This true story is about a man who was in Thailand for his work. During a visit to a bar, he meets ladyboy Serena. The photo above this story is from Serena you can meet her.

This story takes place about a year ago. Before Covid, when we were still allowed to travel. I was in Thailand for work. Together with a co-worker, I had to meet several manufacturers to decide which one would be the new producer for our company.

Since our arrival in Thailand, we had already had three busy days and I needed some relaxation. Since Thailand is known for its nightlife, I searched on Google for the best place to go out near the hotel. I asked my colleague if he wanted to go out with me, but he preferred to have a quiet drink in the hotel bar and then go to bed on time. Around 10 pm, we were sitting together in the bar when my colleague said he was going to bed. I had already had a few Gin-Tonics and was really looking forward to going out. We parted ways and I left the hotel feeling rather tipsy, looking for a cozy bar to continue my evening.

I walked down the street and followed the directions on Google Maps on my phone until I found a street lined with busy bars. Terraces with colored lights and a buzz of activity. Something I could not ignore was the presence of beautiful women. Sexy locals dressed in a way that people don’t dare to go out there. Short dresses and skirts, tight hot pants, you name it. “This is going to be a fun night”, I thought.

I walked a bit further down the street when I decided to just go in somewhere. I chose a not-too-crowded cocktail bar with nice music. I walked through the entrance door, went to the bar, and took a seat. The young man behind the counter asked me in English what I wanted to drink. “Give me your best cocktail,” I said, laughing. A lucky break, it was happy hour, so I got 2 glasses of their ‘best cocktail’. A kind of Long-Island Ice tea. Man, that stuff was strong. I looked around the café quietly while drinking my cocktails. There were mostly young locals around. Dancing to the music or chatting with friends at a table.

I had almost finished my second cocktail when a sexy young lady stepped off the dance floor towards me. She sat down on the stool next to me and ordered a drink. She had long dark hair, a tight, black dress with fishnet stockings underneath and high heels. I guessed she was about 24 years old. I smiled kindly at her and she smiled back. She said something, but I couldn’t hear her because of the loud music.

“She leaned towards me and said in my ear “How are you?
“I’m good, just a little drunk”, I laughed.
“Oh good cocktails!”, she laughed back. “What is your name?”.
“I’m Tom, and you?”, I asked.
“I’m Serena, nice to meet you”.
“Nice to meet you, too”, I smiled.
“Do you wanna dance?”, she asked.

Then I suddenly realized that I was drunk in a Thai bar and that Serena might be a prostitute. Not what I was looking for. So I said:

“I have no money, I’m sorry.” “Why money? Good music, you and I dance,” she replied.

Oops, maybe I was a bit too quick with my prejudices. I felt like dancing so I decided to join her on the dance floor. I started to move quietly to the music, but Serena started to dance in front of me. I approached and followed her moves. She came closer and started dancing seductively against me. Her way of dancing started to turn me on, so I danced along lustily. We looked at each other and our lips came closer and closer. Finally, a kiss slowly followed. A second kiss followed, our mouths opened gently and our tongues intertwined.

“Let’s go somewhere private”, she said as she looked at me lustfully. Drunk from alcohol and excitement, I asked, “Do you want to go to my hotel?”. “Yes, I would like”, she replied. And we left the café, on our way to the hotel.

Arriving at my hotel room, I closed the door behind us, pushed her against the wall and we started kissing passionately again. It seemed to last for minutes. When our lips parted, Serena slipped under my arm and went to stand beside the bed. I went to the bed too, started unbuttoning my shirt and taking off my shoes and trousers. Serena let her dress slip from her shoulders. It fell to the floor and she stepped out. She now stood before me in sexy black lace lingerie. She was still wearing her heels and fishnet stockings. I find such stockings deliciously horny.

Then she unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor. Two beautiful brown breasts appeared. “You like?”, she asked. “Yes, very much,” I answered confidently.

Serena came towards me topless and put her hand on my chest. She let it slide down my body as she lowered herself. When her hand reached my crotch, she sat down on her knees. With both hands, she slowly pulled down my boxers. My now-growing cock jumped out. She took hold of my cock in one hand and let her tongue slide all over it from bottom to top. In the blink of an eye I was standing up hard.

“Hm, nice big cock, Tom”, she said as she took my cock in her mouth.

She started quietly, swirling her tongue over my head and then sucking gently on it. Slowly she took me deeper and deeper into her mouth. Serena began to blow me like a dream. My hard cock disappeared completely between her soft lips and every now and then a gagging sound came from her throat. This girl really knew what she was doing. I had never had such a good blowjob before. I moaned and enjoyed it, but just before I was about to cum I stopped her. I was still in the mood for other things.

“Stand up for me, please.”, I asked.
Serena got up and went back to standing by the bed.
Huh, did I see that right? A bulge was clearly visible on the front of her thong. It wouldn’t be…? “Now drop your panties, please”, I said doubtfully.
Slowly she pulled her thong down and yes, a small cock appeared. It was clear that Serena was as excited as I was. “This could still be kinky”, I thought with my drunken head. Even though I obviously had no experience with an extra penis in the love game.

“You like it?”, she asked uncertainly. I said, “You can go lay on the bed.”

She took off her heels. When she wanted to take off her stockings too, I stopped her. “You can leave those on. I like fishnets”.

She carefully lay down on the bed naked with her stockings on. I took off my shirt and lay down naked next to her. We started kissing again. First carefully and slowly, but then more passionately. My cock was throbbing with excitement. I held her head with my left hand and let my right hand slide to her breasts. I grabbed them and started massaging them vigorously. Serena moaned with pleasure.

Our tongues played violently with each other. I used the moment to explore the rest of her body. Slowly I let my hand slide down her body. I felt her hard cock and gently stroked it. I estimated it to be around 12 cm. Then I took her cock in my hand and started making slow movements to pull. This stimulated Serena to kiss even harder and moan more loudly.

I decided to go for it. I left her mouth and started kissing her neck. I continued to lower myself and kiss her breasts intensely, kissing and licking her nipples and then lowering myself even further. While kissing, I descended along her tight belly until I reached her crotch. Doubly I placed a kiss on Serena’s hard cock. And another, and another. I opened my lips, licked them wet and pressed them against her glans. Slowly I took her cock in my mouth and started sliding up and down. I had never had a cock in my mouth before.

“Oh, yes baby, ooh!”, she moaned out.
I stopped and asked, “Do you like it?”.
“Oh yes baby. Suck me!”

I took her cock in my mouth again and started sucking more heavily now. I sucked her like I always want to be sucked. Moaning loudly, Serena pushed my head away.

“Stop baby, or I already cum.”, she panted.
“Ok, go sit on your knees, baby”, I directed her.

She got down on her hands and knees on the bed and I put myself on my knees behind her. I massaged her tight ass and pulled her bottom apart a bit. I moved forward a bit more and put my throbbing glans against her ass. My cock was still a bit slippery from the nice blowjob I had just received, so I started to slowly push my tip inside her. Serena gasped, followed by a moan as I pushed myself in deeper. For a moment I held still so her ass could get used to me. Slowly I pulled back, only to push in deeper again.

“Hmm, yes baby. Fuck me,” she moaned. Several times I pulled back to push my dick deep in her ass again with a fierce thrust.

“Yes! Oh, yes!”, she enjoyed.

I picked up the pace and started fucking her. Her tight asshole enclosed me tightly and I now also started to pant and moan with pleasure.

“Cum inside me!”, Serena exclaimed.
“Not yet.”, I panted. “I want to see your body.”

I let my cock slide out of her and made Serena turn around. She lay down on her back with her knees raised. This way I had a good view of her tight belly and her nice breasts. I sat down between her legs and leaned forward to kiss her. When my mouth touched hers, our penises also touched. A tingle went through my whole body as I pressed my cock against hers in an intense tongue kiss.

I put myself right between her legs and with my hand guided my slippery cock towards her hole again. Serena tilted her ass towards me and I pushed myself back inside her. Again I slowly increased the pace. First slow and deep, then faster and harder. Her cock swished along to the rhythm of my thrusts.

“Yes, take me! Ooh!”, she moaned out.
“I’m gonna cum inside you.”, I panted.
“Ooh, yes baby!”

Serena now grabbed her breast with one hand and began to jerk her own cock violently with her other. After several more minutes of violently fucking her ass, my cock started pumping. An intense tingling went through my body and with a groan, I spurted my entire load deep into her ass. At that moment, Serena also started to moan. A firm jet of water splashed onto her breasts, followed by two more jets that were pumped onto her belly. After our intense orgasm, I bent down and kissed Serena on the lips again. I withdrew, lowered myself onto the bed and lay down next to my naked Thai beauty. We both fell asleep slowly between the sheets.