Hi readers. I’m a Dutch man, and I’ve been getting horny on shemales for years. And especially the Asian ladyboy are so delicious. It will stay with ladyboys on cams for now. I did meet a Latina in Berlin, below my story. I watched hundreds of movies. Even though I was looking for straight porn, every time I ended up at a trans movie where the trans was having a great time taking the man anally.

One morning, after watching movies until the early hours of the morning, I made up my mind. I’m going to make my wildest dream come true and visit a Latina shemale. No more doubts and wondering if I am gay or not. Only I know and if I don’t like it, then I have gained an experience.

After looking around on dating sites, I finally found a shemale. Not too far, so picked up the phone and called. My heart was pounding in my throat when a friendly voice answered. After asking her if she was hot and wanted to deflower me anally, I made an appointment for later in the afternoon.

First washed and shaved thoroughly and then left for my appointment.

Arriving at the destination with a sacred heart I pressed the doorbell and was let in. I stepped up and there she was. My first encounter with a trans. In a beautiful lingerie set and high heels, she greeted me. How beautiful she was. Beautiful body. Large breasts. Face a little more masculine than in the picture, but was now so far and so horny, I didn’t want to go back.

After she escorted me to the room and finished the financial part, I was allowed to take off my clothes and lay on the bed. She came and laid down next to me, started stroking me and asked what I was in the mood for. I told her that I had been fantasizing about being taken anally for a long time and that I wanted to finally see this become a reality.

She took a dildo out of the drawer for practice and began to gently jerk me off. After a while, I felt her smear a substance on my hole and began to gently insert the dildo into me. She let me get used to it quietly and started sliding the dildo in and out of my ass. What a horny feeling. It wasn’t long before she was able to fuck me with the dildo pretty smoothly anyway

After a while, she removed dildo from my hole and commanded me to sit forward on my knees on the bed. She got up and stood behind me, lubed up my starlet once more and put her now stiff cock against my hole. I felt her glans press against my sphincter and slide into my asshole. What a sensation. A feeling of excitement. Surrender. Submissiveness. Delight. I finally felt like a real little slut who was going to be bonked by a delicious trans

After a while, she started pumping violently. Fucking me hard and deep. Sometimes she stopped for a moment, removed her cock from my star and said. Hmm, how deliciously your pussy remains open now.

In my head, I saw myself lying on the bed. With an open ass ready for use. An immense feeling of horniness overpowered me. I asked her to call me her whore. A fuck slut. What delicious dirty talk she told. She spanked me. Told me how she was going to lend me to her friends. That I was her fuck whore. Her cum whore.

She stuck her cock back into my star in 1 motion and started riding me hard again.

After a while I couldn’t hold it anymore and wanted to cum. She started jerking me off while she was fucking me wildly, saying how a willing little whore I was. And how tight my ass felt. After a few minutes, I came and squirted thick jets on the bed. Never had I cum so hard. I kept shaking and vibrating.

What an experience. My horniest experience ever and definitely worth repeating.

Hope you enjoyed it