No clue where it all hotness came from. I had never experienced this before during a fling. The two transgirls were holding my legs next to my head, they had folded me completely double. Luna was pumping a dildo into my asshole and what all she hadn’t done to my pussy and clitoris. I don’t know anymore. I had to try to postpone my orgasm, and that was all I had been doing for the last fifteen minutes. But now I really couldn’t hold out anymore. I just had cramps in my lower abdomen and was about to clench. Luna’s other hand was almost completely inside my pussy opening. She was sucking on my clit and massaging my G-spot. Sweat gushed in jets down my face and all over my body. Earlier I had been sucking the two delicious cocks of my other trans girlfriends, who were holding my legs, but now I wasn’t paying attention to them anymore. It was as if I had become completely stoned and in a trance by delaying my orgasm. My pussy and anus were being worked, my tits were being kneaded, my nipples were being pinched.

I had my hands clasped in the bottoms of the two beside me and held on tight. Luna had to have her hand up to her wrist in my pussy by now. Whether I wanted to or not, I couldn’t hold it in anymore. My whole body stiffened, squeezed my pussy muscles tightly around the hand, and began to squirt. Luna pulled her hand out of me and screaming, I forcefully squirted my pussy juice out of my pussy. I was screaming, jerking to squirt like never before. With every jet, I sprayed across the bed. I had no idea of the time but in my experience I was squirting for minutes before I was completely counted out and almost swooned. The girls held me tightly, pampered me, gave me kisses, just as long until I came back to myself a little. “Are you okay again?” Luna had come to lie on top of me and gently stroked the hair out of my sweaty face.

Fling with three horny ladyboys.

Ginger and Sandra were lying next to us, playing a little with each other. I wrapped my arms around her and without saying anything, I stuck my tongue between her lips. She reciprocated by sticking her tongue in my mouth as well. I had only just recovered from my orgasm, but it was so good to kiss and make love to her. I felt her hard phallus between my legs. She gently pushed it between my labia and I felt it slowly slide into my soaking wet sheath until it was in full length. She didn’t fuck me, but with her delicious cock, which she only very gently moved deep inside my belly, we made love to each other for a very long time.

It had been a long time since I had hooked up with Luna. We had been in regular telephone contact but nothing had come of seeing each other anymore. During the last conversation we had, she asked, “Anneke, do you fancy a nice evening together with me and Ginger and Sandra?” I do long to play with your delicious body and, of course, your delicious pussy. And the girls would also like something other than an ass pussy.” I didn’t have to think long about it. It had just been Christmas and the days between Christmas and New Year’s I had no plans anyway. I said I did feel like dropping by her place tonight, Thursday. I had quite the tickle in my stomach as I sat in the car. It felt like there were all these little butterflies fluttering in my pussy. The last time I was with the girls was so special and so different from being with men. I was quite hyper when I stepped into her little apartment. And the girls were immediately so terribly sweet to me again. Of course, we had to catch up over a drink first. Ginger sat against me on the couch, stroked her fingers through my curls, and gave me kisses on my neck and cheeks. “You look like a couple in love,” Sandra said, laughing. “Are you so into Anneke, Ginger?” Without looking at her but paying full attention to me, she said she had already gotten a stiff cock when she saw me come in.

She wanted nothing more. She rubbed her hand over my thigh under me skirt, searching for my warm spot. I wanted to tease her a little and kept my legs crossed stiffly. But meanwhile I had put my hand on her crotch and felt through the thin fabric of her dress her rock-hard cock. I stroked it full length with a little more pressure each time I got to her pleasure bud. It made her so horny. I grabbed her hard cock now through the fabric in my full hand and began to pull her off like that. “Oh Jesus, Ann, oh how delicious.” The other two girls had the biggest laugh as I pulled off the cock more and more firmly. “Oh Ann, no…. Stop… stop…” But stopping didn’t occur to me. I jerked firmly and felt her cock suddenly swell. She jerked rain on me as she had her first ejaculation of the evening. I could see her seed seeping through the thin fabric I had pulled around her glans. She now put her hand more firmly between my legs, grabbed me by my pussy and still panting said, “What a pussy girl you are. I’ll get you tonight!”

While Ginger disappeared to the bathroom for a moment, Luna and Sandra joined me. They started caressing me and Sandra unbuttoned my blouse. While stroking and caressing, they managed to undress me completely unnoticed. I only had my red stockings and suspenders on. I was getting really wet from all the sweet attention they were giving me. I let it all come over me, enjoyed it. Especially when they managed to lay me flat on the couch. One leg over the backrest, my other on the floor. Sandra was on her knees next to the couch, bending over me and sucking on my nipples. Luna sat between my legs and began to stroke me.

I was hot and wet.

I was getting all hot and bothered. Luna sucked on my clit, gently fingering my hot pussy, with occasional trips to my starlet. I lay with my eyes closed, biting my lower lip, delicious it was. And it couldn’t stop. Luna massaged my labia with her glans, rubbing her cock between them and pushing it in a little bit. Just in the front of my pussy, she fucked me gently. With slow movements, she pushed him in deeper and deeper. “Oh Luna, do it, come inside me … I want you!” She was turning me on so terribly that I was already having a small orgasm. Maybe that was the moment she had been waiting for. With a strong thrust, she suddenly planted her cock in my lower abdomen. I actually let out a moan.

Supporting herself on her arms, she leaned over me and was now really fucking me. Sandra stroked her hard cock across my cheek and I knew what she wanted. I laid my head to the side, closed my mouth around her glans, and began to suck. This was what I had come for. To be taken and fucked again by my delicious ladyboys. I had my hand around Sandra’s cock and pulled her off into my mouth. Luna had been fucking my soaking wet pussy for at least ten minutes. After a while, she pulled it out and made room for Sandra. The latter put me in a different position. On my shoulders against the back of the couch, my legs backwards next to my head, ass up and overhead, she drilled her cock into my pussy.

Luna stood behind the couch and because my ass was sticking up she could easily reach my starlet. She licked it all wet and moments later I felt her insert a vibrating vibrator into my asshole. That became too much for me and I came acutely. Because I was lying so double I squirted the jet right into my own face. Sandra continued and fucked my ejaculating pussy still. Until I felt her cock swell as well and she squirted her cum into my womb. Two of the girls had now cum and the evening was only just getting started. But it wouldn’t last long. Sandra had gotten off the couch and Luna was with me again. She lay behind me, lifted my leg and once again thrust her cock into me from behind. It didn’t take her much time to cum in me for the first time too now and the second load of seed was squirted into my lower abdomen.

The first hour had already been wonderful for all four of us. But I knew it would be far from over. I had told Luna that I would stay with her for the night. The evening would be very long, and I really didn’t have a problem with it. Nor did I know that all three girls had it in for me. They wanted to do it with a woman and with a real pussy. A lot was definitely going to happen to me. After all that peeing in my pussy, I suddenly had to clatter terribly and retreated to the bathroom for a while. Pissing can be so nice once in a while, especially if you have to very badly. Relieved and with an empty bladder, I came back into the room, but the girls were not there. They had gone to Luna’s bedroom and the three of them were sitting on the big bed. She had bought a new bed. Really an old-fashioned big four-poster bed, whorish, all in pink and red. “Are you coming in nice, honey? We brought you a nice drink.” I crawled in between the girls and cuddled nicely with all three, meanwhile enjoying my drink. “We think all three of you are so sweet and delicious, honey.

And we’re really glad you want to be our trans hooker again tonight. We are going to totally spoil you and enjoy your delicious body.” Ginger spoke for all three girls and meanwhile was massaging my pussy again. “All three of us do miss having a nice wet pussy once in a while. Ass pussy fucking is nice too, but with a real pussy you can do very different things. Lie down for me honey.” I did as she asked of me and the girls laid my legs apart. Ginger was still stroking and licking my pussy when I felt the other two tie my legs to the cocks of the bed. And not much later, they had also tied my arms to the other cocks. I knew them well enough by now to know they wouldn’t hurt me. Luna had grabbed something. I could lift my head up a little and saw that it was a transparent dish. My pussy had been licked really wet all around by Ginger.

She put the dish on my pussy, started pumping and the dish sucked firmly on my pussy . I also have one of those at home and do it to myself regularly. But now that these girls were doing it, it was a completely different feeling. I felt my pussy lips swell the more they pumped on them. I love that feeling, only I had realized that this dish was bigger and the pump many times stronger. During the time Luna was pumping my pussy, Sandra and Ginger also put two little pistons on my nipples. There I lay, arms and legs spread, a sex toy for my deliciously oversexed ladyboys.

I think Luna had been vacuuming my pussy for at least 15 minutes when she took the tray off. A delicious feeling, especially when she touched my huge, thick labia and clitoris. My nipples had also become huge from the suckers and super sensitive. Luna untied my legs again and folded me double a bit so I could now see my own pussy clearly. It was really terribly swollen, at home I had never managed it like this before. I saw that Luna now had something in her hand and knew damn well what it was. I also let out a cry when I heard the first spark crackle and a pulse shot through my clitoris. Ginger and Sandra held me by legs and there was nothing I could do. Luna kept teasing me, stimuli through my pussy, navel, nipples, all the sensitive spots of my body. It doesn’t really hurt, it’s more like being scared all the time. And … it makes me terribly horny. I knew the horn was flowing out of my pussy right now. Luna stopped and Ginger came and sat between my legs.

She lifted my ass and placed it on her knees. Her rock-hard transcock, she rubbed up and down between my fat labia and drilled it into my fuck hole in one go. She was the only one who hadn’t fucked me yet and she showed it. Like a fuck machine on the highest setting, she rammed it into me as fast and deep as she could. The other girls had untied my hands and I had some freedom of movement anymore. I kneaded my tits myself and pinched my super sensitive nipples. How terribly horny I was, and how wonderfully hard I was fucked … I like that. So I came easily after a few minutes and squeezed my pussy flesh around the hard phallus. I really wanted to milk the seed from her balls. By every thrust into my cunt, I answered by lifting me up and squeezing my cunt together.

ladyboy for a fling

And that had its effect. Ginger had already cum nicely because of my jerking hand, now she was spurting her hot seed deep into my womb. But they weren’t done with me yet. Now that I was full again, Luna and Sandra added to my cum. I really don’t remember anymore how I lay, but after some back and forth I had two cocks in my pussy at the same time. I felt their cum cannons sliding past each other in and out of my sheath. I was really screaming and writhing. It was also delicious when they discharged their seed into me almost simultaneously with their pulsating cocks. They wanted to be able to enjoy pussy again so I gave myself completely to those sweethearts.

By now I had had my little orgasms and all three girls had cum twice inside me. We had been making love for hours, the girls had fucked me, over and over again. The entire Kama Sutra had passed by, every position had been tried on me. We were lying delightfully together on the bed when Luna said, “honey, you were so sweet to us again tonight, now we are going to be very sweet to you. We are not going to fuck you anymore, but we are going to play with you. But … you have to promise not to cum, just delay nice and long.” All three were so gentle and sweet with me. Sometimes I lay back on Sandra’s lap, sometimes in the arms of Luna or Ginger. They pampered my pussy, my tits and nipples. Caressing and tickling me until it almost drove me crazy. And now I was lying back, my legs on my neck with Luna spoiling my pussy. I wanted to cum, but my delicious trans-trusses wouldn’t let me. I held it in, trying to do everything I could to delay it as long as possible, but getting hotter and hotter. Had cramps and my belly, my pussy, my whole lower body. And now that Luna was pumping her fist up and down deep in my pussy, there was no way to hold it off anymore.

My whole body stiffened, squeezed my pussy muscles tightly around her wrist and hand, and began to squirt. Luna pulled her hand out of me and screaming, I forcefully squirted my pussy juice out of my pussy. I lay screaming, jerking to squirt like never before. With every jet I sprayed across the bed I screamed. Jet after jet spurted out of my cunt until I fell backwards completely after the last drops. Luna had closed her hand around my pussy and rubbed a little more. “Oh honey, how wonderful this was. You squirted your delicious juice out of your cunt for at least a meter every time. That’s why we love playing them with your pussy, we can’t”. Luna was now on top of me with her phallus in my hot pussy. Deliciously, the two of us reminisced about all the horniness of tonight. Sandra and Ginger made love to each other for a while. I had had enough now, and they knew it. When Sandra and Ginger went home at two o’clock, Luna and I had a drink and a cuddle. Just before bed, she fucked me for the last time. I had spoiled my ladyboys and she spoiled me – and how….