hug him, but there was no question of that. Then Gerard broke the kiss and said, “Uhm, that was fun. Sit down and let’s have coffee and sip port. We did. Gerard said, “Now you are my slave. Welcome to a new life – a very different life.” I said, “Thank you, Gerard. Uhm, it was great when you kissed me. It made my whole body tingle. And yes, I have no doubt that my life will be different. I’m incredibly excited.”

After we sipped our coffee and port, Gerard said, “Get my cigarettes. They’re over there on the shelf.” At the same time, he pointed. Obediently, I stood up. Gerard walked over to the bookcase and said, “I don’t know if you’re a smoker, too. If you are, you can smoke.” I took his cigarettes and a lighter from the shelf and replied, “I’m a smoker.” On the way back to the sofa, I grabbed my bag from the armchair. I gave Gerard his cigarettes and lighter. Then I opened my bag and took out my own cigarettes. Gerard lit a cigarette and politely lit it for me. I took a long gulp and blew out the smoke in a thin plume. At this point, I was enjoying it to the fullest. Even though I was only wearing underwear, it felt good to be sitting next to a handsome, dominant man. Suddenly, Gerard blew smoke right into my head. Reflexively, I waved the smoke away with a hand. Immediately, Gerard turned around and gave me a stinging slap. He looked at me angrily and almost snarled, “Don’t you dare wave that smoke in my face again.

You’re just a slave. You’ll just have to put up with the unpleasantness I’ve caused you.” “I’m sorry,” I said. It was pure reflex. I won’t do that again, because you have the right. Gerard took a long drag from his cigarette and blew the smoke back into my face. This time I just sat still and let it happen. It was uncomfortable. Gerard said, “That’s better. I hope you are as easy to raise in the future.” A little while later we were done smoking and drinking the coffee and port. Then Gerard said, “On the shelf where you have my cigarettes, there is a box. Take it.” I immediately stood up and with short strides on my stilettos, tripped over the box. Gerard had sat down in an armchair. He said, “Take off your panties and stand between my legs.” Gerard held out his hand and I handed him the box.

I took off my panties. It immediately felt humiliating

Obediently, I took off my panties. It immediately felt humiliating, standing between Gerard’s spread legs with a half-stiff cock. But I was fully aware that I had to put up with it. Gerard said, “Now you are going to wear a chastity cage. It will effectively prevent you from getting an erection. A slave like you is not supposed to walk around with a stiff cock. With the chastity cage on, you won’t get an erection or ejaculation. Then you really only have a pee. Now all you have to do is standstill.” Unabashedly, Gerard pushed my scrotum with his testicles through a steel ring. Then he pushed my cock through the ring as well, straightening it a bit so it was right at the root. Soon after, he smeared some lube on a small steel sheath and slowly slid it over my cock. It took a while, but my cock disappeared into the sleeve. Then Gerard pressed the sleeve together with the ring and inserted a small locking pin into the joint.

I looked down at my crotch. The sleeve was not very large – only a few inches. The outer part of my cock was in the holster. The rest was pushed back. I immediately felt a mixture of humiliation and excitement. I had seen pictures of chastity cages, but I had never worn one. My cock had all but disappeared. I could feel it. It tried to grow, but I soon realized it was useless. Gerard looked up at me with a smile and said, “That’s it. A slave like you shouldn’t come. Women don’t ejaculate, either. It’s reserved for men to ejaculate. And I’m the only man in this house, so I’m the only one who ejaculates. And you can rest assured. You won’t run out of sperm. All the sperm I can produce, you will have. My sperm belongs in you. Until we fully trust each other and agree, I will use the preservative when I fuck you. But the semen will be emptied from the condom into your mouth. Often I will ejaculate directly in your mouth, or on you.” I replied, “Wow, that’s really tight. I can see and feel that I won’t be able to get an erection or ejaculation.

But I don’t want that when we are together. It’s a strange feeling, wearing a chastity cage like that. I’ve never experienced it before. But it’s also a naughty feeling. And – well, also rather humiliating. ” Gerard said, “You’ll get used to wearing the chastity cage. But now I want you to lie across my thighs. It’s time you took a spanking so you really feel I’m the boss.” Obediently, I lay down on his thighs. “Are you spanking hard?” I asked. Gerard replied, “You’ll find out. But I promise you, your buttocks will turn red.” Then I felt Gerard’s hand press the top of my back. The other caressed my buttocks. And then I got the first slap. It made me gasp. But I had no time to recover. The first was followed by one slap after another. It stung, but I bit into it. I had to show Gerard that I could take a beating.

But Gerard persisted. The blows came alternately on one side and the other of my buttocks. Now it didn’t sting anymore. Now it began to hurt, and gradually my moans grew into little painful bursts. And then I started wiggling my legs. This resulted in Gerard pulling one of his legs away so that I was only sitting on one of his thighs. With his free leg, he squeezed my legs tightly. Now I couldn’t move at all. And the beating continued. I started moaning and screaming, “Stop, no more.” Gerard stopped and said, “Who decides how much spanking you get?” Almost tearfully, I replied, “You do.” Gerard said, “I’m glad you’re aware of that. Then I guess we agree that I may continue to spank you?” As I continued to weep, I replied, “Yes, Gerard. You may continue.”

Gerard said, “You might even ask me to continue beating you?” Oh, how cruel. No, I wanted to say, but I knew very well what the right answer was, so I said, “Yes, Gerard. I’m asking you to keep hitting me until you think I’ve had enough.” Uhh, what a terrible thing to say. My buttocks felt like they were on fire. Then Gerard continued to spank my now incredibly sore buttocks and I squealed in pain. Suddenly, Gerard stopped and pushed me, causing me to fall to the floor. Vaguely I heard Gerard say, “You did a good job. And I’m glad you asked me to keep going. Because, of course, I’m the boss. Now you can stop whining. Get on your knees and get my cock out. Now it’s time for you to show me if you’re a good cocksucker.”

Slowly I got down on my knees

Slowly I got down on my knees. How my buttocks hurt. I tried to rub them with my hands, but because of the chain between the cuffs, I could only vaguely get a hand on my buttocks, but that didn’t matter either, because just my fingertips on my buttocks, increased the pain. Slowly I crawled between Gerard’s spread legs. Gerard was leaning back in the armchair. I looked up at his face. He was smiling. I said, “Uhh, my bottom hurts. That was a tough one, but I’ll give you credit.” Gerard replied, “Now I have an idea how you react to being spanked. But you can prepare yourself for me to slowly push your limits. You’ll see, there will come a time when you’ll enjoy being spanked and even ask me to spank you. Uhm, it will be nice to have moved you this far.”

I had unbuckled Gerard’s belt and opened his leg clothes. Gerard lifted his buttocks as I pulled his leg warmers around his buttocks. Then I pulled down his underpants. I could already see a strong bulge of his cock. Again, Gerard lifted his buttocks. As I pulled down his underpants around his thighs, his stiff cock came out. It almost panted inside me. Gerard’s cock was almost a sight to behold. Impulsively, I exclaimed: “What a delicious cock you have, Gerard. It’s big.” I smiled at Gerard, who smiled back and replied, “I’m pretty pleased with it, too. And it will probably get bigger once it’s in your mouth.” Then I almost stared at Gerard’s cock, and almost automatically I brought my hands to it and clasped it. It was nice to touch. Soft and a little stiff at the same time. I knew immediately that Gerard was right.

His cock wasn’t quite stiff yet. My head slid down to his cock. It was not a conscious act. His cock seemed almost hypnotic to me. Then I pressed my red lips against the glans and let my tongue stroke the tip. I immediately felt a tingle in his cock. Slowly I opened my mouth and let his cock enter my mouth, gently pressing my lips against it. Thank fate, how delicious that was. At the same time I felt my own cock twitch – oh my pee-pee. Felt it pressing against the cage of chastity. It was a strange sensation. I was very sexually aroused, but didn’t get a hard-on at all like I used to get when I blew a man. So I concentrated on Gerard’s cock. After all, that was what I was supposed to be doing.

Even when I had Gerard’s cock as far into my mouth as I could, I was still able to keep one hand on the shaft. Uhm, how I enjoyed it. Gerard clearly did too, judging by the satisfied sounds he was making. Then I started moving my head back and forth with my lips gently pressed around his cock. At the same time, I let my tongue tease the underside of his cock, and when the cock was just inside my mouth, I let my tongue circle around the head and tip of his cock. I took my time. Back and forth. Gentle massaging motions with my hand on the cock shaft. The other hand gently caressed his scrotum. Then I let his cock come all the way out of my mouth. Then I kissed and licked the underside of his cock. And then I took his cock back into my mouth. I sucked on it. Massaged it with my hand.

Gerard moaned loudly in pleasure. Then I felt Gerard’s one hand on my neck. He squeezed, and his cock slid deeper and deeper into my mouth. Deeper than I would have gone myself. Now I was getting a hard-on. His cock hit my uvula, slid past it and blocked my windpipe so I couldn’t breathe. But Gerard was pressing against my neck. His cock was now so far in that I could no longer hold the shaft of his cock with my hand, but only with a few fingers. Finally – finally, Gerard eased the pressure against my neck, and I pulled my head back and gasped. It repeated itself several times. It wasn’t fun when his cock slid in so deeply, but it was clear that Gerard was enjoying it. Then Gerard let go of my neck and I could suck and lick his cock again without choking, and I did, and how I enjoyed it. Gerard’s cock was incredibly delicious. Gerard seemed to be enjoying it too.

Suddenly I felt his hand press against my forehead. I pulled my head back. His cock slipped out of my mouth. Gerard grabbed his cock and massaged it. It was a very small distance from my head. I opened my mouth wide. I don’t think it took Gerard long to cum. That’s right. Simultaneously with a roar from Gerard, cum spurted out of his cock and directly into my open mouth. The next spurt hit my cheek. It was fascinating to watch the cum squirt out of his cock. Two more spurts of cum spurted out of his cock. Gerard had pulled his hand away from my forehead, so I moved my head with my open mouth close to his cock, trying to get the cum into my mouth. I felt like my mouth was almost full of cum. Then Gerard almost collapsed. His arms were hanging limp. I closed my mouth around the tip of his cock and sucked the last of the cum into my mouth.

Then I started playing with the cum with my mouth open. My tongue moved the cum around so I could really taste it. It was delicious. Oh, how I enjoyed it. At the same time, I felt my pee-pee protesting again against the confinement. But how wonderful it was almost to have my mouth full of cum. I rubbed a finger of cum from my cheek into my mouth and licked the finger clean. Bit by bit the cum had mixed with the mouthwash, and then I swallowed it all. Smiling, I looked up at Gerard, who smiled back. Then I said, “How you cum. That was so good. Now your cum is in me where it belongs. Did you like that? Gerard took a deep breath, then said, “Yes, it was delicious. You were approved as an asshole. And how you played with the cum at the end. It almost seemed like you enjoyed it.” I replied, “Me too. It was really delicious.” Then Gerard said, “Take our cigarettes.” I got up and grabbed them from the coffee table. I also brought an ashtray.

When I returned, Gerard said, “Sit on my lap and press yourself against me.” I did, but I felt my buttocks hurt. Then we each lit a cigarette. When we had smoked a little, Gerard said, “That was really good. You really are a good cock sucker. And I’m glad you so obviously enjoyed my cum in your mouth. I can promise you that you will get plenty of cum in the future.” I replied, “It sounds like you have decided that you want me as your slave. I’m glad you did, because I’ll look forward to when you cum in me again. That was so much fun. But how to cum myself, but that will have to wait until I get home.” A little later Gerard said, “I need to rest a little and regain my strength. Get up.” Gerard got up too. He went to the bookcase. When he returned, he had an anal hook in his hand. He said, “Bend over so I can push this hook into you. I immediately obeyed. Gerard slowly pressed the ball of the anal hook against my hole, which slowly expanded.

And then the ball slid in. Then Gerard pulled me to a corner of the living room. I saw a rope hanging from a heavy hook in the ceiling. Gerard threaded the rope through the eye of the anal hook and pulled it up so that the heels of my stilettos were just touching the ground. Then he put the rope around my elbows behind my back and tightened it so that the chain between the cuffs was pressed against my chest. Then Gerard said, “Turn around so you’re looking into the corner.” I did. “Now that you’re in a good position,” Gerard said, “I want to relax a little. Now don’t go anywhere.” Then he gave me a slap on each of my already sore buttocks. I heard Gerard turn on the removal screen. A moment later I could smell him smoking. I just stood still and looked straight into the corner. There was nothing I could do. Yes, that’s what it was like to be a slave.

Suddenly I heard Gerard say, “Nice to see you. Your buttocks are so beautifully red. How wonderful that I can just put you in a corner until I need you again. I’m sure it’s boring for you, but you’ll have to live with it. You can’t suck all the time. But keep your spirits up, I’m sure you’ll get another dick before I let you drive home. I need to fuck you. Maybe I’ll whip you a little first. That’ll get my dick in power. Do you like being in the corner? I replied, “It’s boring and tiring to stand completely still. But I can’t do anything else. Fortunately, I still have some of the taste of your cum left.” Gerard said, “I had prepared you for the fact that it won’t be fun for you all the time. But you’re only a slave, so it doesn’t matter if you don’t feel good.” Then there was silence – well, except for the television. The taste of Gerard’s cum had completely disappeared.

Not only was it boring to be so still all the time. It was also getting tiring. But I couldn’t help it. I slipped into myself, as it were, and didn’t really notice anything. That’s why it occurred to me, and I let out a startled sound when I suddenly felt an arm around me. However, I immediately realized that it was Gerard, who had come up to me without me hearing him and put an arm around me. Slowly Gerard turned me around so that I was facing him. He held a glass of water to my mouth. “Drink and rinse your mouth,” he said. I took a sip of water, swirled it around my mouth and swallowed. This repeated itself several times. Then Gerard put the glass on the floor and put both hands around my head and kissed me. It was so good that I could hardly stand up, but I immediately felt the anal hook as I sank my legs a little. Gerard broke the kiss and said, “You were all gone. I’m so revved up I want to play with you. And while I’m doing that, I think my cock is ready to fight so I can fuck you.” Gerard quietly untied my arms and pulled the rope from my anal hook.

When I felt I was free, I was about to collapse. My legs were completely stiff. Slowly I got my legs lifted and moved so I could stand and walk again. Gerard grabbed the anal hook that was still inside me and said, “Come my little slave. Let’s play with you. I want you to try different kinds of dildos. Maybe I will spank you too. Some you will like, but there will also be some you will not like. I look forward to hearing your reactions.” Then, with a firm grip on the anal hook, Gerard pulled away with me. I could do nothing but walk behind him with small quick steps. Gerard pulled me along to the hallway, through a door to a corridor, down the hall and into a large room. The room was practically an S&M room. Across from the door was a large bed. The wall to the left of the door consisted mostly of built-in cabinets. On the wall to the right was a cross and a lot of heavy hooks and a door. In the middle of the floor was a tray and a stand, which was almost a high-backed chair, with the seat shaped like a V. I also saw several hooks in the ceiling. When we were inside, Gerard said, “Welcome to my playroom. I’ve insulated it extra so that it’s almost soundproof.

That’s also why there’s a double door from the hallway, but you may not have seen that.” Gerard pulled me along to the middle of the room, where a rope hung from a hook in the ceiling. Quickly he tied the rope to the anal hook so that I could barely support myself on the floor again with my high heels. Then he walked to the door we had entered. First he closed one door, then another. Gerard explained: “A friend who is interested in BDSM and I built the room and furniture together. He borrows the room from time to time. Here I can beat you to death without anyone hearing you scream. But don’t be nervous now. I am not a harsh sadist. On the contrary, I enjoy domination and your helplessness. Some things will hurt you, of course, but I will mostly bring you to ecstasy. I get so violently sexually aroused from playing with a helpless slave. It should all lead to me having at least one violent ejaculation and preferably several. You don’t get the chastity cage off. You are not the one to ejaculate. But maybe you can get an orgasm by getting fucked and playing with dildos in your hole.

I would be happy if that happened. But right now, you’re doing fine. Now you can watch while I take off my clothes. I play best when I’m naked.” Gerard walked over to the bed, where there were also a couple of chairs and a small low table. I turned around so I could see him the whole time. Quietly with his back to me, Gerard began to remove his clothes and place them on a chair. Soon he was naked. Then he turned around. I was almost panting. He was so hot. The muscles were clearly visible on his well-trimmed body, arms and legs. And his cock – it had really come back to life. It shot straight out of his womb. Impulsively, I exclaimed: “You are a sight for sore eyes. You’re the most handsome man I’ve ever seen.” Gerard approached me with steady steps. Then he stood right in front of me – so close that his stiff cock pressed against my belly. Only now did I realize that he was half a head taller than me, even though I was wearing four-inch stiletto heels.

Slowly he wrapped his arms around me and pressed me against him. I turned my head to look up at him. He bent his head to mine. Then our lips met. His lips were beautiful and soft. For a while we stood completely still. Gerard’s cock pressed hard against my belly. My pudding reacted violently to the situation, but in vain. Then Gerard pressed his tongue between my lips. I willingly let his tongue into my mouth so that it met my tongue. I almost swooned. Then I almost lost the strength in my legs. Then I felt myself almost hanging from the anal hook. It hurt, so I pulled myself together so I could stand properly on my stiletto heels. Slowly Gerard’s hands slid down my back. His hands reached my sore buttocks.

For a moment his hands were gently on my buttocks. Then he squeezed. I groaned in pain. Gerard broke the kiss and put his hands hard on my buttocks. I ached loudly. Then Gerard let go of me and took a step back. “You kiss beautifully,” he said, “I appreciate that, because I enjoy kissing you. But now I want you to lie down on the tray. Then you can relax while I play with you.” Shortly thereafter, Gerard untied the rope from the anal hook and led me to the tray, which was barely three feet high. I was placed at the end of the tray and pushed forward so that I was lying on my stomach. The tray was softly padded. Gerard spread my legs and tied them to each leg of the tray. Then he tied my wrists to the front legs of the tray. Then Gerard stood in front of me and said, “Lift your head up and look at me.” I bent my neck back and looked up at him. He had a beautiful smile.

Gerard took a small step forward. Immediately his stiffness rubbed against my face. I opened my mouth almost automatically, but he didn’t push his cock into my mouth. Instead, he said, “I hope you are reasonably comfortable. I also hope you will enjoy everything I am going to do to you – well, maybe not, but I can promise you that I will enjoy everything – every second.” I replied, “I am quite comfortable, and I promise you that you will have free access to me. What are you going to do? Gerard replied, “You will find out, but I can promise you that I will fuck you good and hard.” Then Gerard disappeared from my sight. Shortly after, I felt him smear copious amounts of cold lube around and into my asshole. How it tingled as his fingers slid a little inside me. Shortly after, I felt a dildo press against my hole. I relaxed and the dildo slid in. It was long and thick. Suddenly it gave a tingle in my body. The dildo began to vibrate strongly. It was a wonderful sensation.

Soon after, Gerard began to pull the dildo out a little and push it back in – faster and faster. I moaned in delight and groaned, “That’s delicious Gerard. Oh, keep going.” And Gerard did for a while. Then Gerard said, “Oh, you’re dripping. I have to do something about that.” The dildo stayed in me. It was still vibrating. Then I felt Gerard fidgeting on my chastity cage. A moment later he said, “Now I put a preservative around the chastity sheath. Now just drip and let the juices flow. At some point, what do you think we should do about the liquid seeping out of you?” I wasn’t even aware that fluid had seeped out of my pee-pee, and I didn’t even care about the question. I was pretty sure what Gerard would end up doing to the fluid. So I replied, “If you haven’t decided anything yet, I want you to empty it into my mouth.” Gerard said, “Uhm. I’d be happy to grant such a request, but damn it must be humiliating for you to have to put your own juices in your mouth.

But you will get it. You’re only a slave, so it’s only fitting that you swallow your own juices.” Bah – just the thought was repulsive, but I had no doubt that no matter what I said or wanted, Gerard would force me to accept my own juices. The dildo was still vibrating happily inside me. Uhm, how I enjoyed it. Then I heard some clicking and felt a slight vibration in the drawer. “What’s going on?”, I asked. Gerard replied, “Under the tray, I installed a fucking machine. I’ve tilted it up so it’s ready to fuck you. That’s what you heard.” At the same time, Gerard pulled the dildo out of me. But I was only empty for a moment. Another dildo was pushed into me. It immediately began to move backwards, and then inwards, outwards and inwards – over and over again. Then Gerard was standing in front of me. I lifted my head and looked at him. “Is that the fucking machine fucking me now?” I asked. Gerard looked at me with a big smile. Then he said, “Look at this. This little remote control allows you to control the fucking machine from anywhere in the house.

It can adjust the speed, make the dildo vibrate, and turn it half a turn to one side and back again. And then the fuck machine can run for hours. Now you’re going to get fucked good and hard.” Gerard fiddled with the remote control. The speed of the dildo was immediately increased. Then it vibrated strongly, and then it spun around a bit. The effect did not fail. I moaned rapidly in pleasure and tried to wiggle my belly. “Lie still,” Gerard said. I tried to lie still, but it was hard. But almost immediately I felt Gerard tighten a belt across my waist and that was the end of the wiggling. Gerard said, “The fucking machine intermittently gives a squirt of lube so you don’t get dry. Now I’m curious to see how you react to being fucked like that. I have set the fucking machine to run in a varied rhythm. And then I want to play with you some more.

You may not like that, but it doesn’t matter. You’re just a slave.” Gerard stepped forward a little so I was looking right into his stiff cock. How I enjoyed the view. I opened my mouth and Gerard pushed his cock into my mouth. Oh, his cock was so good. At that moment, I was almost in seventh heaven. The fucking machine was working smoothly. Her dildo slid in and out, vibrating and spinning. And in my mouth, I had a delicious cock. The sexual sensations tingled in my body. It was wonderful. At the same time, it was terribly humiliating to be tied up without any control over what was happening. I must also admit that at times it was difficult to concentrate on sucking and licking Gerard’s cock. But Gerard wasn’t complaining.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before Gerard pulled his cock out of my mouth. I didn’t feel where he was going. The changing rhythm of the fucking machine sent one shudder after another through my body. At the same time, I felt my pudding protest violently against being locked in the chastity cage. Then I let out a scream. A whip had struck me on the back, right in my neck. The scream was probably mostly from the unexpected, because it didn’t hurt terribly. But the whipping was immediately followed by another and another and another. Vaguely I heard Gerard say, “Uhm, this is great. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. It’s great to see you get fucked and to hear you moan with pleasure. And then it’s tremendously exciting to whip you on your back. It’s a whip with lots of snouts, so you get hit over a large area with each stroke. I start at your shoulders and go down to your buttocks, and then back again. You soon get a nice red color all over your back. I’m curious if the pain of the whips enhances the pleasure you apparently get from being fucked. But it could be that the pain counteracts the pleasure.

We’ll see about that. But for me, it doesn’t really matter. It’s not about what’s best for you. Oh, I’m enjoying this. It’s so nice to have a slave like you, to play with as I please. The whippings were not severe, but still very noticeable. Whether it was just the fucking machine, or whether the whippings were helping, I didn’t know at the time, but I almost swelled with ecstasy. I was vaguely aware that I was moaning with pleasure and at times almost screaming. My whole body was shaking. And then suddenly it came – an amazing sensation, almost like a long-continued release. My hands gripped the legs of the tray. My body trembled. The orgasm rolled and rolled through my body. There is no other way to describe it. I was blown away by horniness.

Then the fucking machine stopped and the dildo slipped out of me. But immediately something else was pushed up inside me. Vaguely I heard Gerard say, “Now you’re going to get fucked by a real cock. Oh, it feels so good to have my cock inside you already.” And I promise you, I was fucked. It was totally different from the fucking machine. But how it stirred in me every time Gerard’s lap touched my sore bottom. Slowly, the tingling sensation began to spread through my body again. It was wonderful. I moaned in pleasure. Gerard was fucking me for a long time, or so it felt. But suddenly he was thrusting extra hard, still keeping his cock deep inside me. I felt him cum. Then Gerard lay down heavily on my back. I was in pain. Only now did I realize that my whole back was sweating and incredibly sore. But it was still nice to feel Gerard’s chest against my back. Then Gerard stirred. I was in pain. Then I felt him kiss and lick the back of my neck. It made my body tingle. Then Gerard whispered in one of my ears, “You are a very horny and beautiful slave. How you responded to being fucked and spanked.

It was incredibly wonderful. Now you will have your reward soon. Gerard got up off my back and pulled his cock out of me. I felt so empty down there. It didn’t last long though. A butt plug was pushed into me. Then Gerard came and stood in front of me. His cock was completely limp. Hanging from his cock was a preservative with a good portion of cum. Slowly Gerard pulled the condom off. Then he said, “Open your mouth and hold your head back. Now you will get your reward. I obeyed, opened my mouth and put my head as far back as possible. Gerard held the praeservative over my mouth. Then he turned it over and squeezed the cum out. All the cum landed in my mouth. It was a good load that Gerard had fired. It filled my mouth well. I immediately started playing with the cum. I let it go around in my mouth so I could really taste it. Bubbles of cum erupted on my lips.

With my tongue I licked the cum from my lips into my mouth. Gerard was kneeling in front of me, watching intently as I played with his cum. Then he said, “You’re a real cum chick. You enjoy having cum in your mouth. You can have it as much and as long as I want. Little by little Gerard’s cum had mixed with my mouthwash, so I swallowed it all. Then I looked at Gerard and said, “Thank you. Yes, I think I am a cum whore – that is, when I receive cum. ” Gerard stood up and untied me from the tray. It was a little awkward to stand up. I was stiff and sore all over. Gerard helped me and then led me to the big bed where we lay side by side. I quickly turned over onto my side as my back was hurting. Then we kissed and caressed. Uhm. It was nice. I must have fallen into a light sleep, because suddenly I was wide awake by a hard slap on the buttock. Right after that I heard Gerard say, “Now you have to go to work. Between my legs and suck.” Obediently, I crawled between Gerard’s legs.

His cock had become semi-rigid. I lifted his cock slightly and licked the underside from root to tip, running my tongue around it. Then I took his cock into my mouth. Uhm, how I enjoyed it. My head went up and down, his cock in and out of my mouth. My tongue pressed against the underside of his cock. I felt his cock grow. Thank you, it was delicious. Suddenly and unexpectedly, Gerard ejaculated. It happened while his cock was deep in my mouth. The cum went straight down my throat. I swallowed and the cum went down my throat. I wasn’t even allowed to play with the cum or taste it. But Gerard was cumming.

That was the most important thing. I continued to suck on his cock and sucked the last bit of cum from his cock. A moment later Gerard turned over on his stomach and said, “Give me a massage on the shoulders.” I writhed across his lower back and massaged his shoulders and neck. I’m not very experienced at massaging, but judging by the sounds he was making, he was enjoying it. “Then you can stop. You actually did that very well,” Gerard said. I replied, “It’s not something I’m adept at, but I’m glad you enjoyed it. After all, I’m your slave, so that’s also something you can use me for.” Gerard said, “Right. There are many things I can and will use you for. And if you don’t obey immediately, no matter what I demand, you will be severely punished. But come on, let’s go back to the living room.” As we entered the room, I asked, “May I go to your bathroom? I think I need to get my makeup done.” Gerard replied, “Sure. You look a little used too. But first go to the kitchen and turn on the coffee maker to make a fresh pot of coffee. And don’t mess with the preservative on your chastity cage.” It was nice to have my makeup done. It made me feel better.

When I got back to the kitchen, the coffee was ready. I took the thermos of coffee and went to the living room. Gerard was sitting on the couch. He said, “Come sit next to me so I can feel and grope you when I feel like it.” I sat down and poured us both coffee. Then we each lit up a cigarette. As we drank coffee and smoked, we chatted about what had happened in the playroom. Gerard said, “It was obvious that the whipping on your back was intensifying your ecstasy. You were unconscious, trembling and moaning.” I replied, “That surprises me. I don’t like pain, and I can certainly feel that both my buttocks and my back are sore. But I must admit that it was as if the whipping increased my sense of pleasure. That fucking machine is amazing.” Gerard put his one hand on my one thigh and let it slide back and forth. Then it slid up to my crotch, and his hand gripped the chastity cage. Then he said, “You’ve got a nice bag of fluids hanging out.

Carefully take the condom off and empty it into your mouth.” I didn’t like that, but I knew I had to obey. Carefully I pulled the condom off. Then I lifted it over my head and leaned my neck back. Slowly I turned the condom on and let the liquid slide into my mouth. The liquid tasted like semen, but it wasn’t as sticky as semen. It was a sticky liquid. “Play with it,” Gerard said, “it’s yours, so you should enjoy it.” Of course I obeyed and let my tongue lap the liquid in my mouth. Oh, how humiliating. Then I gargled my throat with it and let it sink in. Then Gerard said, “Here’s a new keeper. Put it around the chastity cage so it can catch what you drip.” So I did. A little later Gerard said, “It’s getting late. It’s getting late this time. Now you can put on your dress.” I replied, “It was an exciting day. And how you can both fuck and cum.

But you have to open the chastity cage so I can take it off before I put on my dress.” Gerard looked at me with his sweet smile. Then he said, “You won’t get that cage off. You just keep it on. It helps to make sure you come back. And then I’m sure you won’t fuck around anymore. You’re mine. I’m in charge of you. There’s no point in protesting. Just put on the dress and you can go home. I was almost speechless. It was exciting to wear the chastity cage during our time together. But I masturbated and had delicious ejaculations when I got home. I said, “You can’t be serious. I would love to come again. I don’t have to wear a chastity cage to want to. And I’m so desperately needy.” Gerard said, “We can go to the playroom and spank you.

You are my slave. You please me. When I tell you to wear the chastity cage, I mean it. Now put that dress on if you don’t really want to be spanked.” Quite startled, I stood up. Gerard sounded angry for the first time. I went to the armchair and put on my panties and dress. Gerard got up and walked over to me. He put his arms around me and kissed me gently. Then he said, “You are a beautiful slave. You give me great pleasure. Have a good trip home.” Then he gave me another soft kiss, and Gerard let me go. I grabbed my bag and went to my car with the chastity cage on. Gerard waved goodbye to me. This experience was a good six months ago. I only ejaculated twice. Each time Gerard cut my pubic hair short and washed me thoroughly.

As I began, I have a huge need – need to ejaculate. But I have become almost addicted to Gerard. I usually see him once a week. Sometimes I spend an entire weekend with him. Every time I’m with him, sex is on the schedule. Even if I’m not allowed to cum, sometimes I have wonderful and violent orgasms, so much so that the fluids run into a condom. And of course, every time I empty the fluid into my mouth. I’ve gotten used to it, so it’s not so bad anymore. And Gerard gets some nice, strong ejaculations and fills my mouth with cum. And I enjoy it. But what I really need is a real ejaculation. Just now, I got a text from Gerard. “Come tomorrow at 4:30,” he wrote. And of course, I’m horny.