YourMajestySalena, chubby and hairy? Only a ‘no’ to this question is possible. Maybe it was for the “big change“. Now you are wondering why this question is being asked. Well, it’s on her profile. And the picture above this story is from her profile and correct when you look at her camera.

She is 26 years old and of Asian origin, during her chat she wears more make-up and she wears a long black dress today, which by the way went out after a quarter of an hour 🙂 But that picture is very suitable for longer viewing, she doesn’t look as natural as the previous babe.

Her language is English, a French-speaking visitor tries but the dark transwoman doesn’t speak that language. She looks into a camera with big eyes, which is not that sharp from time to time. In the background her favorite music, she likes to talk and seems to speak several languages. Or it’s the automatic translation that asks short questions. In any case, you do not have to be bored with her.