My name is Sam and I would like to tell you how, for the first time, I was naked on a beach, living an adventure where I gave pleasure and received pleasure. This is my story.

And I am a slim woman of 34 years. I have an attractive face with dark brown eyes, B cup breasts and long dark hair. What men really find attractive about me is my small ass. To be honest, I had been excited about the idea all week. In the days leading up to the beach visit, I considered shaving my pussy completely, but ended up leaving a triangle of dark pubic hair…. Then the moment had come. I got undressed and even before I pulled down my panties, my pussy was already wet on the beach. My friend had been right, I enjoyed sunbathing naked and yes, showing my body to other men and women. The benefit of the warm sun on my tits and pussy, my buttocks and belly did me good and my friend loved to see me like this.

As a result, my sensitive nipples soon stood erect. A little later, when I was used to being naked and feeling the sun on my naked body, my boyfriend turned me on my stomach and lubricated me completely. My bottom, my back, my buttocks, my thighs. I noticed that this excited me even more and willingly spread my legs for my friend who was still on my stomach. My friend moved and I wanted to close my legs again, but I was not allowed to do so now. I was now lying open and exposed on my belly, my legs freely spread. Several men came to look at me and I allowed them to do so, I gave them a nice view of my pussy. My friend told me that I was now glistening with moisture between my legs and that you could clearly see between the dark wet triangle that I was somewhat open and excited.

A little later, I went into the water hand in hand with my boyfriend, completely naked, and he took me into the sea. Foreplay was not necessary, he lifted me up, pulled me towards him and impaled me right on his cock. My pussy was so horny and wet that I took his cock right up to his balls. It was wonderful to feel him in the rhythm of the waves, up and down, up and down. Not only was my boyfriend touching me, but the sea was fucking me. However, my pleasure did not last long because people were watching what we were doing and my boyfriend felt a little inhibited. When I came back from the sea, half open, a man and a woman looked at me, smiling. The woman knew I had just been kidnapped.

This upset me even more. My boyfriend needed to cool off and followed not much later. His dick was still half hard, and the woman looked admiringly at my friend’s penis. This didn’t really surprise me because my friend has a very nice cock, quite big and quite thick, perfect and color. When we were back on the beach, I noticed that two women, actually still girls, had installed themselves not too far from us. One girl was quite plump and completely naked; the other girl looked beautiful in her bare breasts, her bikini bottoms still on. She had long black hair and a nice slender figure. Her rather large breasts were almost erect, the kind you only see on very young girls. Both my friend and I enjoyed this beautiful transgirl (photo below) and her beautiful breasts.


Again there were a lot of men walking around and ogling the girl and me. I now have no hesitation at all and lie alternately on my belly and on my back, legs spread. About an hour later we went swimming again. Again my friend takes me into the sea for a few moments. When we are back in front of the sea, I notice that one of the girls is taking pictures of her friend. The girl with the beautiful breasts is on her knees in front of the sea, pushing her breasts up to the camera with both hands and posing seductively. The other girl encourages her and she shows off her body. She still has her panties on. When I go back to my friend, I see that he can hardly take his eyes off the girl’s breasts and ass. He is still stiff and tells me that the girl’s breasts are not quite natural, they are just too perfect.

As the girl shows herself in side profile, he whispers in my ear that I should take a good look at her panties. At first, I don’t understand what he means, but then I see her outfit and my franc drops. It’s a T-girl… The girl’s photo shoot has the effect that several men and a single woman have now approached her and are watching her pose. Hand in hand with my boyfriend, we now walk a little closer and I notice that in addition to the camera, she now occasionally has an eye on my boyfriend’s pole, which is still quite stiff. I ask my friend if he still finds her attractive, and he nods.

She is very attractive too.

Because the girl now sees all the eyes on her, I also notice that she is getting a little excited about it, slowly she starts to get an erection, her suit is growing. She herself now notices that she is getting stiff and is now a little embarrassed. Occasionally she puts her hand over her panties, but this only has the effect of accentuating them and arousing her even more. A moment later, when a woman asks her if she doesn’t want to take off her panties, I see her hesitate for a moment, but then she whispers something to her friend and walks away, not after taking another look at my friend’s pole. I see that not only does she have an erection, but her nipples are stiff and large with excitement.

It continues to be an exciting afternoon, and I enjoy lying with my legs spread and being watched by both men and women. My boyfriend’s cock also gets a lot of attention. A little later, I set off alone into unknown territory, into the dunes, stark naked. Several men immediately follow me. Am I unconsciously signaling to them that I want to get fucked in the dunes? That was not my intention. I wait for my friend and he has to laugh when he notices that I am now trying to hide my nakedness from the six or so men staring at me. Still, it does something to me, all this attention, all these men with their naked, semi-rigid cocks. A short time later we were lying half-sheltered in the dunes, again completely naked.

The whole situation has not only aroused me, but also my boyfriend, and when I see his stiff cock, I can’t help myself and I lower myself onto his sex, with my buttocks back. For about 2 minutes we have the place all to ourselves and it is wonderful, out in the dunes like this, riding on my friend’s sex, under the bare sun, the wind playing with us. I really don’t want to keep this up for long, I feel it so well in my pussy. Suddenly, I notice two men staring at me, their cocks rock hard. I don’t care, I just want to rock my boyfriend’s cock, but my boyfriend has more of a problem with it, he lifts me off of him and chases the men away. It’s a frustrating situation because by now his dick is rock hard too. I just feel that he wants to come and release his seed. I want to make him come too. All in all, we also see the humor in it and I keep lying next to him, teasing him and occasionally pulling on his cock.

Men come and go and we chase them away one by one. One of them even asks my friend if he can share me with him. When we have almost given up and are getting ready to leave, I suddenly see the same T-girl from earlier watching us from a distance. I waved to her and she approached, shyly but sensually hip-swinging. She seems to be speaking French; there is no sign of her friend. I see out of the corner of my eye that she is still paying more attention to my friend, but decides to play the game and invites her to lie down next to us. I flatter myself in the middle. A little later, I lubricate my friend again and pay a lot of attention to his pole, which is now almost ready to burst. The girl can’t take her eyes off it and I see that her eyes are big and hungry. I ask her if I should massage her as well and although she indicates that it is not necessary, I begin to run my hands over her body. I lubricate her back and the top of her buttocks and I notice that her nipples stand up and soon become very hard. A moment later, without question, I unzip her panties and she lets me do it. Now I see her penis for the first time, and although it is much smaller than my friend’s, I was right, she fills her panties well. I look at her now and under my gaze her penis gets hard almost immediately. I can tell she is embarrassed, but I calm her down. A moment later, as I lubricate her thighs, I casually let my hand slide along the girl’s cock and a moment later I gently lubricate her cock, it seems to grow even more. The girl now sighs and confesses to me that she has absolutely no experience.

She sighs and moans as I lubricate her breasts and nipples, every now and then I gently pull her off, she soon loses moisture. I decide to leave her for a while and concentrate on my friend. His dick is rock hard from the whole incident. I see the girl looking hungry and without hesitation I put my mouth and lips over my friend’s penis and begin to gently suck it. The girl approaches almost casually, her nipples now rock hard, and her eyes look at me pleadingly and glassy. Seeing what she really wants, I push my friend backwards and guide the T-girl’s hand to my friend’s pole. I show her how to pull a man and I see a shock go through her when she touches my friend’s pole for the first time. I show her how to masturbate a man and a moment later she starts pulling gently. Meanwhile, I notice that her penis is now rock hard as well. I take her black hair in my hands and make a ponytail out of it, bring her head down, right up against my friend’s pole. I ask her if she wants to taste it and she nods almost defenselessly. A moment later I push her down and she opens her mouth. She closes her lips around her first cock. Cautiously she begins to suck, then her resistance breaks. She is now hungry for more and deeper and deeper, faster and faster she begins to suck my friend’s cock. I continue to encourage her even though it is hardly necessary now.

She seems to have forgotten everything around her and is now concentrating only on my friend’s cock. I ask her if this is the first time she has sucked a cock, and she moans yes. Meanwhile, I notice that she is also losing a lot of fluid between her legs; her cock has now grown to its full size and is wet. This whole incident, actually the whole afternoon, has turned me on very much and I am also horny and soaking wet. It really turns me on to see my boyfriend getting sucked off by this T-girl. He no longer seems to be paying attention to me and is now stroking the T-girl’s black hair and offering his sex. She takes him all the way now, a quick learner. His hands find the girl’s hard nipples and she is now moaning and enjoying sucking my friend’s cock. My pussy is soaking wet and I pull my panties back on because in the surrounding dunes there are now three men very close to us pulling on their cock. I know they can see that my pussy is now open and very wet, they can stake me in no time. But I don’t want to give them any reason for what I’m about to do.

I move my body and my head down and take the T-girl’s sex in my mouth all at once. For a moment she stops sucking my man and I fear she will pull out, but then she lets out a deep sigh, surrenders and moves her hips forward as a sign that her cock is mine. I gently swallow all the pre-cum and when she is completely clean, I begin to suck rhythmically; her juices are now released automatically. A moment later she begins to release jet after jet of pre-cum and I surrender completely to this virgin cock. I will forever be the one who sucked her first.

I too am now losing a lot of juice and my pussy is now clearly wet against my panties. I am glad I put on my panties because I know my pussy is now wide open. With my butt and ass up I continue to suck the T-Girl, the men in the dunes now have a great view of my butt and the enjoying T-Girl. Both the T-girl’s breasts and mine are now moving to the rhythm of our sucking and I can hear the growls of the men pulling on their cocks. My boyfriend comes first and not only do I hear my boyfriend moaning his cum, but the girl moans encouragingly as she realizes what is happening. She swallows it all. Her little mouth closes even tighter around my friend’s cock and she gets her first load, which she bravely swallows. Almost immediately behind me I hear the screams and growls of more men unloading their cum right behind me.

However, I continue to concentrate on sucking the T-girl who is completely out of it for a moment. I grab her hips and move her so that she can only escape by giving me what I really want right now, her load. Suddenly I feel her shudder and I know I have her, the tension is too much for her. I feel her body tense up and try to escape, but there is no escape, her balls begin to tighten and fill with seed, a sign that she is about to come. Je vais jouir, je vais jouir” (I am going to cum) she begins to moan and then for the first time she comes in a sucking mouth and unloads her seed. I catch jet after jet and eagerly swallow it all, she deserves it. Meanwhile I caress her balls and her rock hard nipples. And so ends our first day of nude sunbathing on the beautiful nude beach.