Followed by a sweet smile. 🥰

Two big eyes look at me. They are the brown eyes of transgender Stella, a 24-year-old ladyboy with very pretty pictures. Stella and Stellar the crypto coin. Yes, I know. Has nothing to do with each other. Although, thanks to the cryptocurrency, you can very quickly transfer a sum of money to the favorite ladyboy. That support is not there yet, will come. Stella sits in a stylishly decorated room waiting for her Prince. Soothing music in the background, I do not recognize the name of the singer.

Our beautiful woman has bare shoulders and is wearing a black summer dress. She is very approachable for a big hug to say the least. Hey, too bad about the timeout. After logging in she is back, unfortunately, she has few stories to tell. But she is no exception, the often still heavy voice does not match the new body. All in all, it is good to look at her with her beautiful feminine face.