Kevin and trans Valentina have known each other for a while, but in real life there was no contact yet…. They met through a trans webcam…. Kevin the curious straight guy with a recurring fantasy of bi or gay sex. He had more than enough experience with women, but somewhere he had a fantasy for more.

In his wildest dreams he wanted to feel one or more cocks. Anyway, through a trans webcam he came in contact with the once old Valentina, experienced, bi and immediately a huge click…. After a horny chat where Kevin sprayed his semen all over his chest, they exchanged email addresses and stayed in touch. Sometimes horny emails, sometimes they agreed to chat… But they never met in real life. Until one weekend when Kevin was alone and Valentina knew. Then came the email: “You horny little slut… It’s now or never. Put on your naughty shoes, we have the time, the space and together we will make the hottest fantasies come true…. “Kevin read the email ten times.

His dick grew stiff. The thoughts made him hornier and hornier … but did he dare to take this step … but Valentina was right. he was right. It was now or never. He had to do it. So he replied, “You’re right, let’s meet. Where do I go and what do I wear?” The answer came by e-mail. Valentina gave her address and to his amazement it turned out that they lived only 15 km apart. He was expected there Friday night and Valentina wanted him to wear sexy lingerie under his clothes. During their chat sessions they had talked about this many times and it had made them both super horny. Kevin’s lust was huge when he read this, it was going to happen. As he read the email over and over again he had his big stiff cock in his hand and his seed came almost naturally. Wow, another 3 days of waiting … he felt like it would take forever. Friday night Kevin went out with his heart pounding. He had showered and shaved his pubic hair. This was an easy task as he regularly shaved around his cock and balls. He liked that delicious smoothness. He had quickly found the given address, a spacious single-family house on the outskirts of a small village. When he called, Valentina answered the door immediately. They looked at each other; Valentina nodded in agreement and licked his slightly red lips.

Kevin nearly fell backwards when he saw Valentina. He was wearing a tight red dress and on his feet were red shoes with a stiletto heel. Valentina’s makeup was very natural, not whorish, and she could pass for a classy lady. He closed the door behind Kevin and they stood close together, feeling each other’s warmth. Valentina put her arms around Kevin, pulling him against her and pressing her lips to his mouth. For a moment the younger man stiffened, but then he melted away and their tongues darted into each other’s mouths… The men’s tongues fused passionately and with desire…. But as quickly as it started, it stopped…. Valentina took Kevin’s hand and led him into the room. “Let me see how you look, darling,” Valentina said. Kevin hung up his coat and took off his clothes…. In no time he was standing in front of Valentina…. He felt so horny and slutty standing there in black sexy lingerie in a “strange” man’s living room…. Because of the lust, the kiss and the situation, his cock was rock hard in his thong…. “You look beautiful,” Valentina said.

“Thank you,” Kevin replied, “but not yet as beautiful and feminine as you…. ” “That will come,” laughed Valentina, “we’re going to make you my sexy little sister one day…. ” Valentina waved Kevin over and he stopped right in front of the older man. Valentina ran her hands down his legs, coveting the thick cock that already didn’t fit into the thong. “I’m a bad host. ” he growled, “I haven’t even offered you a drink yet, but you’re such a delicious thing…. ” He closed his hand around the cock that was still half in the thin thong. Kevin moaned, this was the first time a man’s hand had gripped his cock, it was what he had been craving. What he had been thinking about constantly for the last few days. Valentina gently stroked the exposed glans, pulled the thin nylon panties aside and let her tongue flick across the head. Some pre-cum came out of the small hole and the man immediately licked it up and then gasped.

Kevin growled and moaned as more than half of his cock was swallowed by Valentina. The delicious feeling he knew from the many women who had sucked him off was enhanced by this man’s mouth sucking him off. You could tell he had a lot of experience. “Ohhhhhhhhh horny . ” Kevin moaned and continued to push his cock into his mouth. Valentina felt the glans come against her uvula and then began to fuck the delicious cock with her mouth. Meanwhile, he kneaded the hard balls and looked pleasurably at the clean-shaven lower body. With one hand he went between the legs and fondled the hole with his fingers…. Kevin stiffened with pleasure, this was his most sensitive spot, he had often been fingered by women and pampered with some toys, but never by a man…. Valentina knew this of course from many conversations and played gently with his hole, pushing the tip of her finger inside…. The first moan followed immediately.

This only encouraged Valentina more and she pushed a little further. Kevin turned his ass around, he found this so delicious… his ass was filled and he only wanted more and as if Valentina read his mind he pushed his finger all the way in… A loud moan followed, for a moment there was eye contact between the two… …. Valentina with a horny look with her head between the legs of her young love with the cock in her mouth and his finger deep inside her, and Kevin totally surrendered and full of desire…. They looked at each other…. For a moment there was silence… Then the nod and Kevin begged, “Please continue… “Valentina pulled his finger out for a moment, brought it to Kevin’s lips and ordered him to make it wetter. As Kevin took the finger in his mouth and licked several fingers wet, he got even hornier… Licking more fingers wet meant more fingers in his ass…. Valentina pulled her hand back and pressed two fingers at the same time against her suitor’s tight male pussy… Kevin cried out… “yes push through,” the pain that came with it he enjoyed that for a moment, the pain that passed so quickly into ultimate pleasure….

Valentina fixated only on Kevin’s ass for a moment, he saw the pleasure he was giving and asked “ready for the next one…. ” Kevin begged and moaned, “yes give me more,. go on please…. I beg you, go on… as far as you want to go… ” “Hmmm horny guy… ” Valentina moaned with the horny guy’s increasingly thick cock in her mouth. “You have such a tight pussy… it needs to be made deliciously spacious for the big time because you’re going to experience it this weekend…”

Valentina had already made the preparations and grabbed a butt plug from under the couch. She put some lube on it and before Kevin knew it, he had inserted the not very thick plug into his anus. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh… ” Kevin moaned. He had had quite a bit in his ass before but this topped it all. Soon the slightly painful sensation faded and turned into a very delicious, filling sensation. Valentina stood up, “so come with me, we’ll pour you a drink… ” With the butt plug in his hole, Kevin walked with the older man. Now that he was moving, it felt delicious.

He watched as Valentina walked ahead of him in his red heels and still fully dressed in the red dress. His cock, still wet from Valentina’s saliva, stood straight up and twitched with horny excitement. At the bar, the older man poured drinks and sat on a barstool. His dress slid up to reveal the cuffs of his stockings. Kevin was standing right in front of him and Valentina grabbed his stiff cock and rubbed it over the smooth nylon around his thighs. Their mouths were close again and a beat later they were tonguing each other like crazy. Kevin hesitantly ran his hands down the man’s legs, enjoying the soft nylon. Getting a little bolder, his hands went under the hem to the bare thighs. “Yes…… take it…. “

Valentina growled, squeezing the young man’s hard cock tightly. If there were any inhibitions left, they were completely gone now. Kevin broke the delicious kiss and looked at the older man hornily…. The look they saw in each other’s eyes… the fire, the passion, the desire… …. With long, firm strokes, Kevin pulled on the thick cock he held in his hands…. But he wanted more, after this fantastic blowjob he wanted to be spoiled again and most of all he wanted to enjoy this man’s cock in his mouth. “Go on slut,” Valentina laughed…. Kevin bent down a bit and licked over the man’s nylon stockings, continuing the licking and kissing down to his crotch where he still held the thick cock tightly…. He kissed the top of his glans and licked it for a moment….

The moans came from both sides, Valentina enjoying having this younger man there, in black sexy lingerie, licking his cock… and Kevin moaning and enjoying because his dream, his desire was coming true. He had never sucked before and now he closed his lips around Valentina’s cock and lowered his mouth deeper and deeper over the big hard cock that came deeper and deeper into his mouth…. Because he was bent over a little it was hard for him to look up and so Kevin went down on his knees and grabbed the cock in his hands again and looked up at the man with a horny look and guided the cock to his mouth as he continued to look at him willingly and hornily…. Valentina saw the lust in his manhood….

“Mmmm…. Yes delicious, continue… ” Kevin took his cock in his mouth again and began to suck…. Deep, wet, he sucked that cock as if he had never done anything else…. Valentina’s stimulating words that he was sucking deliciously made him want to keep going. The hands that were placed on the back of his head and sometimes pushed his head even deeper around the cock and held it for a long time made it even hornier… Kevin enjoyed the cock deep in his throat and sucked deeper and deeper, he felt the butt plug deliciously because he was squatting like that… and was sometimes afraid that it would fall out but then corrected it deliciously with his hand. Although it was so big that it would probably never come out. Then Kevin took the cock in his hand again for a moment and licked the shaft of the big cock from top to bottom and took the balls one by one in his mouth and licked up to the man’s ass for a moment………………………………………. …. But back to the cock and increased the pace of the sucking as he played with the man’s balls with his hands and slid a finger through the man’s buttocks…. A finger slid in…. And the pace of the sucking got even faster, harder and deeper…. All Kevin could think was. This weekend may never end… “Ohhhh yes, keep going… ” Valentina growled. H

He thrust his cock deep into his young trans friend’s mouth. “Wowwwwww, how delicious you look sucking… I can hardly believe you’ve never done this before…. ” Again he pushed the head down hard so that his glans hit Kevin’s uvula. Kevin couldn’t help himself and gagged. He heard Valentina laughing, “Too deep is unhealthy… but you can’t go deep enough in my ass… come… finger me deliciously… then you can fuck me right away… “Kevin was completely ecstatic and enjoyed the words Valentina was saying. He let the cock slip out of his mouth and wet his index finger and stuck it into the older man’s hole. Immediately his whole finger shot in; this small hole was wide enough. Boldly, he added a second and fingered the warm hole as if he were fingering one of his trans girlfriends.

Valentina moaned with pleasure, “yes delicious….. hmmmm…. good so horny thing….. go over my balls with your thumb and suck my glans while fingering me….. ” Kevin immediately followed the orders and took only the glans in his mouth. The thick purple fungus felt delicious. He let his tongue swirl around it. Valentina moaned with pent-up excitement. He was very happy with this man … he had correctly guessed that this was a deliciously horny guy … totally suited to his horny desires. He pulled his dress all the way up, smoothed his stockings and adjusted his suspenders, then placed his legs over his young lover’s shoulders. He clamped Kevin’s head between his thighs and sat like that for a while, enjoying the delicious treatment he was receiving. After a while Valentina pulled Kevin up but left his legs on his shoulders until only his ankles were rubbing against the delicious boy’s ears.

He grabbed Kevin’s cock, which had lost none of its stiffness, squeezed it and pulled it towards him, towards his horny hole. “Fuck me Kevin…. come…stick that delicious hard cock in my pussy….. ” Kevin didn’t have to do much himself, it seemed like his cock was being swallowed and sucked by the man’s wet fingered and rimmed hole. Valentina closed her hands around his bottom and pulled him towards her and almost immediately his lower body came against Valentina’s hard balls. “Yes….. come on honey….. fuck me…. fuck me…. ” Valentina growled in ecstasy. Valentina was now sure that this weekend would actually be too short for everything he wanted to do…

As Valentina sat with her legs over the shoulders of his younger transgender friend, Kevin thrust his cock against the starlet. As horny as he was, his intentions to at least talk about a condom were long forgotten… …. Not that he expected it, but now he didn’t want anything else at all…. All he wanted was pure, real sex. And when he pressed his thick glans against the hole and heard the encouraging words of the horny older man lying in front of him in that sexy dress, he couldn’t hold back anymore. He pushed his cock in inch by inch … the moans from Valentina were from all the pleasure, how deliciously this young man was doing it … ….

Kevin could only enjoy the tight little hole and began to enter deeper and deeper…. And picking up the pace more and more…. “ooh Valentina you are so delicious…you have such a delicious hole…soon I will give you my hole…. ” “Yes, that will be fine… ” Valentina replied “but fuck me now horny thing…. Fuck me…. ” Kevin pumped faster and faster, he felt his orgasm rising violently. His hands stroked the soft nylon around Valentina’s legs. He didn’t have much experience with lingerie and nylon, but since he’d known this man, he’d developed a passion for it. He loved it when he rolled the stockings down his legs at home and fastened them to the suspenders, and now he enjoyed the smoothness of the nylon rubbing over his shoulder with every thrust. Valentina saw the concern on the face of the young man who was sewing him so deliciously. An anxious grimace could be seen between the lust-filled face…. “Don’t worry,” he said, panting, “everything is safe here… ” He understood very well that bare fucking carried the necessary risks for the boy. But he had himself examined regularly, maintained excellent hygiene and took no risks himself.

Reassured, Kevin thrust deeper into the man’s pussy and felt his lust increase with waves of pleasure. He had fucked assholes before. His trans girlfriends had always found it delicious to be fucked in 2 holes, not all of them, but most of them. His balls spasmed and it was no longer possible to stop, with a loud scream he came and shot his cum into his horny trans girlfriend’s belly. He continued to pump for a while and then lowered himself onto Valentina’s body. The man put his arms around him and hugged him and kissed him on the cheeks and then on the mouth to tongue for a while. “Hmm mm Kevin, that was delicious…. ” he said softly, “this is going to be a delicious weekend… I’m sure of it… ”

Kevin pulled his somewhat sagging cock out of Valentina’s ass, causing a stream of semen to come out and fall onto the tiled floor. Valentina laughed, “So say you shot a lot … but you must have more … ” he felt at the clean-shaven balls for a moment, then grabbed some tissues and wiped off his young trans friend’s dripping cock and then his fuck hole. Kevin sat down a little to recover, wooowwwww how delicious this was and yes, he wanted more much more much more… They drank some and after a while Valentina said “we need to make your hole a little wider… “He had a butt plug.

He made him spread his legs and lift them all the way up and routinely pulled one buttplug out of his asshole and pushed the other in. Kevin was shocked …. not so much by the pain but by the feeling of being completely stuffed. Valentina looked at the hanging cock and took it hornily in her mouth and sucked it deliciously for a while. “Hmmm delicious cock… ” he growled. Soon he let the cock slip out of his mouth again and pulled Kevin with him to the dining table “be surprised…. ” he said. He made him bend over the table so that his ass was sticking out. Then he grabbed a pair of (old) nylon stockings and tied them around his wrists and then to the legs of the table. He did the same with his ankles so he was in a spread position. “Hmmmm, looks good… ” Valentina said and briefly stroked her horny trans boyfriend’s freely hanging cock.

Finally he blindfolded Kevin and made him bend over the table. Kevin felt that something was about to happen, but he had no idea what. He hoped Valentina would fuck him deliciously, but for a while nothing happened, he didn’t even hear Valentina whose heels were always quite audible on the tiled floor. After a while he heard a rumble, feet walking on the floor and then Valentina’s heels. “Looks good… ” he heard an unknown male voice. “It’s a delicious guy…. ” he heard Valentina say, “He has already fucked me deliciously… “He likes me too, but first he likes himself,” a second, slightly younger male voice said from very close by.

A hand went between his legs and stroked his balls and cock. Kevin stiffened from head to toe. He was startled, but mostly lust and desire shot through his mind. Sure, this was what they had talked about, he wanted to be used as a slut, and secretly he had hoped for it, but he had never dreamed that the first date would be like this… …. Still reeling from having his new big trans friend’s ass full of cum, he now (probably) felt another man on his virgin ass…. His dick was getting stiffer and harder…. When he heard the two men talking about him…. “That’s going to be all right,” he heard Valentina say, “we still have the whole weekend…” Kevin groaned as he heard the words and the new man’s hands pulling his butt apart…. “So you are already stretching his ass, well I see he can take quite a bit, not enough yet but this is a good start,” the new man said with a mean but satisfied smile….

For a moment he pulled the plug out a little and then back in again…. Kevin moaned from the anal play on his asshole…. “So he really enjoys it, well done Valentina” …. “Yes, I’m happy with it myself, just had a delicious first round with him” “Then it’s time for round 2” He suddenly removed the larger plug from the young bound man’s asshole, his ass remained open for a moment and Kevin felt the man’s fingers going through it and not much later the warm breath followed by his tongue … his bottoms were pulled apart and he felt the man licking his asshole well wet. In the meantime he heard that Valentina had come to his face, she bent down and kissed Kevin on the cheek and whispered hornily and softly in his ear, “go enjoy yourself little sweet slut of mine, …. We are all here for the enjoyment of all of us” The only response Kevin could give was a moan of approval as only two fingers entered his asshole to open it a little further for the new man’s tongue…..

“Mmmm, yes go on, I like it all,” Kevin moaned to Valentina….. “I knew that,” Valentina said and kissed him again… He stood upright again and rubbed his cock against his trans friend’s lips…. The latter opened his mouth, knowing what to do, and began to suck the man’s cock for the second time that day. On the other side of him the fingers and tongue had now disappeared and Kevin felt the man’s hands go to his hips and grip him tightly. He felt the cock driving against his asshole. With one big cock in his mouth and another against his ass all sorts of thoughts went through his head….this was the realization of his fantasy….it was going to happen, he was going to be the slut he wanted to be….

What he didn’t realize was that even this was just the beginning…. He felt the new man push his glans in, this was nothing like plugs, fingers or toys… A real cock, bare inside, that was the ultimate feeling…. And as he moaned harder he felt the cock in his mouth go deeper and deeper and the man behind him slowly started to thrust deeper and deeper into him…. Oooo jesus that was delicious…the cock went deeper and deeper into him and then was pulled back a bit. Ohhhhhh he was now deflowered by a real cock slowly sliding in and out, deeper and deeper. The man really had a thick cock…. pfffff he was completely filled. Suddenly the man pulled him hard against him. Kevin thought how weird this was, he didn’t even know his name, even weirder he had never seen him before and now his hard cock was all the way in his slutty pussy “oh yes,” he growled with his mouth full, “fuck me deep…ahhhhh delicious” He started to suck Valentina’s cock hard as he was being fucked with hard strokes in his tight ass.

He felt the other man crawl between his legs and close a mouth around his arching cock and begin to suck it deliciously. Oh how horny he was being used now. Himself with a cock in his mouth, a complete stranger’s hard cock in his ass and an equally stranger sucking his cock. I’m coming… ” Valentina shockingly came in his trans friend’s mouth as she struggled to hold it back. “Don’t swallow,” he heard the younger man’s voice as he sucked on his cock.

Flying out from under the table, he pulled Kevin’s face toward him and pressed his mouth against Kevin’s, drilling his tongue in. Kevin gave the sperm that had filled his mouth to the tonguing man and a moment later he got some back. “Ohhhhhh I’m going to come,” Kevin growled. He was completely ecstatic. This was so cool, cum in his mouth for the first time, sucking into another man’s mouth, a hard cock plowing through his asshole. How horny it all was. As quickly as he had come, the man was back under the table, taking Kevin’s cock back into his mouth to suck it skillfully. Kevin couldn’t take it anymore, his balls tightened and just as Valentina pushed his slightly sagging cock back into his mouth, he came and shot his cum into the mouth of the delicious unknown sucker. The latter sucked him completely empty as he was fucked harder and harder.

The man under the table disappeared with his mouth full of cum and started to suck the cum out of the fucking man. The fucking man found this so delicious that he squirted his cum in waves into Kevin’s bowels…. It was a huge moan…. The kissing men shared the cum and meanwhile deep inside Kevin’s bowels squirted his own cum…. Kevin didn’t know what he was experiencing…. He felt the unknown man’s cock jerking in his asshole, he knew it, felt it, he was being deeply filled and how much he enjoyed it…. He sucked and licked Valentina’s cock in his mouth, it was so horny, so full of hot cum from both sides. And he came deliciously himself for once…. The sounds of panting, moaning men coming, the smell of sex… Because he couldn’t see it, these signals came to him even stronger, and how he enjoyed it….

He felt the cock in his ass slacken and slide out…. “Will you clean it too… ” he heard the man who had taken him deep in his asshole go to his mouth and his cock with remnants of cum and horn from his own asshole was placed against his lips…. And as horny as Kevin was he took it right into his mouth, those flavors … it only made it hornier and more delicious…. At the same time he heard that Valentina and the unknown man were also engaged…. He heard Valentina say, “Mark, you make sure nothing delicious goes to waste” Kevin heard a name from these two for the first time, but didn’t know what else it was about, but he soon found out… This Mark was led by Valentina to his asshole and there his whole asshole was cleaned and licked out…. Damn how hot this was, he sucked a leaking cock that had just been pumped full and his full asshole was licked out…. What a pleasure! Valentina enjoyed it even more… This was the kind of sex he loved…. Lots of people…. He and his younger trans friend in sexy beautiful lingerie and all enjoying each other….

He saw his latest conquest completely engrossed in his contrived sex experience…. “Don’t swallow,” he ordered Mark who was greedily licking the young asshole, “you’re going to share that with our little slut,” Kevin didn’t even hear it because he was still enjoying the cock in his mouth and the licking on the other side….. And when not much later the man who had fucked him found his cock clean enough, he released his mouth from the cock….. Mark came over to Kevin and kissed him…. The cum he had collected from his asshole in his mouth played through their tongues…. Kevin enjoyed himself more and more…. Damn, now he really was the slut he wanted to be…. He had now tasted, swallowed and received the seed of several men…. And even though he had come, he knew for sure that he wanted much, much more…. Mark ended the cum-filled tongue kiss and came to stand behind Kevin.

“Now me… ” he heard him say. His hard cock bored into Kevin’s full and licked hole and immediately penetrated deep inside him.He stayed there, deep inside him, wrapping his arms around him. Kevin felt the warm body on his body and the hands cupping his cock and balls. A shiver of pleasure went through Kevin, the second cock of the night was now in his hole. It was unimaginable, when he arrived at Valentina’s place about two hours earlier, he had never had sex with a man, let alone men, and now he had already fucked himself in Valentina’s trans cunt and there was already a second cock in his hole.

He was completely ecstatic and surrendered to the pleasure of Mark’s hard cock as it slowly began to move inside his anus. While he was being fucked like this, Kevin caught snippets of the conversation between Valentina and the other man…. “delicious little slut… horny as hell… …. suitable… …. lover… ….. good sissy… orgy… delicious cock… ” it sounded a bit incoherent and Kevin didn’t care. All he caught and remembered was that the other man’s name was apparently Hank. Mark was going full throttle now; it looked like he was about to come.

Kevin felt his own cock getting stiff again to his great surprise, he had already come twice in a short time and now he felt that he might start to come again. This Mark fucked deliciously and played so deliciously with his cock and balls. His cock was already hard again. “See how the two of them are fucking deliciously… ” he heard the other man, apparently named Hank, say. “Yes it’s a good couple those two,” Valentina replied, “delicious those young guys….this is going to be super! ” Kevin moved his ass, twisting and thrusting against Mark. He felt the firm cock expand in his asshole and, moaning and panting heavily, Mark came in his bowels. Kevin enjoyed the seed being squirted into his asshole and was disappointed when the cock was pulled out.

But the disappointment only lasted a moment as the wet glans pushed his lips apart. Once again he had to lick and swallow the cum. It tingled from the gametes that darted in his mouth and across his tongue on their way to the egg they would never find. He licked the still stiff cock completely clean and enjoyed the taste of the sperm as much as he enjoyed being used as a slut by these guys. Suddenly it was over. Kevin, still in the dark because of the blindfold, heard the men undress. Valentina’s heels and the men apparently barefoot or in stocking feet. He remained bound over the table. His muscles cramped from the now somewhat uncomfortable position. Semen leaked from his hole. They had done nothing to sabotage the sperm from his hole this time either. It dripped down his thighs, stuck to his stocking cuffs and dripped onto the floor.

A while later he heard Valentina coming back up. He untied his bonds and then removed the blindfold. Kevin looked around blinking his eyes and saw only Valentina standing there smiling at him. He didn’t have the dress on anymore and was standing in front of him wearing only a garter belt and light brown nylons and he still had his heels on. His cock hung half stiff between his legs and was still slightly wet. “Did you find it delicious? ” he asked amused. “Yes, yes… ” Kevin stammered, “who were they? “Come with me, we’ll take a moment to relax,” Valentina said and began to undo his stockings, ordering Kevin to do the same. Kevin now walked completely naked with Valentina to the back of the house. Valentina opened the door and led Kevin out. It wasn’t really cold, but being naked like that… ….

Under a shelter, sparsely lit, was a large tub. “Come in… ” Valentina said and stepped into the hot water of the tub herself… Kevin entered the tub and sat down across from Valentina. Valentina reached back and poured 2 glasses of bubbles and handed 1 of them to the young man who was still in utter confusion from the delicious fuck that had just ended. “To a delicious weekend… ” Valentina toasted. He immediately explained that what had happened with Hank and Mark was a preview of what was to come this weekend. Hank was a good trans friend of his and could have been his brother-in-law.

In fact, Valentina had been living with Hank’s sister for a long time. Esther and he had parted ways as good trans friends, at least they didn’t live in the same house anymore, but they still saw each other regularly. Mark was the son of Hank’s wife’s sister, sounds complicated but Hank was Mark’s uncle and the two had met by chance in the lingerie business. How that had happened was a story in itself and Valentina left it at that. Kevin looked at the older man even more confused.”But … what about you and Hank …? ” he asked. “We share the same passion too, sometimes you find out by accident… “Valentina laughed “… so I shared the bed not only with Esther but also with her brother and… ” he paused and took a sip.