Transgirl Andrea stepped out of the shower, she was 22 years young and what you would call already delicious. She had big tits and downy black hair around her trans genitals. She grabbed her robe, but didn’t feel the need to put it on. She was home alone, she thought, and it would be another hour before her cousin Peter got home, and she didn’t expect her parents to be home before dark. Andrea can be found here.

She stepped out into the hallway, heading for her room, when she unexpectedly bumped into her cousin, who was clearly home earlier than expected. She turned pale red and quickly put on her robe, but not before Peter could admire her naked in the blink of an eye. It gave her a strange feeling, on the one hand it was not appropriate to show herself naked to her cousin, on the other hand she found it exciting. She went to her room and Peter followed her in, “hey cousin, I wasn’t paying much attention, but you’re really starting to become a delicious bitch,” “you’re my cousin and he’s not supposed to look a little horny at your cousin,” Andrea said a little nervously. They both felt the tension in the air.

Andrea sat down on her bed and told her cousin to get dressed and get out of her room. Peter looked at her and said, ‘in my opinion you don’t mind me looking at you so much, I think you even found it exciting and to be honest I would like to look at you a little bit more relaxed’ Andrea thought that Peter was somehow right but didn’t want to give in right away, ‘when I take off my robe and I might want to do that, I would like to look at you too, I have never seen a dick in real life’ Peter said in a slightly raspy voice, ‘ok, let’s take everything off at the same time’. He took off his t-shirt and jeans and was now standing in his underpants, a thick bulge telling that he had gotten a pretty stiff dick by now. Andrea stood up, took off her robe and lay back on the bed. Her pussy lips now shone with moisture. She looked with fascination at Peter’s cock, which was now sticking straight up; she couldn’t compare, but it seemed to her that it was quite big. Not that she wanted to, but she thought ‘that thing is way too big to go inside me’ Peter was still standing next to the bed, not quite sure what to do next.

Andrea lay on her back and spread her legs a little, “why don’t you come and lie on top of me, with your cock between my legs, of course we won’t fuck, we can’t with cousins, but if you lie on top of me we’ll get a little idea of what it’s like. Peter carefully lowered himself onto his cousin and maneuvered his stiff cock in front of her opening. His shiny glans, now wet with pre-cum, touched her labia, gently he pushed his cock in a little, his niece felt deliciously wet down there, Andrea felt his cock throbbing against her clit, she pushed her hips forward and up, ‘push it a little further cousin, it feels so good and you make me so horny’ Peter pushed his cock in a little more, he heard his niece moaning softly with lust and pleasure. He was so horny now that he couldn’t think anymore, he pulled his cock back a little bit and then pushed forward hard all at once, his cock slid in and Andrea cried out, “don’t, how delicious that is, you have deflowered me, but the pain isn’t too bad, I can feel your delicious thick cock going up and down in me, goddamn how horny I am, fuck me, fuck me, but be careful first.

Peter went up and down slowly now, but gradually faster and wilder, he felt he was going to come, Andrea was now also thrusting and writhing, ‘Peter,’ she cried, ‘I’m going to come, I can feel it, oh how horny I am, come in me, fill me up, I want to feel your horny cum in my cunt,’ Peter moaned and lay there jerking wildly, ‘0, I’m coming too, I’m going to cum, yes, I’m coming,’ at the same time he felt Andrea cramp, she pushed her hips up as far as she could and came shockingly, screaming and trembling together with her cousin. After a while they came to their senses. “I didn’t know fucking was so delicious,” Andrea said, “we need to do this a little more, we still have a lot to learn. I thought you didn’t want to fuck your cousin,” Peter said. I didn’t,” Andrea replied, “but now that I know how good it is, I want to do it every day. With you or with anyone, I’ll experiment,’ Peter gave her a tongue kiss and said, ‘now fancy a second lesson? She grabbed his cock, gave it a kiss and said ‘now in my ass, cousin, that seems to be delicious too'”.