Want to talk to a Transgirl? Kadita is your host for a conversation. 19 years old, living in the Philippines and with a very feminine voice. For Kathoey lovers, the internet is currently the way to get in touch. In front of the camera or via a dating site. Kadita is a transgirl, born as a boy but now a woman.

She proved it to a regular visitor. Her voice is soft and her room is probably quite warm, in the background another woman is singing about love at a fast rhythm.

A visitor asks if she is single. Kadita avoids the answer for the time being with a smile, but in their minds they are together. Her camera shows the quality 480p. It goes on smoothly as well as the sound. Quickly she lifts her dress and lays “him” well in her snow-white panties. Her long legs come into view and Kadita shyly laughs at so much attention. Male attention.